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L Aug 01, 2018 Review updated:

I was making a return in store 7374, West Chester, PA

After waiting in line for 20 minutes for someone to come the returns desk the employee comes behind the desk and takes a phone call that lasted 15 minutes while she informed the customer of all the points they had available in all the different categories. I politely asked her if she could please put the phone call on hold and help the people that have been waiting in line for 20 minutes. With that she became verbally abusive and screaming at me telling me how rude I was next she calls the manager and tells him that there is a crazy customer yelling and causing a scene.
I literally turned around to look and see who she was talking about because I was neither crazy or causing a scene.
The other customers in line agreed she was totally out of line and owed me an apology. To top it off she goes to the customer behind me and waits on them. The customer told her I was next. With that she went on another screaming tirade that she is not waiting on me, get the [censored] out of this store and sarcastically said goodbye.

I have never seen or experienced anything like this before. The manager came out and I told him she should not be in customer service. I was not even given the opportunity to explain what happened. I finally got my refund but I will tell you this...I will never ever shop at a Kmart or Sears ever again. If that is the kind of people they hire then I want nothing to do with them. This woman we clearly crazy and the line of customers agreed.

I do not know her name but I do know she was about 5'2", bleach blond hair and in her forties. I intend to continue to complain until I know something has been done about her behavior


  • Updated by LKG1 · Aug 02, 2018

    Let me try to clarify what happen.
    There was NO ONE at the desk for 20 minutes
    When she finally arrived she saw there were 4 angry customers who had been waiting for 20 mins. (and yes she knew) she should have asked the customer on the phone to please hold. It would have not been any different than if she had me waiting in line for 20 mins and then decided to wait on the person behind me.


  • K
      Aug 01, 2018

    I find it very unlikely that the service desk went all the way from not speaking to you all the way to screaming and yelling at you. More likely you asked can you put the call on hold if its going to take a while, she said it would be just a minute, you say I've been waiting 20 minutes even though you only waited 2 minutes, she says I'm almost done, you said I ain't got time for you to talk to a customer about all their offers and they can wait, then she called management to get some back up to help customers, you saw it as her asking for back up to deal with you specifically, and then you go off.

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  • K
      Aug 02, 2018

    @9wood I never said I knew what happened, just a much more likely sequence of events. As a said for the service desk to go all the way from not acknowledging the customer to yelling and screaming, well, almost any other sequence of events is more likely, like a pink elephant riding a unicycle serving ice cream sandwiches with ketchup on top.

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  • L
      Aug 02, 2018

    @9wood Thank you !!!

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      Aug 02, 2018

    @Kmart 9459 Let me clarify. There wan NO ONE at the desk for 20 minutes. This all happened once she finally arrived.
    You were not there so you are clueless.

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      Aug 02, 2018

    K-Mart exhibits poor customer service most likely due to its low salaried staff. From our observations, in the Westfall PA area, is that K-Mart employs staff who simply are incapable to provide quality customer service. The K-Mart by us is regretfully dirty, items strewn on the floor, and incompetent cashiers.

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  • C
      Aug 10, 2018

    I must agree w @Garengg.

    First of all, i really want to see a video of this. You did not wait OVER 1/2 an hour, in line, at a customer service booth. The reason why i say this, is because the Cashier Lead monitors that. The minute she sees people stacking up, to return something, she calls for back up. You clearly waited for 5-7 minutes, but decided to exaggerate, to pad your story. As a result, No one believes you waited 20 whole minutes, without informing An employee... or calling the operator for guest assistance! You just stood there?

    If you truly did wait 20 minutes, why didnt you advocate for yourself, to ANY employee walking by. Sounds fishy to me... Almost like you just signed up for Yelp, and were itching to leave a bad review. I also believe, if you were telling the truth, about this situation
    that you would not reply to EVERY comment, with a defensive tone.

    Next time, state the facts. Dont pad your story, to inflate the drama... Maybe then, we can actually believe you.

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