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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved annoying products

I will never buy KitchenAid appliances. We moved into a gorgeous home in Raleigh w/ Kitchen Aid oven and microwave. I can't STAND having inanimate objects in my kitchen loudly nagging me like two-year-old children. If I start cooking some frozen veggies in the microwave while working on the rest of dinner elsewhere, I will get FIVE (5) loud long beeps if I dare to let the item rest between zaps. If I set the oven timer to stop cooking after 20 minutes, I will get FOUR (4) long loud beeps every freaking minute after it turns off. Excuse me, KitchenAid, do you mind if I decide how to manage my time in the kitchen? These aren't "reminder" beeps. Maybe they wanted a loud enough beep to be heard from a distance, but WHY four or five? If it's loud enough to be heard, it's loud enough to be heard freaking ONCE. I realize I might sound like a crazy person, but this is becoming a super pet peeve. We own a condo on Miami Beach w/ Frigadaire appliances, including a wonderful microwave that emits the tiniest little periodic sound after the timer expires, like a kitten mewing, and I just want to give it a big kiss!

Resolved overpriced

My KitchenAid microwave touch pad went bad after it was purchased two years ago. KitchenAid scheduled an appointment with A&E Factory Service. Replacement of the touch pad took ten minutes and the total bill was $201.29 or roughly $1200/hr. If this cost isn't price gouging, I do not know waht is. I contact KitchenAid asking them to intervene and or advise customers of costs, KitchenAid does not want to know anything.

Resolved none

No Complaint! EXCEPT that I had to wait 2 days for an appointment. Sigh. Luckily my neighbors are holding my frozen food for me.

"John" called before arriving (8am-12Noon but showed up at 9am)
Got right to work (didn't ask for payment up front) Very little friendly chatter. Gave me the "good news, bad news" that it needed a relay (low cost) but didn't need a compressor (high cost)
And left the replaced parts for me to inspect. And accepted a credit card that he swiped.

I asked about warranty and he offered a 1 year contact for $75.00 worth insuring the $600 compressor.

I asked a question about empty vs full freezer (best half full) and he said it would take about 2 hours
to reach operating temp.

also explained how a & e used to be Sears Repair.

Oh one other complaint --- he didn't put the seat down after using the bathroom. :-)
but at least I didn't see any butt-crack!

Resolved kitchen a. i. d. (appliance is defective)

We purchased a new house in 2004 that was outfitted with brand new Kitchen Aid appliances. Fortunately, we purchased the extended warrantee for all. We have had nothing but problems with ALL of the appliances--electric cooktop, overhead microwave, dishwasher and the dreaded side by side re-defrigerator/re-defreezer which is the chief cause of this complaint. The cooktop and the microwave have both required parts not covered under warrantee more than once. The dishwasher was non-operational from the start and had to be replaced after some wrangling with the service provider. The side by side fridge freezer takes the prize, though, for worst appliance. Little did we know that it's stainless steel exterior with Kitchen Aid tag was covering a relic from the Soviet Union. The ice maker has never worked properly. Over the course of our 5 year extended warrantee, we had a service rep out multiple times with multiple "fixes", and even after the whole ice maker was replaced with a new unit, it failed to work properly. The temperature in the fridge is not moderated properly and can freeze with no manual change to the temperature setting. Now, we are faced with paying for a new compressor. No doubt, this component was engineered to last just over 5 years. If so, then it would be the only properly engineered part of the appliance. Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool, shame on you. This is not your parent's trusted appliance maker.

  • Jo
    J. Oakes Aug 25, 2009

    Remodeled kitchen around Kitchenaid side-by-side refrigerator. So badly designed that icemaker can never be operational. It freezes up from warm air warming and freezing water. Dumb icemaker is in the door rather inside the freezer a protected area of the freezer. Going to report this defective piece of junk to federal consumer complaint agency - hopefully many will and we can get response. This was a $5, 300 mistake!

    J. Oakes
    Arcadia, Ca.

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  • Si
    Sina Nov 11, 2009

    We also purchased a side-by side built in kitchen aid refrigerator approximately four years ago and the unit requires repair every three to four months. The freezer unit freezes and prevents flow of cold air to the refrigerator unit. We just had our eleventh service call this week and a number of parts have been replaced by the A&E service which comes to service in NY. Luckily we purchased extended warranty for the unit. KitchenAid customer service refuses to replace the unit. Any suggestion on which government agency I can complain to?

    [email protected]

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  • An
    Ann Z Dec 02, 2009

    My complaint is with my range hood, the plastic piece that holds the motor to the frame is unavailable for purchase. It isn't even on the schematic as a part. In order to replace this small piece I have to purchase a whole new motor at 400.00. I will never purchase another whirlpool/kitchenaid product. Currently all my appliances are either whirlpool or kitchenaid. I would not be so upset except that when I called the coorporate offices they told me "sorry that's just the way it is."

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Resolved hassle-free service??? ha! ha! ha!

We received this Kitchen Aid 10 Cup Java Studio Coffee Maker this year as a Christmas present from one of our relatives who knew that my wife collects Kitchen Aid in red. At first it worked fine but slowly over the past four months the coffee has kept coming out colder and colder until now it is luke warm. We took it to a kitchenshop in Santa Rosa, Ca. that carries and services Kitchen Aid. We were told by them to call the Kitchen Aid Service Number and that Kitchen Aid would replace it. We called the number and was told that we had to have the receipt to get it serviced or replaced. Now who ever gets a receipt with a Christmas present? Also how often do you keep a receipt on something you give away as a gift? Now my wife and I have a $150.00 Kitchen Aid Coffe Makerthat is nothing more than a piece of useless junk. The $39.00 Black and Decker Space Saver that I got at Walmart and am currently using, makes a much better coffee. So much for Kitchen Aid's Hassle Free service and quality!!!

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Resolved extended warranty

Purchased an extended warranty for my KitchenAid KUDP02IRBT0. The unit was purchased new in Feb. 2007. One year and 3 months later, the unit stopped cleaning dishes and soap remained in the dishwasher undesolved. Ten repairs later by three different authorized repairmen (changed motor, circuit board, water fill valve, water fill shut-off, and many other parts) the unit still does not desolve the soap. I tried liquid soap, powder soap, tablets. The water temperature is over 150 degrees. The water is run before the dishwasher is started and smoke comes out of the faucet. Now, over 10 months later still no resolution. I want to exercise the lemon law but apparently the same part must fail three times! Nobody is able to fit it and I am without a washer. I will be taking them to small claims unless they resolve and will also be informing the AG Office and Missouri's epartment of Insurance, Financial, and Professional Registration. I will never buy another KitchenAid or Whirlpool.

  • Wm
    Wm. F. Sweetman Apr 27, 2009

    I purchased a KitchenAid dishwasher-12/01/07. Moderate to light usage, single family home. All items, always, rinsed first. Famuily says i should just wash by hand, considering my pre-wash game plan. Motor "burned up" mid April 09. Having been an R&D Production Engineer for 30 years, I'm amazed. I now figure the factory "wear depreciation" tests are accurate at creating a machine that dies, right after the applicable warranties.Thats not a good public/consumer image

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Resolved blade assembly failed, no replacement

Kitchenaid no longer offers a blade assembly for what would otherwise be a nice appliance. I am not the only person who has had this issue. It's bad enough that they put a product out with an obvious design flaw, but then they don't offer a replacement part. You have to buy a whole jar assembly. In the end I bought a Cuisinart blender.

  • Up
    UPSyours2 Apr 11, 2009

    Kitchen Aid parts are availble here:

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Resolved faulty door springs

We purchased a kitchenaid kpmc140 microvave oven in 2003 and are about to replace the door springs for the third time. And when they fail, they don't just fail in place but rather come flying out of the unit. This could be a real hazard. Clearly, the springs were not specified to handle the weight of the door for normal use. We have also replaced the controller and the display panel in this unit. We have never paid so much for such a low quality appliance. And don't even get me started on a & e service.in a word: a farce.

Resolved depriciation on defective unit

In 2002 we took deliver of a KitchenAid Refrigerator through Sears, Canada. In the first year Sears came out to repair the freezer at least 6 times and replaced the freezer door once. Under the lemon law we got a replacement KitchenAid product late in that year or 2003. We were advised that the manufaturers defect had been corrrected.
Since 2003 Sears has come out at least 10 times to repair the same defects in the freezer and replaced the freezer door again. As I was in Afghanistan we were unable to move replacement forward until 2 months ago. I was just advised that the unit has depriciapted by 70% so will only get a $650.00 credit.
Our advise is to NOT buy a KitchenAid product (Our KA gas range was defective and unreplaceable and the diswasher was dmaged) and be very careful with Sears as they have only a 10 year decpriciaton rule on refrigerators.

Resolved garbage

I spent $129.00 to buy a Kitchenaide 7 quart slow cooker, the one with a removable crock bowl. The first time I used it, the crock insert cracked. It cracked while "inside" the heating unit. I contacted Kitchenaide and they sent me a new crock insert. I used the new insert even more carefully, started the cooking process on LOW heat thinking a slow heat up might prevent it from cracking. NOPE! Again, the crock bowl cracked. I contacted Kitchenaide a 2d time and again, they sent me a new crock bowl. Guess what, that one cracked too! The inserts are made in Mexico. Kitchenaide probably paid 50 cents a piece to have Mexico make the crock bowls, and then they turn around and sell them to Americans for $129.00!!! This would, more likely than not, NEVER been an issue if Kitchenaide had manufactured the crock bowls in the U.S. When are companies in the U.S. going to realize that sending U.S. jobs to third-world countries means you have NO control over quality? SHAME ON KITCHENAIDE FOR SENDING U.S. JOBS TO FOREIGNERS AND, FURTHER, FOR BRINGING THAT CRAP BACK INTO THE U.S. TO SELL IT TO UNSUSPECTING AMERICANS.

Resolved stand mixer

My artisan mixer literally exploded out the bottom when I was mixing egg whites-fire and sparks everywhere!

It was just over one year old. It cost me $96. To fix.

I wrote a letter to the president of whirlpool north america, michael a. Todman and to the general manager of whirlpool canada, eli federman.

Guess what folks, not a word from anyone in 5 months.
I' m not surprised. I was warned by the repair shop of their attitude.

My mixer is for sale. I won't have another whirlpool product in my home, ever again.

  • Up
    Upset with Kitchen Aid Jul 06, 2009

    We owned a regular Kitchen Aid stand mixer for 13 years and LOVED it, but when we decided to upgrade to a heavy duty lift-stand mixer we were in for a very big disappointment! Regretably, we gave away the first mixer and theirs is working better than our new one! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE 'HEAVY DUTY MIXERS' TO ANYONE who likes to cook using whole wheat. They can't handle double batches of 100% whole wheat bread. They can't handle the food grinder attachment for grinding wheat sprouts, or making whole wheat pasta. At first it handles dough beautifully, but the gears start 'popping' after a year or so, and by then your warranty is expired. Having used a smaller Kitchen Aid mixer for 13 years, I did not worry about changing my dough recipes. I didn't see in their instructions that I could not use 100% whole wheat until it was too late. It's very discouraging to spend $400 for a mixer that can't do any more than the smaller, less expensive, models. These are NOT heavy duty mixers. You have to 'baby' them more than the smaller mixers. BEWARE wheat-savvy-cooks...This is NOT the appliance for you. The repair center says it will be a minimum of $75 or so to fix our gears. PLUS, I can no longer make whole wheat bread (I must use white flour too), and I no longer dare use the food grinder attachment (which was $75!) because I don't want to go through this repair again!

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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Dec 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To further clarify something that is not apparent: These stand mixers are pretty but in actuality cant do much more than a $15 portable hand mixer could achieve. They are notorious for burning up while someone tried to use the dough hook (which they may as well delete from the packing...since it just misleads people into thinking the things can handle bread dough) . Whole grain bread doughs especially are best hand mixed - only a $2017 Hobart commercial mixer can handle that. I gleaned this info from numerous comments from consumers while considering the purchase of one of these machines...I decided to just skip it because I just want it to simplify making bread dough. They are not mechanically designed or fabricated for that use - none of them, it turns out.

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Resolved do not stand behind warrany within one year

I purchased a brand new set of Pasta attachments online for $99 during Thanksgiving. When I used it, one of the cutter (Fettucine) is defect and didn't work properly and noodles kept jammed. I called Kitchenaid customer service and they asked me to send it the receipt and they give me a customer no to track. Next day, they called me for a serial number. I called them and they said another thing. They said I have NO one year Hassle-Free Warranty because I didn't purchase directly from their dealer. Their policy didn't cover any company brought it from Ebay. Even I have the new set, it is an aution and it's not covered. I said it is from a company selling through ebay and this is a new product with all the warranty card and instruction booklet packed together in an original box. I have the register receipt and everything. They ask me send it back to them. I have no warranty on this product. I am so upset. KitchenAid didn't stand behind their product. If the product is brand new purchase from a store or online, or a gift from someone, I have all the right to warranty as state in their Warranty contract. They make false promise to customers.

The Hassle-Free Warranty says, "If your KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachment should fails to work within one year of ownership, simply call the toll free Customer Satisfaction Center. They will sent you a replacement and use the material to pack up the original Stand Mixer Attachment and include name and address on a sheet of paper along with a copy of the proof of purchase(register receipt, credit card slip, etc.)".

I didn't found any statement in the Warranty that says, " In order for the warranty to be effective, I have to purchase product from a authorized dealer." Also, it's common to make purchase online and thousands of stores carry Kitchenaid products. What the heck to ask me to check whether they are Kitchenaids authorized dealer before making purchase?
The represent of KitchenAid in "Customer Satisfaction Center"said it has to purchase from their dealer in order for the warranty to be valid, Other, No warranty or Replacement at all.

I was very upset even with such a so called big company as KitchenAid, they don't stand behind their product even with this small attachment sets they carry. They don't keep their promise even with black and white printed on the warranty. There is no protection to customer. I regret to buy from them and I will never buy their product again.

This is a lesson I learn from this disturbutor who handle the customer service in Michican. The supervisor's name is Rigel. Again, my advise is no more KitchenAid. They don't deliver their Warranty promise and don't stand behind their product. No Need to say, "Customer Satisfaction " Center is a false claim!

faulty design

My husband and I purchased a new, $900 KitchenAid dishwasher in June 2006. For the first 12 months, it worked...

smoke/interior fire

We had purchsed 4 Kitchen Aid microwaves (Model KCMS1555RSS-1) in Feb. 06. Approximately, 6 mo. ago, one of the units malfunctioned (Serial # FGS3006428), in the off mode- the unit remained on and started smoking. The light and turn-table inside remained on while unit smoked/caught fire. We had to unplug machine. Last week, a second unit(FGS3006313) did the same thing. I called Kitchen Aid to report defect unit and they sent tech. to diagnosis problem. He said the transformer had caught fire. He noted he never seen that happen before and in his opinion thought the motherboard (computer) has caused this to happen. I just got off phone with Kitchen Aid and they seem uninterested in the safety hazard these machines may cause. I spoke with Jim Cuhn, Safety Lead at Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool. Kitchen Aid has refused to stand behind their product (denied request to further invetigate/repair our machines) and I am concerned that other uses of this model may experience fire due to this product.

  • Ly
    Lydia Buchanan Jan 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same model but with RSS 2 and just enjoyed white billowing smoke coming out of my cabinet. Called the fire department because I wasn't sure if the microwave had caught fire in the back where it sets in a cabinet under counter. They use a heat imagining and we took the trim kit off and removed the unit to the patio. No damage to the plug or outlet. The breaker did not trip I ran out and turned it off.

    This unit was manufactured in July 2007 and was purchased by the contractor builder in Dec 2007. I moved in August 2008. When I came back from vacation after Christmas the housesitter left me a message that the microwave would not go off so she just left the door open on the unit. I turned off the breaker and let it sit for a couple of hours, flipped it back on and all was fine for about 2 days. Then as I am heating up something I hear what sounds like arcing(but nothing in side was arcing) and I got two small dots in the timer window. Again the machine would not stop operation with the cancel button so I popped the door open and again went out and flipped the breaker. Again the breaker was not tripped(a 20 amp) I later flipped the breaker on and called the contractor who came by and said all seemed to be fine and if something happened again to leave it until someone could come service it. Last night I used the defrost setting and heated veggies and everything seemed fine .I heated up a plastic container of ice cream syrup and that's when things got dicey. The smell of burning rubber or hot wires permiated the kitchen and I figured I had ruined the sauce, the container was really hot after 15 seconds but it did not smell. This morning things still smelled so I cleaned out the interior and tried to heat up a cup of hot water and that 's when the white/grey smoke started billowing out of the self vent trim kit. Repair is to come tomorrow afternoon. I have already told Kitchenaid I will not accept the unit to be repaired. Really not looking forward to my kitchen going up in flames. We will see what kind of service I get tomorrow from A & E.

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ice machine does not work

We bought all new appliances for our newly renovated kitchen in june 2007. We found that the exhuast fan on the over the range microwave was not moveing anything and when I called to see if there is something that could cause this I was told that I would be charged to have this looked at. This was not the microwave we ordered and when I called they said it would be approx 1 month to get the right one sent there so becuase this would hold up the reno process we desided to keep this one that does not work to this date.
On our Kitchenaid fridge the ice machine moter that dispenses the ice keeps freezing up and stops working Every time some one comes to look at it nothing is done. 1st time some one used a blow dryer on it, that lasted about 8 hrs, the next time no one sowed up, the next time a different person showed up and said they didn't bring any parts and the would order them and reschedual, no call to reschedual came, the next time I schedueled in aug of this year and they showed up a week early when we were on holidays, then the next new person showed up at the end of the day when i schedueled for the morning and forgot the parts, the when he came back the next day the part they thought was causeing the problem was not needed because it was already in place( this is after draging it out on the hardwood floors). the motor was replaced but he was going to call Kitchenaid to find out why this keeps happening. No call to this date. I have missed alot of time from work waiting each time for some one to show up, allot of no shows, i've called costomer service and asked how long is this going to go on for and I was told as long as the technician says it is fixable. I said to them with them sending a contacted tech they make money every time the come out this could go on for years, they said thats right and after 90 days it can't be returned. I told them to send out one of there own techs om the last call they said they would but when I asked the guy if he worked directly with sears he said no he is contracted and this was the last person to work on it that was to order new parts and talk to Kitchenaid and told me he would call me and I need not set up another appointment becuase I would get a new person again and have to start over.
I have always bought in the past from sears because they USED TO BACK THEIR PRODUCT but after talking to customer service I now know different and have talked to family members and freinds to let them know what I was told by customer service and how sears is not the same as it used to be so why pay more when you can get the product cheaper from most other stores and have the same or better backing of their product. I will never shop their again and will return any gifts bought from that store. When I see people looking at there appliances I tell them my story and how I have a 3000.00 fridge that is still not working.

Resolved bad service

We bought a KitchenAid Superba dishwasher around mid-October of 2004 brand new. This is/was considered to be a top of the line model regarding circuitry, sound insulation and other misc. items. About a week ago I was opening the door to place a glass inside and heard a sharp "snap". I didn't know what it was but I soon found out that the door was suddenly heavier to open and close. We never actually dropped the door but it was noticably heavier to handle. The repairman was out and discovered that both of the door closing mechanisms, which consist of plastic and what is essentially heavy "string" snapped. These devices are what evidently makes the door easy to open and close. Anyway, my wife was told that if the door were dropped it could/would potentially bend the framework such that the machine would henceforth leak water onto the floor when run. This of course, is non-repairable and the only option left is to buy another dishwasher. The repairs on this will amount to about $200.00 including the service charge but more importantly, why would any manufacturer install such "cheap" components to such a vital area in which one slight mistake could afford the owner with having to buy another dishwasher. I can indeed tell you this much, if it's another dishwasher I buy it won't be a KitchenAid even if the components in other makes are the same. As the wise man once said, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". They won't see me back again to be fleeced a second time.

fridge alarm won't shut off

we bought a brand new Kitchen Aid refrigerator and had it installed on June 1, 2008. 10 days ago, the alarm which alerts us when the temp deviates from the normal setting. A rep came out a day later and said the main board needed to be replaced. It would take a week to get in. We scheduled an appointment for today. We went out of town to return to a fridge whose alarm goes off every 5 seconds. We've tried everything to get the alarm off including turning off the fuse. Nothing works.
Now I'm told that it will be another 2 days to get the part. Meanwhile, we have to live with the constant sound of the alarm, every 5 seconds. It is clearly a defective item. I've talked with Kitchen Aid & they don't care at all about this situation. The item is clearly defective. Both techs were completely perplexed by this issue.

shoddy workmanship and service

Is your stylish new Kitchenaid appliance falling apart in your hands? Need a new part, since the warranty has cleverly been designed to expire a few days before the part does?

Let’s take a look at the first page that appears when you go to whirlpoolparts.com which you can conveniently access after spending 45 minutes on hold with customer service, since the Kitchenaid website has no link.


In a nutshell, you’re greeted by a page telling you that you must pay in advance for the part and a) expect it never to arrive, b) if it does arrive, expect it to be broken c) expect to pay unknown shipping and handling and customs charges, and don’t expect them to be cheap considering the size of the part you probably need.

What kinds of parts might you want? How about the glass from your oven window? I broke mine accidentally, when I reacted in horror to finding my entire oven coated in a thick, permanent layer of baked on grease, after running the very first self-clean cycle. Self-clean, it turns out, doesn’t work at all on my particular oven. I reached in with a damp cloth to see whether the grease would come off, and water from the cloth dripped on to the door, causing it to shatter.

I understand that it was my fault (although it never would have happened if the self-clean cycle had worked), but Kitchenaid won’t let you order a new piece of glass – you have to order an entire OVEN DOOR!!! Instead I wound up installing a piece of glass from a scrap heap ready oven that I found at a used appliance store into my 13 month old oven.

The next thing to go was the convection fan. When I complained that it had stopped working after very little use, the staff person I reached at the Kitchenaid service line chided me for not buying the retailer's extended warrantee. Ah, so the shoddy workmanship has been offloaded on to retailers to deal with at huge cost to consumers.

Now I need a new produce door for my Kitchenaid refrigerator, the cheap plastic, handle having snapped in half. I won’t bore you with the details of endless holding, being transferred around, and non-productive conversations with customer service staff (which involved much erroneous information) that took up most of my morning. I think the website I quoted above speaks for itself.

I guess I’m just going to have to live with the duct-tape on the produce drawer, until enough parts expire to justify buying a new fridge from a different company. I only wish I could find something resembling the hideous, apricot oven and fridge I lived with for years in an old 40’s apartment. They looked terrible, but they sure worked.

freezer fan stopped working

3 year old refrigerator/freezer stops working, ice melts onto the floor and ruins the hardwood floor. Loss of food is expensive and 7 days without anything is very terrible. Also the door jam where the heater is to seal the door gets very hot, not only is it yellow now in color, but part is bowed out and cracking. Repair man says this is normal wear, and can't be fixed. Its only 3 years old and 6, 447.oo later this what I have to deal with. If it looks this bad now what is it going to look like 7 years from now. I don't think asking a refrigerator/freezer to last 10 years is to much. NOT Happy with our purchase

  • Bo
    Boydmorris Dec 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Paid 7k for this and Been worked on 5 times. Ice maker is terrible, stopped working 3 times now. Stopped cooling twice. Now door hinge broken. Would rather have a cheaper model or another brand all together. Kitchenaide micro broke twice as well and over quite working once. Those were fixed under warranty but really?

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whirlpool model kudp02srss3 dishwasher

I have had this dishwasher for slightly over a year. The latch started popping open intermittently a few...

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