KrogerI fell and injured myself - here was kroger's response

I slipped and fell in water left on the floor in the produce section of my local Fred Meyer store, resulting in a trip to the doctor, 3 weeks of physical therapy - and having to work "light duty" at my job for 3 weeks. Very painful. A Customer Care respresentative from Kroger call me 3 days later to express how sorry she was and said she was going to send me a gift card for my trouble. Her name is Michelle and her work phone is: 1-800-314-1814, extension 38694.

Well, nothing was mailed. When I contacted her several months later, she said she was unable to send a gift card because I had asked her to have my incident investigated as to why there was water all over the floor. She said she was unable to send me a gift card. So, a Kroger repreentative says she is going to do something, doesn't follow through, and then doesn't even let me know until I contacted her. This is the worst example of customer service, ever.

Oct 10, 2019

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