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M Aug 16, 2018 Review updated:

I took my son shopping for college supplies, there was a coupon for 10% on his phone, that said to use a code at checkout to receive the 10% discount, cashier didn't know how to process it so she called Michelle over who, proceeded to tell me and the customer in line with us, who by the way wanted to use this same discount, that we couldn't use it, it had to be a printed coupon for them to scan, but the one on the phone was not a printable one. I spent $435.00 and that 10% would have been a great savings to us. She argued with us, was not very helpful or nice. I asked her to put the code in and she wouldn't, kept saying she needed a printed coupon in order for us to get reimburse for discount. She was very unprofessional with us, we just paid for our items and left, But I was very upset about this and I still would like that discount.
Really not sure why Kmart would put this coupon out there if the stores wont let you use it!


  • 9w
    9wood Aug 16, 2018

    proberly doesn't know how to work the code in the register
    or its to much work for that

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Aug 18, 2018

    It didn't necessarily need to be a printed coupon, you could have simply loaded it to the syw account as an ecoupon, and it would have auto redeemed I'm guessing you don't have an up to date phone operating system, other wards the Barcode would have displayed on your phone, shout of that you would have needed to print the coupon out from a home computer. They are not allowed to simply type in a code in the register you tell them, cause you may be masking a worm virus as a coupon that is meant to infect and destroy theiron systems.

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