Kiwi.comkiwi's refuses to refund us through original payment method

Dear sir/madam,

We have purchased a trip in , an online travel booking agency, and there was a double booking that led to a situation in which we feel damaged as a client. 
While booking a trip, Kiwi's system noticed us that our previous payment method (credit card) had been refused, and therefore we attempted to make the purchase via Paypal. Later we realized that Kiwi had charged our credit card as well, even though the system clearly indicated that this method had been rejected. 

We received a notification email (screenshot is attached to this email) stating that there had been a double booking and that the money would be refunded via the chosen payment method within 24 hours, unless we chose another refund alternative. 

Although we did not intend to use any credit to purchase further trips, and would have liked to have been reimbursed via transfer to our bank account (original payment method), Kiwi's team insisted that we had already been refunded through online credits, and that we should just be satisfied in using those credits to book another trip.

Considering this was not our option and that the double booking happened due to what we perceive to have been a failure in their payment gateway, we asked for the credits to be converted back and withdrawn via our initial payment method, yet, the team refused to acquiesce.

We would therefore like to present a formal complaint against the company and would kindly ask if you could investigate into Kiwi's sales system.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Nuno Alvim

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