KitchenAidrebate scam


I would like to speak to someone who can help redeem my Rebate. Here is some history for you

1. I sent in my Rebate form and receipt to you and it was returned because I did not provide the UPC code

2. I called Kitchenaid and spoke to a representative and asked her what the UPC code was. She told me it was on the box. While on the phone with the rep she walked me through where the UPC code could be found. She then told me to write it down and send it back to Kitchenaid with the receipt and the UPC code. I then mailed all the information back to you.

3. I received another letter from you while I was away for 3 months saying that you needed me to cut the UPC code off the box. I then called you again letting you know that I just got the letter because I was away and can I send it now. I was told that I was late but to send it in so they can work with me on my issue.

4. Today 12/8/2010 I called and they told me that the case is closed and there is no way I can get my Rebate. I spoke to several people regarding this and no one is willing to help me. Sophia was very curt of the phone and was less then willing to help then I spoke to Barbara who was understanding but said there is no one in all of Kitchen Aide who can help me. She noted my frustration and could understand it but reiterated that Kitchenaid will not honor the rebate because the case is closed.

I am very disappointed that I will not receive my rebate from Kitchenaid. I do understand and take ownership of the fact that I did not send the UPC code originally. But when I did call and resent it, I did follow the instructions of you customer service rep which she indicated that I needed to write it down and send it in. At that point I assumed I was all set and the rebate was in the mail. I then left for 3 months and was surprised that when I returned that the rebate was not in the mail. I am sorry that the rep gave me inaccurate information for the 2nd mailing and because of that I would have never thought that I would have to mail the information a 3rd time. I was late or the 3rd mailing because I was away but once I returned I called and send it to you immediately.

This company makes it so difficult to get your rebate. It is said that they make a great product but they have the worst customer service.


  • Ta
    TA Nov 14, 2006

    I bought a Superba S/S model KSRA22ILWH3 over a year ago (April 05) from KA's (i.e. Whirlpool) warehouse in Laval Quebec. I have no issues with clearance, plenty of space all around. This July it stopped cooling properly, so had to call in for servicing. 86$ later, the technician added some freon. Two days ago, same issue. New technitian comes in (Wirlpool qualified, 26 year veteran) and tells me that this is a very bad design with the cooling pipes/venting being at the bottom & next to impossible to reach for cleaning. He said the compressor is overheating and has flashed the system with oil which makes it very difficult to cool. I would need to have the coils flashed to get the oil out & change the compressor $600). Then it would need cleaning (at least twice a year) using special equipment (~$100 each time). His advice. Get rid of it and buy a new unit. His words: "sh..ty design".
    I bought this unit refurbished (the technitian told me they changed the compressor) which means it came with only 1 year warranty and am now stuck. I called KA and they asked me to fax a description of the technitian's evaluation. Then they'll think about it.
    I can't help but think they have dealt in bad faith and that they are aware of their bad design and the fact that there is virtually no access to the coils underneath and threfore the need for special cleaning equipment. This model is a disaster waiting to happen.

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  • Je
    Jeff Tobia Dec 19, 2007

    We bought one of the high end KitchenAid dishwashers in 2002. It performed well in the cleaning category, but it lasted exactly 3 years, required 3 service calls, was down for a total of 6 weeks and I finally took a cash settlement from our 3rd party extended warranty company to let them walk away from it. When we replaced it in June 2005, I could not get a Bosch with the necessary dimensions and features I needed. Consumer Reports and others rated the KitchenAid highly and few complaints appeared around the web. We bought a new Superba dishwasher for $1,400 including the extended warranty. Guess What... 18 months old and the electronics have totally failed. To add insult to injury we have been without it for 16 days now and they can't get the parts due to backorder in manufacturing. Right now the ETA for the parts places the dishwasher out of service for over one month with probable repair around January 2nd or 3rd (yes, we have to live through the holidays without a dishwasher, and my demands to KitchenAid to replace the unit fall on deaf ears. Their poor quality and poor parts availability, and poor service commitment has repeated four different times on two appliances for us. We are done purchasing any KitchenAid appliances. Warning: KitchenAid builds unreliable appliances and refuses to provide its customers with reasonable quality service!

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  • Valerie Jul 08, 2008

    Kitchenaid products used to be a cut above, but now they are just an overpriced piece of junk Whirlpool. I'll never again buy anything made by Whirlpool or any of their divisions. Have a dishwasher less than a year and a half old; needs major parts, but all are backordered. Trying to talk to someone (who cares) on the phone is an excercise in futility, to say the least. I should have bought another cheap Kenmore. Four adults and 2 small children without a working dishwasher going on 5 weeks now is beyond reasonable.

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  • Su
    sue Aug 19, 2008

    I just moved into a new house and have KitchenAid and Whirlpool appliances throughout the kitchen. The oven has had to be repaired 4 times, the frig water dispenser didn't work, the gas cooktop wasn't installed correctly and the dishwasher doesn't always start when you shut door. A&E gives an 8am to 5pm window and they have canceled the afternoon of day of appointment. They don't follow up to let you know when parts are on backorder and it could be weeks/months before a repair will take place. They send parts to your door and expect you to know it is the right part and inspect for problems. I have worked with customer service and management. They don't really care about the customer, only the rules to follow to have an item corrected--they will rebuild for weeks/months and not replace your appliance once it's in your house, even if you have not closed on the home. Stay away unless you have hundreds of hours and unlimited patience and don't need your appliances to work.

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  • Valerie Dec 01, 2008

    I have a Kitchenaid wall oven less than 2 years old that has failed to work after a cleaning cycle. I have read several complaints about this, repairs will be the Thermal Fuse or Control pannel, caused from overheating during the cleaning process, Kitchenaid replies that is it not a defect.???

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  • Lo
    Lorins Nov 04, 2010

    When we redid our kitchen last year we bought a new 'highly rated' KitchenAid compactor. We had 2 compactors previously, and each went 8+ years without a single repair. This one is 18 months old and is broken again after being repaired 5 times!!

    The first two times it was the switch that needed to be replaced. The third time it made a very loud thumping noise which was very worrisome. The fourth and fifth times the main gear (which is only plastic!!) broke. And this past time the repairman (whom I have depended on for years) tells me the motor is shot as well.

    I have written to and called KitchenAid and not heard back from them. Very frustrating!

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  • St
    Steph1004 Nov 23, 2010

    I have a Kitchenaid microwave/oven combo that the membrain switch went out in. The part has been on back order for 6 months now. The appliance was produced in August of 1999 so this tells me that the kitchenaid brand has a life span of 10 years. Before this incident, I purchase a Kitchenaid refrigerator and stove top based on the reputation of being top of the line. Never again will I purchase this brand. Brands like Frigidaire costs a fraction of the price and last twice as long. I have contacted Kitchenaid but received the same message over and over again.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 23, 2010

    Ten years? That's a pretty good life span for a microwave. They probably have to custom make your part.

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  • Pk
    Pkneff Dec 02, 2010

    I originally purchased a Kitchenaid Convection double oven, paid $2, 100.00 plus. This is a poorly engineered product and should never have been sold to any consumer. Cannot use the self-cleaning option on either oven, it trips a sensor which is about $100.00 to replace. The bottom oven door hinges are inadequate, we have had to replace them 8 times. Contacted Gwen at Kitchen-aid, offered to give me a few bucks off a comparable oven which they current distribute...$3, 100.00 Really, are you kidding me, I would rather cook in a dutch oven outside in the middle of winter than purchase any kitchenaid product again. Who wants to join a class action law-suit?

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  • St
    Stam Jan 27, 2011

    I sent in all the things required to Kitchen aid to receive my rebates, I received a letter stating I did not send in a cash register receipt. I had bought this on line and received an email from Kohl's that they recevied my order. I am sending more info in and hopefully will get my rebate back.

    Whats up with this? I think its a scam!!! Beware buying a Kitchen aid mixer and hoping you will get the rebate and the free recipe book and subscription to a magazine. I also cut out the UPC code from the box!!!

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  • Bi
    BigMan Mar 21, 2011

    I recently bought a KitchenAid 27" double oven. After using it for a week or so, I noticed that on heating, the heat shield, which supports the element, buckled and touched the element, which then blackened. When I reported the problem to them, they replaced the shield twice, the element and shield once, and then informed me that "that is the way it is supposed to be". There is clearly a manufacturing defect in the heat shield and KitcheAid would not take responsibility for it. I will NOT buy another KitchenAid product because of their lack of responsiblity for their products.

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  • Mo
    monkeyboyrich May 26, 2011

    About 5 years ago, I bought a Kitchenaid Superba side-by-side refrigerator/freezer along with a wall oven & microwave. They've all broken - some more than once. I will never buy Kitchenaid again and warn you not to either. Within 6 months, the plastic on EVERY ONE of the shelves in the fridge cracked; I had to get all new shelves. Then the springs on the microwave door broke - I fixed those myself. Then the microwave light went out - it will cost ~ $150 to replace this little LED light because the whole unit has to be taken out of the wall. Next, the oven lock froze when the keypad reset itself (for no apparent reason - not a power outage). The latest is the cheese/meat drawer broke and needs to be replaced. Unbelievable junk.

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  • Ka
    Kat R. Sep 18, 2011

    Purchased Kitchenaid appliances for my newly constructed home, only to have had nothing but problems with the ice maker (not making ice), and to find out that I had no warranty! Every since 2005 I've had a couple of kitchen aid techs to repair, plus sears (which was just here and charged me 450.00 to repair...still NO ice!) So I've made another repair appointment with them. I will NEVER buy Kitchenaid again OR recommend to anyone!!! Grand appliance was no help either!

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  • Ur
    URBAN BEAR Feb 02, 2012

    Excuse me. . . I carefully followed the directions, including the KitchenAid UPC's, though the form failed to list MY ITEM as a rebate, I was assured by the retailer there was no problem with this issue. I have no recourse, I am screwed as well as my postage. I can only wonder as to how many people out there feel at fault. . . if the form is incorrect your UPC is invalid too!!!

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  • Fi
    fifinka Jan 03, 2014

    I sent everything needed for the rebate and was denied for this reason "Submission did not include any valid original KitchenAid UPCs". This is absolutely not true because I personally included the original UPC code which I peeled out of the box! I am very disappointed with KitchenAid.

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  • Ki
    KitchenNonAid Jan 14, 2014

    We purchased a 5qt Kitchen Aid artisan mixer from an online site. We mailed a complete form for the $50 rebate with UPC.. Of course, we received THE postcard stating "UPC missing." Hello!? Obvious scam, so why isn't Kitchen Aid investigating?!? P.s. I made a copy of the UPC, bet they are expecting most to not do this. Their credibility as a company is going downhill. Class action lawsuit?

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  • Jd
    JDG Feb 18, 2014

    We purchased a Kitchenaid mixer online on Christmas day that came with a $50 rebate.
    I sent all of the required documentation, rebate form, copy of store receipt and original UPC cut out from the side of the box. Today I received a postcard proclaiming that I "DID NOT" send in a copy of the UPC. I'm sorry, but I most certainly did and it was stapled to the rebate form and the copy of the receipt.
    Is this some kind of game these people are playing? I send in rebates all of the time, and aside from one other shady outfit that was being investigated by the Better Business Bureau, this is the second time one of these places has tried to say I didn't include the UPC. They say there's no way to prove we bought the mixer unless we provide them with a copy of the UPC, which unfortunately we've not been able to locate. It doesn't matter to anyone in this company that we still own the mixer that we registered online (and they have that info in their system) with the original serial number on the bottom.
    I can tell you right now, this is the last time that I'll ever purchase anything from Kitchenaid. This is a very dishonest company and they're a complete ripoff. We'll not purchase another one of their products ever again.
    Attached is a photo of the mixer they claim we can't prove we purchased.

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  • Dp
    dpink Feb 20, 2014

    I sent in the same type of rebate for the artesian 5 qt stand mixer, and also received a post card like the one above stating "Submission did not include any valid original KitchenAid UPCs". I did send it in, It was a large sticker that was on the box, not a UPC that you had to cut out the cardboard. I found my copies, and on the rebate form there is a website where you can look up the status of your rebate ( Sure enough, it said I submitted a UPC that was missing or not valid. There is also a customer service number for rebates on the rebate form (1-888-474-2457). I called the number, and the rep was very nice. I gave her my info, and was put on hold a few minutes. She said they scan everything they receive, and that she did indeed see the UPC and would process the rebate, which I should receive in 4 weeks. Try calling the number. Hopefully you'll have the same success. Good Luck!

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  • De
    Deanna Graves Mar 04, 2014

    I sent in my rebate for a KitchenAid mixer the post mark was in early Jan i just recieved a card saying my postmarked was not in the time frame i called they said my post mark was for 2-3-2014. I asked for a return of my info to check the post mark they dont have it. WHAT A SCAM

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  • Vu
    vuebabey Mar 06, 2014

    I bought a Kitchen aid online through Sams club during their $50 rebate scam ###. Sent in all the documentation and was denied. What a load of crap. So very disappointed because that's how they try to make customers buy their ###. Reel them in with fake ### scams like this and then deny every single claim. Such bull ###. Never buying anything from Kitchen Aid again. Sorry Kitchen Aid you lost my business Losers.

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  • Bi
    Billdippo Mar 31, 2014

    Microwave vent cover has come off "on its own" in the middle of night and fallen on glass Kitchenaid stove cook top and broken for second time in one year. Kitchenaid once was quality appliance, in my mind. I'm here to say that is no longer the case.

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  • Jj
    jjhuns Apr 08, 2014

    We purchased a Kitchen aid mixer from Harwick's in Eugene OR. My wife sent in all of the necessary documents. We were scammed out of a food grinder. It never showed up and don't believe they ever attempted to contact us.

    Do not bye Kitchen Aid!!

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  • Ci
    citygardengirl Jan 13, 2015

    Purchased a Kitchen Aid from Kohl's online/ $50 rebate. I double and triple checked my information; I have worked as a CSR insurance in the recent past. They "have no record of receiving my rebate form with the UPC label" Since I do not have a copy of the UPC label, I am screwed. The receipt and any information on my Kitchen Aid will not suffice. Probably won't do business with them again.

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  • Ra
    Rawjazz Feb 06, 2015

    Kitchen aid is successful in playing this scam quite nicely, I had the same experience, mailed all the documents with original UPC barcode cut from the box and proof of purchase from Amazon alongwith the rebate form and after 2 months get a stupid post card saying they did not receive my UPC barcode, how is that possible, I am ready to show them my original pictures that I took with my iphone and they would still not process my rebate.

    What a shame, shady service, guess what my Kitchen aid is going back to Amazon sorry Amazon but you should not be doing business with shady process partners and scammers

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  • Ma
    Manish Bhatia May 18, 2015

    We purchased Kitchen Aid 6 quart Mixer from Kohl's at Johns Creek, GA, $50 Rebate. I took a copy of UPC original code and sent it with receipt. They said didn't receive UPC code but got the receipt !! They agreed for me to sent copy of it, I did that. And they were sitting on it. I called after few weeks and rebate timeline expired. They said system can't process it...and all kind of excuses that they can't do anything...very bad experience, won't buy another kitchen aid product in future...

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  • Ca
    Cates Jul 05, 2015

    Bought two Artisan stand mixers in Dec. of 2014. I sent the rebate forms in right after Christmas. Never heard a thing back!

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  • Re
    Reviewer49516 Oct 02, 2015

    Out pot is several years old, but has developed the infamous hairline crack in the middle, making it unsafe for use.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Taylor Jan 11, 2016

    For Christmas 2015 I purchased two KitchenAid stand mixers that had a $50 rebate. One for myself and one for my son’s girlfriend. I made sure I sent in all the correct information including the UPC bar code along with the rebate form and made sure I sent them in before the deadline. Today, I received a card stating my submission was invalid as it did not include any original KitchenAid UPCs. I immediately called the number on the card and just spoke with a customer service rep and then a supervisor about the issue. I was on hold for quite some time and in the meantime Googled “KitchenAid rebate complaints “ and found a whole slew of people that didn't get their rebates over the years some very recently. I had cut our just the middle bar code on the boxes that contain the UPC (as required) and was told on the phone I needed the entire label which also includes the serial number and model number. No where on my rebate slip do I recall it telling me I needed to send in the extra information. The first rep I talked to told me they get these complaints EVERY day. Seems to me KitchenAid needs to do a better job of telling consumers what they really need to get the rebates. It actually sounds like a scam by KitchenAid as a way of selling items with a rebate to get people to buy without actually having to pay the rebate out. I am absolutely livid with KitchenAid and will never buy a KitchenAid item again.

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  • Hs
    Hsrm Dec 28, 2016

    Just got denied rebate too. They said missing upc code I sent it with my receipt and serial number .said I needed more bar codes on the box which is gone sent the proof of purchase upc (cut out on the dotted lines) this company has sold its last appliance to me.

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  • Ri
    rimpal May 02, 2017

    I bough a KitchenAid Stand Mixture in November from Kohl's. At that time there was a rebate on this product. That was the main reason I bought this product from Kohl's. I submitted my mail rebate in timely manner with all the required documents. I have called the customer service few times but they are saying that they don't have any rebate submission for my purchase. I have provided them my address, email address and serial number but they are not helpful at all. It looks like that offer was just a simply scam. I also talked with few other friends and they have same issue. All of who purchased KichenAid stand mixture during November non of us received our Mail in Rebate back.

    I will not recommend any Kitchen Aid product to anyone now on.

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