Kogan Australiakogan 40" smart full hd led tv (series 7 af7000)

T Dec 21, 2018

I currently use interface (set top box) to screen Stan and other screening services to my "not smart TV" . Purchased above set 17/12/18 at 10:00am.

On reading the User Manual noticed that there was no reference to Stan, so I Sent email to Kogan via web site to check on STAN access, in the meantime waited for my delivery - Kogan guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery on orders before 18/12, I paid extra for express delivery.
19/12/18 received email from Kogan advising item was dispatched with tracking numbers, I expected delivery 20/12. After no delivery or status updates on the tracking numbers, I rang AustPost for clarification I was told that TV had not been picked up yet and that Kogan had printed labels etc. but not physically posted/delivered the item. Still no status update as of 6:45pm 21/12/18 - TV is still in Kogan premises. No delivery before Christmas as per Kogan guarantee.

21/12 9:00am Messaged Kogan through web site and asked them to clarify statements made by AustPost and where is my TV - NO RESPONSE from Kogan to date.

21/12/18 I received the following message from Kogan regarding Stan access:
"Quote ...Unfortunately, this application is not preinstalled in our TV and basically not compatible, however, you can still use this with screen casting... end quote. " They went on to instruct me how to screencast from my PC. NOT SUCH A SMART TV after all. I can use my current TV with interface to view. I have since discovered that only their Android TV's have access. I am 67 and although somewhat computer literate-this is all too much for me, hence the purchase of above TV.

21/12/18 10:00am - Messaged Kogan to cancel order through web site. I could see no problem with this as the TV had not left the Kogan premises yet.

21/12/18 3.42pm - Received the following response "Unfortunately, as your order is already being processed, we are unable to cancel its dispatch. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

21/12/18 5:34pm - Replied to their email demanding the order be cancelled, this is NOT a return or refund but a cancellation as TV is still in Kogan premises, and a full refund be issued immediately.

Of course - NO RESPONSE from Kogan. Their dispatch email is false as item is still with Kogan
Unless something is done quickly I will take it up with Consumer Affairs and ACCC.

Not sure what this site can do, I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

  • Updated by TanyaBak · Dec 21, 2018

    Would like to add that their listed phone numbers have all been cancelled exception being Kogan Mobile.

    I will never deal with Kogan again

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