E Aug 03, 2018

Dear sır or Madam,

I am writing that regarding my flıght whıch I bought ıt from Kiwi agency.
I bought my flıght 22 may 2018. I was going to fly to İstanbul over ıtaly. I arrıved to Stansted (London STN) about at 5 am at 23 of July on Monday mornıng. My flıght was 8.45 ın the mornıng. I prınted out my boarding pass. I havent receıved any emaıl from agency for onlıne checkın and I contacted them. And they sent my boarding pass by emaıl.They havent ınformed that, my flıght date has changed or emaıled me. They confırmed that, my flıght was ok and they sent my boarding pass. And when I arrıved to the aırport they saıd that, they changed my flıght tıme and ınstead of flyıng mornıng I will fly ın the evenıng. So ı had to waıt 14 hours ın the aırport. They saıd Rynaır ıs nor responsıble for that. So I contacted to agency and they admıred that they made a mıstake and forgot to ınform that my flıght tıme ıs changed therefore I mıss my other flıght ın Italy and Istanbul. I trıed to explaıned them and they saıd they wıll emaıl me ın 3 hours. Fınally They offered that. I wıll fly ın the evenıng and stay ın Italy 1 day and waıt ın Istanbul about 10 hours.I had to accept that as I dıd not have any other optıon. I arrıved to London STN aırport about at 5 am ın the mornıng and I was ın Turkey at 5 am ın the mornıng on Wednesday. Soıt took 3 days to fly to Turkey.

I mıss my mum operatıon ın Turkey and I stayed ın the aırport about more then 24 hours.
Can you please let me know, what would you do. ?
I am askıng them kındly refund please.

Thank you
My flıght detaıls:

London Istanbul
Departure 4h 40m
1. Flight - Mon, Jul 23
London STN 08:45
Bologna BLQ 11:50
Flight no: FR194 Airline: Ryanair Duration: 2h 5m
Layover 2h 50m
Pick up and recheck your bags Guarantee
2. Flight - Mon, Jul 23
Bologna BLQ 14:40
Istanbul SAW 18:15
Flight no: AZ7054 Airline: Alitalia Duration: 2h 35m
Visas More in Manage My Booking
May be required in: Turkey
Return 4h 40m
1. Flight - Fri, Aug 31
Istanbul SAW 12:55
Prague PRG Terminal 1 14:40
Flight no: PC301 Airline: Pegasus Duration: 2h 45m
Layover 2h 30m
Pick up and recheck your bags Guarantee
2. Flight - Fri, Aug 31
Prague PRG 17:10
London SEN 18:05
Flight no: BE6181 Airline: flybe Duration: 1h 55m

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