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I supplied all information with receipts showing that the SAS flight we took on Feb 15th was delayed so we could not make our connection to get back to London. Tromso - Oslo SAS flight SK4425. It would have been very easy for Kiwi to check and see that delay. We tried to make the Ryan air connection but we were too late. I notified Kiwi immediately via the website and was told we have to apply for a refund of expesnes. We had to get back to London for work on the 16th and with our Ryainair flight being the last one of the day we had to book a new ticket on Norwiegen Air the morning of the 16th at 7am. It was on the Norwiegen air flight we also caught Covid and my husband was very ill with it.

Travelling with 2 children we booked into a family room at the Radisson airport hotel the night of the 15th. I also sent the receipt for this.

I then receive an email back today June 14th saying that because we cancelled our booking so are not entitled to a refund! Makes no sense. Is this company committing fraud saying they cover and guarantee your travel connections... there was no cancellation...the connection to London from Oslo wasn't possible due to the SAS flight delay. We are over £800 out of pocket and this situation has caused a considerable amount financial, mental and health stress. I am surprised this company is still allowed to trade

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