Krogerpineapple tidbits/roach leg in container

To Whom It May Concern:
I Beverly Slater have been trying to reach someone for a year now and I am still trying to reach whom I need on this issue I have been facing. I purchased a package of Pineapples Tidbits on 5/27/2018 from Kroger while eating from container I saw a roach leg in it I contacted these people with Kroger Teresa Dickerson, Katherine B. Knox, Shelby Riley and Rodney McMullen on the issue no one got back to me until I was informed to send the roach leg to Pacific Coast Producers to view leg broke while putting into container to send so I still have other part. Pamela Mee call me and said it was piece of product I did inform her at that time they need to get another viewer because it is a piece of roach leg.
I am sueing for $20 Hundred Thousand Dollars for having roach leg in food.
I have done a lot of emails trying to reach out to whom I need, mailed letters to corporate 5/20/2019 (got no response back).
I did call again 7/30/2019 spoke to Asia Bailey and information suppose to have been recorded.
I do pray someone take the issue seriously to the end.

Beverly Slater
119 Alfred Drive
Vicksburg, Ms. 39180


Sep 27, 2019

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