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Calypso Cay Resort Customer Service

4951 Calypso Cay Way
United States - 34746

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1866 765 4282(Owner Support)
0 0
1800 824 1533(Vacation Package)
0 0
800 091 0919(Vacation Package, United Kingdom)
0 0
1800 638 913(Vacation Package, Australia)
0 0
+1 800 824 1533(Reservations)
1 0
+1 317 805 9083(Owner Support)
1 0
+1 407 997 1404(Discount Tickets)
1 0
+1 407 997 1350(Discount Tickets)
1 0
+1 407 997 1600(Head Office)
1 0
+1 407 997 1302(Group Sales)
1 0
+1 407 997 1699(Welcome Center)
1 0
+1 407 997 1732(Vacation Package)
1 0
+1 407 997 1729(Vacation Package)
0 0
Welcome Center
4951 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Calypso Cay Resort Complaints & Reviews

Calypso Cay / Timeshare Scam

TinaMB on Jun 24, 2015

I was scammed into signing for a bunch of promises that I have not and am told will not get! Paid 10, 000 and now told those people dont work therenow I went for a tour in exchange for Disney tickets. Long story short...I ended up buying this "deal" .. I was promised to be able to travel...

Calypso Cay Resort / Bait and Switch

jodyok01 on Mar 30, 2013

I went to' website to look for a timeshare/vacation club. I've been thinking of owning a time share for awhile, and living in Florida, it seems natural to go to Orlando, I have 4 children, so it works. I paid $199 to stay 3 nights in a villa with 2 bedroom...

Calypso Cay / Dump! No one wants to take responsibility!

Kikibusem on May 9, 2011

This was horrible. The deal was to get a few days and a few tickets for cheap in turn you listen to a 90 min speal on timeshares. I must admit, this was a beautiful resort. Beautiful grounds, pools, villas, putt putt etc. The catch have to stay in this roach infested, smelly... / Total disaster!

Lord D on Apr 2, 2011

A marketing representative named Crystal (1076) called my job and offered me a vacation of a lifetime. I couldn't afford what she was asking and told her that and then she started decreasing the price and giving me incentives for me to purchase. Finally, the price came down to $298...

Calypso Cay / Do not recommend

LastMF on Mar 24, 2011

The "resort" at first seemed nice, but we soon realized that was not true. At night a frog had gotten into our room somehow and was jumping around. We had to change rooms because of this. Next, you have to pay an extra charge for getting new towels and getting the trash thrown out, which...

Calypso Cay Resort/Disney Promotions / scam tried but foiled


I was rung today with the classic recording of "congratulations, you have won...dial 9 if you are interested..." I dialled 9, they asked for my credit card details, I floundered after they wanted all the details including the 3 digits on the back of the card...had already given them the...

Calypso Cay Resort / No refund

Hi My 85 year old Mum was cold called by this company. although she had problems understanding and on numerous occasions ask them to repeat thereselves and gets confused, they managed to sell her a holiday at the above resort. She thought she had purchased this for £80 BP thinking it...

Calypso Cay / no holiday


I bought a package from calypso cay resort online promising a holiday vacation but every time I would ring to book and could not get through to speak with anyone, when I have emailed them no one responds back. I have spent over $600 US for this package and its not fair as I really would...

Calypso Cay Resort / Worst Hotel!

ncident I purchased a so-called vacation package from Travel Fun ( 2008. I will be filing a separate complaint about this company, but this complaint is related to the accommodations they sent us to. I recently won two airline tickets as a result of a lottery drawing...

Calypso Cay Resort / Calypso Cay


Never before have I stayed at a place that did'nt care about their guest... Our room was dusty, windows were dirty, our bathtub was peeling and dirty, we had one broken bed, there was garbage in the hall way for two days, management don't seem to want to fix any problems when a...

calypso cay/timescape / cold calling

my mother who has alzheimers and vascular dementia was cold called and sold a holiday package and her bank account ded bited 602.74 pound sterling. On telephoning the com[pany i got a standrd reply that they did not do the marketing and all we could do was to try and cancl by returning the...

Calypso Cay Resort / Buyer beware


Well everyone Calypso Cay a Timeshare resort located at 4951 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, Florida 34746 is prepareing for the Holidays. They have experienced a lack of sales and interest on the part of consumers. They are once again putting blame of the lack of sales on their sale...

Calypso Cay Vacation Promotions / Fraud


On Jan 31, 2009 there was a phone solicitation promising a great vacation. In order to get the information the consumer needed to give a charge card, but the consumer was able to cancel any time up to thirty days and the "clock" did not start until after receiving the material. I canceled...

Calypso Kay / Horrible Rude Calls

This man, called himself Chris, called our house and spoke to my mother about taking a free vaction. All we would have to do is pay a couple hundred dollars and listen to a 90 minute speal about how amazing timeshares are and try to get us to buy one. She asked my dad and he said no. She...

Calypso Cay Resort / Unauthorized charges


I was offered a special deal by my credit card company for 15 nights for $800 which i payed for, i received the package and decided it was not what i wanted and returned it straight away.I spoke to them on the phone and was told it was received and the refund would be paid. A few day...

Tropical Grand vacation/Calypso Cay resort / holiday scam


Hello all, Yes this is scam and I know these people.To get your Money back you need to send a certified letter to better busines bearou od Orlando if they get more then 10 complaints they can shut them down and you can get your money back. here is the website .Please do it...

Calypso Cay / Fraud and cheating


My partner purchased this holiday about 3 yrs ago for the price indicated on all of the below reports. I extended after the 24mths expired thinking that we will take it in 2009. I became concerned as I tried to contact them with no response. I have come across all this evidence of...

Calypso Cay / repeated telemarketers calling


This company keeps calling me. I am not interested in a vacation deal. They continue to call - I've gotten at least seven phone calls in the last couple weeks. The last person called - I told her that I got a lot of calls already and please take me off the list. She disagreed with me...

calypso resort / fraud

This company has taken my credit card details to secure and offered me a holiday to orlando florida and a cruse to the bahamas caribean on the 5th of november 2008, it seems it is all a fraud, I can not get hold of any of the tel number given or reference of this offer, this must not...

Calypso Cay / credit card

I received a telephone call telling me i had won a free trip. They asked for my credit card details for confirmation purposes only. I asked both people i spoke to over and over again and before i gave my details if there would be any charges they both assured me that their would be...