Kmartkmart employee in qatar - ezdan towers

R Nov 27, 2018

This the worst phone call I ever had in my life. I order many things from Kmart cause I live in Ezdan and some times it exceeds 400-500 Qatari Rials.I called Kmart to deliver for me only bread. The lady in the phone told me that I need to buy 2 items, so I ordered 2 breads however she told me this is only 2 Qatari Rials you need to order more than 2 items! So, I asked her about the price limits for delivery she couldn't answer me and I later knew that there is no price limits. I told her then to let me talk to the manager.
The manager "Ajmal" an unprofessional 26 years old guy kept telling me unclear different excuses for not delivering my items. Firstable, he told me it's only 2 items although I always order 2 packets of water "2 items". Then he decided to change the excuse that it's because the order price is only 2 Qatari Rials although I kept asking him constantly about the price limits but he don't want to show me the price limit of delivery. I told him to bring me water as well with the water then suddenly changed his status and told me he will bring the order. This shows that he just want me to order more although there is no price limits for delivery!!!
I told him ok, I don't want the water bring me the 2 items I need. Finally he told me he will bring it after half an hour because it is shift time "I am very sure that the delivery guys where active this time!!" I told him constantly that I will write a review and complain about this but he seems he don't care!
I went to the store by my self, sick as hell as I was in the hospital all morning recovering from a high grade fever. This was the only way to talk to the manager "Ajmal" as he closed the phone in my face 2 times! I was so sick I couldn't even stand! He didn't even appolagize! He kept saying that it's because the change of the shift! I am sure it's not because of that.
I think right now I lost the credibility to deal with Kmart. I don't trust their employees they are unprofessional at all and they have no experience to deal with customers. Since the manager is dealing in an unprofessional and inexperienced way then all the employees must be dealing in the same way. They don't know anything about customer services even the basic rules. This is so sad.

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