Kmart Storesovercharging then applying store credit to overcharge!!!

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My husband was issued a $12 coupon for the store in Hamilton MT. We went in today to use it. When the coupon was deducted our out of pocket was about $9. I remember thinking for what we got that was a little high. In the car I looked at my receipt and I was charged for 2 @ $3.79 each. I went in and "Shirley" tried to tell me, "You got $12 off at the end. We take a little off each item." OK, I said but I was overcharged to begin with. She tried to make me see where you didn't overcharge me and I still don't see it. She did refund me $3.79 but the $12 should come off the CORRECT price!!!

Shouldn't my out of pocket cost have been $2.28 after $12 credit?

Here are the receipt details. receipt #[protected] - Aug 13, 2018 1:48 PM


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    Kmart 9459 Aug 13, 2018

    You aren't providing enough details what item are you being overcharged for, what is it you are being charged, and what should you have been charged, and what was the criteria for this coupon. From the sounds of it something was accidentally rang up twice when it should have been once, but if you were refunded for that item then all should be right, now. Coupons on a receipt show up as minus $XX near the bottom of the receipt before the total. Kmart SYW program is very complicated but always accurate.

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