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Complaints & Reviews

Timeshare Scam

I was scammed into signing for a bunch of promises that I have not and am told will not get! Paid 10, 000 and...

Resolved Bait and Switch

I went to' website to look for a timeshare/vacation club. I've been thinking...

Dump! No one wants to take responsibility!

This was horrible. The deal was to get a few days and a few tickets for cheap in turn you listen to a 90 min speal on timeshares. I must admit, this was a beautiful resort. Beautiful grounds, pools, villas, putt putt etc. The catch have to stay in this roach infested, smelly nasty, dirt hotel smack dab in the middle of this beautiful resort! It took us 3 trys to get a room we would even think about setting foot in. They all smelled of urine, vomit, and mildew. We pulled the comforter back in one room and there was blood all over the sheets. Not to mention, everytime you step foot out of your room, you ran into DOZENS of people complaining about their rooms! Every complaint made to the hotel staff was answered in the same way...'you have to talk to the company you booked the vaca through about your accommodations'. That's such crap!! You work here, therefore you should take some responsibility for the way this place is kept!! Thank God on our 2nd day of our stay, we met some really nice people at the pool, who were actually staying in a villa, who offered us their 1Br lockout for the rest of the trip! PLEASE READ WARNING!!! Stay away from this deal! The Villa's are beautiful! Hotel and everything in it is CRAP!!! Terrible experience for a family vacation!...until we got into the villa! THANK YOU SAMMIE AND JENN!

  • Br
    brett1978 Jul 18, 2009

    Was rang up about 11am on friday 17th July. Was told I had won a holiday on my master card. Did not really belive it but sounded convincing so went along with what he was saying. Then he asked me to confirm my mastercard expiry date. This is when I got susspicious and gave him a false date. He then asked for my mastercard account number, he could only confirm that my 1st number was 5. I ranted a bit then put the phone down.

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  • La
    laura hamilton Feb 22, 2014

    My husband and I seemed to have pretty much the same experience and we were not as lucky as you and yours were we did not meet any one to save us from them. The one we stayed in did not have the odors but they did have toe nail clippings on floor, holes in drapes, grout out of floor in bathroom, dents in doors and grim built up on trash can at elevators. Also the staff just did not same to care about you or any of your complaints. Food was uneatable.

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Total disaster!

A marketing representative named Crystal (1076) called my job and offered me a vacation of a lifetime. I couldn't afford what she was asking and told her that and then she started decreasing the price and giving me incentives for me to purchase.

Finally, the price came down to $298. This included 4 nights, 5 days @ Orlando, 2 nights, 3 days @ Daytona Beach, 2 nights, 3 days @ South Florida, a trip to Vegas, a Bahamas Cruise and 2 tickets to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure. In Orlando, we would stay at Calypso Cay resort. She gave the website so I could see how the resort looked. I had to purchase this package for what she was giving me for that price. So I did. I received my paperwork in the mail on February 2009.

She told me I had 18 months to do my travel or it would expire. I decided to do my Orlando vacation the second week of August of this year. (Aug. 9-13) I live in NC so the drive was over 10 hours. I have a 11 year old son and a 6 year old daughter who was very excited that we were going to Disney.

As I arrived in Florida, I stopped at the Welcome Center located on my sheet. The building was completely vacant. My first impression was that we were scammed. I immediately called the number on the sheet and they informed me that they moved.

We arrive at the Welcome Center at Silver Lake Resort to check in and the staff was excellent. I noticed on my paperwork that we were staying at Comfort Suites. I immediately asked her what the hell was this. The manager stated that the reservationist made the arrangements for us to stay there. I told her that this was incorrect. We paid to stay at Calypso Cay resort and that's what I was told. She called Teresa at Reservation Center to inform her of what's going on. Teresa is the rep. that always had an attitude everytime I called before. She immediately said you only paid $298 and that doesn't cover to stay at a resort. I said excuse me. First of all the price the rep was asking was too high so she is the one who came down on the price. I didn't drive 10 hours to stay in a raggedy a** hotel room. I could have stayed at home or took my business elsewhere. I have a family and to be crowded up in a hotel for a whole week is absolutely ridiculous. No privacy, 1 television, and no room. I was very mad then. She said well I'll have to pull the tape to see what the rep. told you on the phone and I'll call you back.

Teresa never called me back. I waited in the lobby for 30 minutes and she never called me back. I called her and then she states that she heard the tape and that was never said. I told her that I must have "BOOBOO The Fool" written on my forehead. How are you going to listen to a tape without the party being present to witness what was said. She stated that we are not going to change the accomodations. I was so mad until I cried in the lobby. The manager at Silver Lakes did everything she could to accomodate me and my family to make it better. She was even disgusted on how Teresa was acting. She called to Teresa about my tickets that they promised. I was promised Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure and they tried to give me 2 tickets for Arabian nights.

I immediately called them back to discuss this matter. Teresa said we can change the tickets for you but it will only be for Universal and not Islands. We waited and waited for the fax for the confirmation of the changed tickets and she never faxed the confirmation. I called back and they wouldn't answer the phone. The manager called and then a rep. said Teresa emailed the confirmation to the manager. She checked her email and never received it. She calls again and they wouldn't answer the phone. Finally, she called from her cell phone so it would show up as a different number and they answered. She informed them that I have been waiting now for atleast 2 hours for this change and we never received anything. Finally, after waiting 2 hours and 30 mins the fax came.

All I want to say is that it's a shame that companies are aloud to scam people out of there money. They promise you all kinds of incentives and then never follow through. My first day in Florida was a MONSTER! Dealing with this company ruined my vacation with my family. I should be reimbursed for the headache and trouble that was caused. Staying in a raggedy hotel that was jammed and found a lizard in the room when we arrived. They had to switch rooms for us. My kids were very disappointed also. This company should be punished. People are not able to come to Florida every year. This trip was suppose to fun and special but it wasn't. It was a total DISASTER!

Do not recommend

The "resort" at first seemed nice, but we soon realized that was not true. At night a frog had gotten into our room somehow and was jumping around. We had to change rooms because of this. Next, you have to pay an extra charge for getting new towels and getting the trash thrown out, which they did not even do for the first two days until we talked to them. The front desk receptionist did not know how long the dryers took to finish, and they were quite rude. The majority of the staff did not speak english very well at all. The buffet is not even food unless you consider cold boiled eggs and dry toast tasty. Oh and did i mention the 90 minute presentation that everyone has to attend that turns into 150 minutes?

In reality this was more of a motel with a decent pool.

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scam tried but foiled

I was rung today with the classic recording of "congratulations, you have won...dial 9 if you are interested..." I dialled 9, they asked for my credit card details, I floundered after they wanted all the details including the 3 digits on the back of the card...had already given them the card numbers and expiry date...
then got disconnected...I rang my bank and cancelled my credit card and then rang them back as I had asked for their number and gave them the 3 digits on the back of my Visa card, they then went away only to come back to say that it was a stolen card...(oh dear is me!) and that maybe I had rung up my bank to cancel the card...What business ever assumes that? or asks that?
It was all too good to be true...15 days holiday in Florida, free 7 days car rental, all meals included, a 4 day 3 nights cruise all expenses paid...bla bla bla for 4 people, only $912 for incidental holiday taxes to be paid up front!
All the while they have all your credit card details to wipe out your bank account!
They're so sleek...names given were Tony Green, Tony Jacobs, Daniel Hatton...probably fictitious...who knows?
However I do have a real phone number to ring in Orland that I rang to speak to the police should be able to catch them from that I hope.

Resolved No refund

My 85 year old Mum was cold called by this company. although she had problems understanding and on numerous occasions ask them to repeat thereselves and gets confused, they managed to sell her a holiday at the above resort. She thought she had purchased this for £80 BP thinking it would be a cheap holiday for my daughter and I.
In actual fact the price was £672.76 BP on the10th March 2010, when it showed up on her bank statement. I immediately contacted this company on its free phone line, [protected] and cancelled this package and was promised a refund. I called this company each month to find out why the money had not been refunded and they kept telling me it is "pending". We have now been informed by my mothers bank that further transaction has taken place withdrawing the sum of £680.41 .BP to Fla Travel and tours.
I would be grateful if this could be looked into from your end. The bank is going to investigate here in the UK but this company should be stopped from defrauding people especially the elderly.
The ref number given was 69189 and the id number was 277489.

Yours faithfully Cherry Law UK resident

no holiday

I bought a package from calypso cay resort online promising a holiday vacation but every time I would ring to...

Resolved Worst Hotel!

I purchased a so-called vacation package from Travel Fun ( 2008. I will be filing a separate complaint about this company, but this complaint is related to the accommodations they sent us to. I recently won two airline tickets as a result of a lottery drawing. Remembering that I hadn't used my vacation package, I decided to make the best of it and fly to one of the areas that was a part of the package. We settled on Florida. When I contacted the travel agency to make the reservations, they told me that if I wanted to be in close proximity to where the welcome center was (because we had to listen to a 90-minute "presentation"), I should upgrade my standard package to the deluxe package, which would put us right across from the welcome center and give us access to free shuttle service. They also described the amenities, which sounded nice. The upgrade was $160. We arrived at the resort and thought it was okay. However, five minutes after getting there, a customer was expressing his frustration with the front desk staff. I looked at my husband like "oh boy, here we go...". One quick note: I noticed right away that the front desk staff did not appear very chipper. After all, this was called the Calypso Cay and the colors were festive; I expected the staff to at least be smiling. Anywhoo... We went through the standard paperwork with the front desk clerk who told us about the fee we would be charged if we didn't listen in on the presentation ($350). They took our credit card info to ensure we did. We also had to sign off on a piece of paper stating if we wanted housekeeping to change our sheets and towels, we would have to pay an additional fee per night. We declined, stating we would just clean our own room. I've never been in a hotel where basic towels and sheets were not replaced if you didn't pay an additional nightly fee. We get to the room and were immediately disappointed. Mind you, this was an "upgrade" from the standard accommodations. I am afraid to see what we upgraded from. The room was drabby, there were sheets on top of a blanket, and the fitted sheet did not fit right because it kept coming off the corners the whole time we were there. The carpet was old, and I commented to my husband I wondered if it had ever been changed. However, we decided to make the best of our stay there. I was taken aback by the fact that they charge 15% gratuity on EVERYTHING at the tiki bar, even a hamburger. Here is the kicker: we checked out on June 9th. Since we didn't even pick up the phone to call the front desk, we knew that there should be no additional charges for us. We'd budgeted ourselves down to the penny, having enough money left to take a cab to the airport, because Florida is expensive. The front desk clerk says, "your balance is $59.60". My head almost spun around. Balance for what? They explained that we had to pay taxes on the room. Now, when I was making the arrangements and paid the additional fee to upgrade, not to mention the $99 booking fee, nowhere did it come up that these fees did not include taxes. When we were checking in, this never came up. It only came up after we were checking out. So, we had a nice little complaining session going on. We were then asked to go in the back room and talk to the GM, Michael Pingston. He must be very practiced in these issues, because he was calm and listened. Bottom line, we had spent all of our money paying for gratuities and all the other stuff there and had enough to get to the airport. He told us if we didn't pay the (surprise) balance, they would have to call the authorities. He did offer to work with us though. He told my husband, "well, you could leave something here as collateral, such as a cell phone". We live in Illinois! Why would we leave a cell phone in Florida for a $59 bill! We told him over and over that we were never told taxes were not included and even showed him the confirmation from the travel agency. It didn't matter. Eventually, I had to call my best friend and she emailed this man her credit card information so that we wouldn't have to go to jail. While we were in there being held hostage for $59, another family was going through the same thing as they checked out, and he had his clerk to call the authorities on them. AND, as that was going on, another family had the exact same issue. 3 families in a row during checkout!? That should tell you something! Thank God for my friend being able to help us out, although she was on a fixed income! I paid her back, but nothing could quell the embarrassment from this!

Damage Resulting
As a result of this, we were late arriving at the airport because we sat in this man's office for almost an hour. When we got to the airport, they told us our luggage may not make it to Chicago when we did. Lucky for us, they had sympathy and the plane did not take off, and our luggage arrived on time. I was so upset and embarrassed that by the time I made it to the gate of the plane, the stewardess had to calm me down before she let me on the plane. I will never, as long as I live return to the Calypso Cay resorts. They are a joke, and a scam. I didn't even get into the timeshare portion of the story! I am all for people making a living, but don't scam people while you're doing it! Be upfront with your costs, and have a little integrity!

  • Ca
    carol boswell Apr 09, 2013

    we were there for timeshare sales, but the hotel was a awful visit. the elevator was broken when we got there and not fixed until we left. it was hard to get anything for the room. you ask one day and its the next or the next before you get it. the shower was broken. the pullout dofa bed was so old, you could feel all the springs in the mattress. there were so many other people there that had so many complaints, every time we went out of the room we met some one and all they said was something bad about this place. the people that worked there were all mexicans and you never could understand what they were saying. the only other elevator that was working went out the second day we were there for about 1 hour. you were afraid to even get on that one. one small waste basket for the bathroom, not one in the kitchen area or living area. i would never recommend this place to anyone.

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Resolved Calypso Cay

Never before have I stayed at a place that did'nt care about their guest... Our room was dusty, windows were dirty, our bathtub was peeling and dirty, we had one broken bed, there was garbage in the hall way for two days, management don't seem to want to fix any problems when a complaint arises, everyone we talked to during our stay was very disappointed, we had to wait for over 45 minutes to check in, the 90 minute presentation lasted almost 2 1/2 hours, cleaning service is an additional $15.00 dollars per day,
beds are very uncomfortable, pillows are no thicker than 1 1/2 inch, time share sellers are not very ambitious, we were never shown the villas that are for sale for time share, we were never given a tour of the facilities, by the time that you get the tickets that are promised you will only have about four hours to enjoy them, the breakfast is ok but there is not much room for guest to sit down, they do not offer any one to help with your bags so if you are disabled you are pretty screwed, they have a room to work out in but most of the equipment is either broke or not in good shape, drinks at the tiki bar start at $7.50 and if you have a sober bartender you might even get the right drink, however the food is pretty reasonable, The pools and the hot tubs seem to be the only good thing about the whole place !

Resolved cold calling

my mother who has alzheimers and vascular dementia was cold called and sold a holiday package and her bank account ded
bited 602.74 pound sterling. On telephoning the com[pany i got a standrd reply that they did not do the marketing and all we could do was to try and cancl by returning the brochure and booking confirmation within 30 days of the booking. .This will be difficult due to christmas and new year postal delays

  • 20
    2010Goldfinch Jan 08, 2010

    Phone the Credit Card Company and ask for the Fraud department. Tell them everything. She was cold sold the package without being given a chance to refuse, and without being given terms and conditions. If it was anything like me she was conned into buying the holiday by being told she had won it, 5 minutes of congratulations etc., but that "the prize just needs to be verified by checking the details on your credit card" (You then divulge all your credit card details and are told just before the end of the conversation that you will be billed close to $1000 for the prize- something you didn't want).

    When the package arrives, send it back immediately, unsigned and unwanted, make sure you do so Recorded Delivery and keep the Proof of Postage, as they will dispute you sent it back and claim they never received it. Enter a dispute with the Credit Card company. Send them all the details, proof of postage etc. Don't give up until you get your money back.

    You are not the only one that was cold I was completely taken in. This company must not be allowed to keep getting away with this. Something should be done about them.

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  • Pu
    Pussagirl Feb 26, 2010

    Hi. I'm writing from the U.K. On 30th of December 2010 at about 6.00 p.m., my mother received a phone call from an American woman telling her that she had won a holiday at Calypso Cay. My mother was surprised at this since she had had no previous communication with the company. During the course of the conversation the woman asked her age and when my mother said that she was 83 the woman insisted, despite my mother's protests that it would be put down as 73 (something to do with insurance?).

    On the 7th of January 2010 my mother was surprised to receive a package delivered by Fedex. On opening the package she was dismayed to find that it contained information about a holiday in Florida, a place she would never, at her age, consider as a holiday destination.

    My mother wrote a letter to Calypso Cay saying that she thought they should offer the holiday she had won to someone else. She went to the post office with the re-addressed package but was told by the postmistress that the address was incomplete and that it could not therefore be returned.

    I spoke to my mother on January the 13th and she mentioned the phone call and package She seemed concerned so I asked her to send the whole package to me so that I could find out how to return it for her. At this stage, my mother was still under the impression that she had won a free holiday.

    I received the package from her on January 14th. On looking at the paperwork in the package I realised that just over £604 had been taken from her current account.

    I phoned my mother again to ask her about this. She was very shocked and said she had no idea that Calypso Cay had taken money from her account. She had no recollection of having given any bank details during the phone call on December 30th.

    Since I have third party access to my mother’s bank account I phoned the bank and stopped my mother’s card. I also spoke to the card fraud department.

    I looked very carefully at the small print on the back of the holiday vouchers and found that there was a cancellation policy with an address to write to.

    I gathered together all the information I needed to comply with the cancellation policy, including a covering letter from my mother. I photocopied all relevant paperwork and on January 25th sent the whole package and the covering letter back to Calypso Cay at the return address given. I sent this so that it could be tracked and so that it would be signed for on arrival in America.

    During the time between January 13th and 25th I had done some research on line and had found that a number of people had had problems with Calypso Cay. The problems were both to do with cold calling and to do with difficulty in getting money back in the event of cancellation. In the course of this research I found the address of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS), who have helped people to get their money back from Calypso Cay.

    I first emailed DOACS to explain the problem. As a result of this I received a letter from them and sent them photocopies of everything relevant to this case. My mother wrote an account of the telephone call she had on December 30th and I also enclosed this.

    My mother's bank fraud department sent out a form for her to fill in and on response to this I was asked to write a full account of what had happened and to send copies of all relevant documents. I sent them the same info I had sent to DOACS (see above) As a result of this the bank have treated it as a case of non supply of goods and have refunded my mother's money. It's worth noting that, although it was my mother's debit card that had been used, the banks can use Visa Debit Chargeback to get the money directly back from the company.

    I have also had email correspondence (as have DOACS on my behalf) with someone called Patricia Relvini from Calypso Cay (although her companies also seem to be epoch management and Timescape LLC.) Patricia claims that the holiday package I returned has never arrived even though I am certain it has since I used Post Office Track and Trace which tracks the parcel to it's destination address and requires a signature on delivery. When I check online it's showing as having been delivered. If necessary I can also get a copy of the electronic signature.

    At least my mother has her money back.

    This seems to have been going on for a long time. Why can't they be stopped?

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  • Ca
    calypsocaycomplaint Aug 18, 2010

    I've had a very similar experience with my Mother-in-Law in Great Britain. I suggest you contact the following: Federal Trade Commission or Florida Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services Florida Better Business Bureau

    For individual claims, they won't invest too much time investigating. Collectively, they will listen and take action. The more complaints, with supporting data, the better.

    Timescape Marketing and Calypso Cay are engaging in predatory marketing and targeting the elderly. They need to be held accountable and be forced to discontinue this practice.

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Resolved Buyer beware

Well everyone Calypso Cay a Timeshare resort located at 4951 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, Florida 34746 is prepareing for the Holidays.

They have experienced a lack of sales and interest on the part of consumers.

They are once again putting blame of the lack of sales on their sales force.

These Idiots in management are so self consumed that they walk around with their eyes closed to the reality of the economy.

Their new approach is that their sales staff has to memorize the sales pitch. What a crock of crap. If they think that is going to be their saving grace I can only laugh at how stupid they are and it sounds.

Everyone except the management of all Timeshares know that timeshare is washed up, Finished.The years of GREED, LIES ect have finally caught up with an industry that once consisted and still does of arrogant, bragging, condensending ***.

TIMESHARE is the one word that is worse than USED CAR SALESMAN.

At least with a used car you can use it more that one or two weeks a year.

Timeshare is going to be a product that you may never use if these companies continue to fall the way they have in the last year.

As I stated years ago timeshares are going to be the slums of the future and signs of that are starting to exist in the Kissimmee/Orlando Area.

If consumers like to be ILL Advised by Individuals desperate to make a dollar, purchase a timeshare and experience the real meaning of getting the shaft.

The management will do anything to make the next sale and you the consumer will be left hanging on a thread. Question everything and believe nothing that is related to timeshare.


  • Do
    donnamaree88 Dec 14, 2009

    I need some help. I received the e-mail below when i enquired as to where my vacation package was. to this da i have still received nothing :-(

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Talbott-Nelson JAG091308102
    Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 09:53:39 -0400

    Good Morning Mrs. Talbot-Nelson,
    If you are interested on receiving your package, we can easily send you the package by post. The thing it's that because I do not have you in the system, I cannot check exactly what they had offered you. It would only be on the vacation package in which I can request for the shipping department to send out to you.That's why on my last email I simply asked you if you wanted the package or would like a refund, so that we do not have to go through the process of getting you then refunded, when you already received your package, because it may take longer for you to received your money back then. But if you know you are going to use your package, we can just send it to you and you may set your your date.
    I'm just trying to making it easy for you, because once the vacation package it's send, to get a refund, it would be longer for you. Thanks.

    Aeline Mejia
    Customer Service & Fulfillment Center
    Calypso Cay Resort
    Direct line# :(407)997-1600 Ext.263
    Fax: (407) 997-1729
    2921 A Vineland Road
    Kissimmee FL. 34746 USA
    Hours of operation: Mon- Fri // 9 am to 5 pm EST

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Resolved Fraud

On Jan 31, 2009 there was a phone solicitation promising a great vacation. In order to get the information...

Resolved Horrible Rude Calls

This man, called himself Chris, called our house and spoke to my mother about taking a free vaction. All we would have to do is pay a couple hundred dollars and listen to a 90 minute speal about how amazing timeshares are and try to get us to buy one. She asked my dad and he said no. She told Chris no thank you and she's sorry and hung up. He called back and my sister picked up. She asked who it was and he said it was chris. She told him my mom was busy making dinner. He said "Well, tell your mom to get her but on the phone!" She siad excuse me? No thank you, and hung up. He called back and my mom said that he'd been very rude to say that and that she wanted to speak to his manager. He wouldn't let her so she hung up. He called back and we didn't pick up. he hung up and called back and hung up and called back... finally I picked up. I asked if this was chris and he said yes. I asked how i could help him and he said, "Tell Your Mom To Get Her ### On The Phone!" Then he proceeded to verbally harass me until I hung up. 5324286

Resolved Unauthorized charges

I was offered a special deal by my credit card company for 15 nights for $800 which i payed for, i received the package and decided it was not what i wanted and returned it straight away.I spoke to them on the phone and was told it was received and the refund would be paid. A few days later i was refunded and believed it was finished.

A month later i received my credit card bill and saw they had taken out another payment for $850 and i received another package in the post. I called them and they said it was a mistake and to send it back, a week later i called them and they said they had received the package and my refund would be on its way.

Two months have past now and still nothing has been refunded and whenever i call they say it will be refunded next week and how sorry they are. In the mean time my credit card company keep saying they cant do anything and i just want my money back! Never use Calypso cay resort!!

  • Ge
    George Feb 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It sounds like your credit card company is feeding you a line.

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  • Ge
    George Feb 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry it doesn't look like the site liked my HTML. Here I am reposting without HTML links. you will have to copy/paste the links:

    It sounds like your credit card company is feeding you a line. You should read the Fair Credit Billing Act [ ]which lists out your rights as far as disputing charges for non-reciept of goods or services.

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  • Ma
    margaret Jun 04, 2009

    I received a call and accepted the package and it was sent to me in July of 2008 – Reference # 238900 and my credit card was charged. I returned the package and all the attachments since August of 2007, within 30 days from the date of purchase. To date I am still waiting for my refund after several calls. In april 09 I was told by Lynette that the request was made to the appropriate department but the refund has not been processed.

    I have also talked to Dean, Ilene, and others in the past and they have told me that Mr Lee Sevilla is the person that I need to talk with, yet, I am never able to reach him and there are no response to my emails.

    Today I sent my 3rd email and I have made several calls, including having a rep named Anna on the line as I type. Again I was cut off. I called back and Ileen told me that she will make certain that Mr Lee Sevilla reads my email and respond with a status of the refund.

    Hoping this is not another dead end street.


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Resolved holiday scam

Hello all, Yes this is scam and I know these people.To get your Money back you need to send a certified...

Resolved Fraud and cheating

My partner purchased this holiday about 3 yrs ago for the price indicated on all of the below reports. I extended after the 24mths expired thinking that we will take it in 2009. I became concerned as I tried to contact them with no response. I have come across all this evidence of fradulent activity which has made me very anxious that we should not even try and attempt to take this holiday!

Has anyone actually taken this holiday??? The main issues I've discovered seem to be all refunds that nobody seems to be getting.

Anyone that can offer any advice would be a godsend!!!

repeated telemarketers calling

This company keeps calling me. I am not interested in a vacation deal. They continue to call - I've gotten at least seven phone calls in the last couple weeks. The last person called - I told her that I got a lot of calls already and please take me off the list. She disagreed with me saying it's the only 1 time they called. I said regardless I'm not interested, so I hung up on her. I feel bad she is trying to make a living, but this is bordering on harassment. They keep calling as if they have dozens of people with lists containing repeat phone #'s or they just lied about not having called before. Besides, my # is on the do not call registry so they should be held liable.

  • Jo
    Joe Blow Jan 23, 2009

    I have received the same numerous hang-up robo calls, was connected once and told them I was not interested and they should remove me from the list. Still receiving calls. This outfit borders on criminal harassment. In addition, I have heard many reviews of the place and their facility and services are substandard.

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