Krogernot enough clerks, too many self checkouts, stocking makes it difficult to shop

We have shopped her before you took over. Busiest time, after work when everyone is shopping on the way home. There is stocking going on that blocks one half of the aisle while the person stocks the opposite side of the aisle. It creates a complete obstacle course! Now there is only one aisle that offers bagging, the rest is self service. There are people standing around, not bothering to open up another lane.
I go to check out at self serve with a full cart of groceries, there isn't enough room for this to happen efficiently because there isn't enough bagging area, so I have to bag my groceries and move them to the floor! To make it worse, items don't scan and when "help arrives" and it is manually entered, it still isn't in the system!

I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and have back issues, a lot of the people who also shopped here are older and need the additional help getting checked out.

I can pass 4 other groceries stores, depending on my route home. I do not have to shop here if there is not going to be more than one check out lane when I can get better service elsewhere.

BTW, The stop sign in front of the store is hanging upside down, the carts are all over the parking lot in over crowded corrals so that the lanes to drive through are a hazard.

This was a grocery trip from hell yesterday when EVERYTHING went wrong. The attitude of your staff is horrible, they don't care to help customers, they just want to talk to friends and the front end manager obviously is on a power trip. I say this because when one of your employees happens to make eye contact, they immediately look away, no smile, no hello, , ,

And I am supposed to shop here WHY????

Oct 11, 2019

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