Kroger Grocery Storeproducts not ringing up on sale, no one on the floor to help, and occasionally rotten vegetables and fruits


I've been shopping at Kroger for almost twenty years and each year it just gets worse! I've seen giant rats running up the water drains in the store, stray cats, birds and mice. The products that are on sale each month there's always something that doesn't ring up right. There is no one around to help find things I can't find and when I hunt one person down they don't know either. There are no baggers (at least 50%)each time we are there so I have to bag it all myself. I have MS (Multiple sclerosis, so this is very difficult for me) I'm tired of getting home and seeing that the cashier forgot my coupons or that a sale price didn't come up right. I hate this Kroger anymore. There's nothing I can say good about it. I wish I could but even the meat tastes rotten, haven't bought it there for a while because of it. I've seen milk sitting on a shelf and watch a worker put it back in the fridge after I tell them. Who cares if it's rotten right? I've spent more time and money having to return to this store over and over. I'm done as the rest of my extended family! Martins and Aldis are far better in every way. U lost a lot of customers...too bad over things that could be resolved but never are.

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