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Complaints & Reviews

rebate scam

I would like to speak to someone who can help redeem my Rebate. Here is some history for you 1. I sent in my...

faulty heating element

We built our home using entirely Kitchenaid appliances because they were touted as being "top of the line"...

double oven

I too have had to put over $1, 000.00 into repairs of my Kitchenaid Convection Double Ovens. We cannot use the self-cleaning as it trips a sensor, we thought it was a fluke until we had to have the sensor replaced for the third time. In addition, the lower oven door hinges are engineered poorly. We have replaced them 8 times. We have begged for a solution to both, however, Kitchenaid response is, sorry. They won't recall or replace if it isn't a health hazzard. Why won't large companies stand behind their products?
I am considereing filing a class action lawsuit. Would anyone like to join me?

poor design causes service problems

Have a KitchenAid Superba microwave and convection combination built in unit. High end - all stainless steel in and out. Bulb burned out on microwave.

Called Kitcheaid help line to learn how to replace bulb because it wasn't obvious. Learned it had to be done by an authorized technician and they would book an appointment - $75 house call, at least $75 service cost, and over $20 for the bulb.

Ended up hiring local authorized agent and paid $100 service and $15 for the bulb. Turns out that to change the bulb one has to take trim off, pull the entire unti out of the wall, take a few wires off of the control panel and then move it aside, then reach in to replace the bulb.

Should have been able to buy the bulb for $8 and replace myself, but poor design doesn't allow. KitchenAid was not sympathetic and even tried to overcharge for the repair. Very disappointed.

mixer split in half

I purchased a Kitchenaid Bowl Lift Stand Mixer in 2007. A few weeks ago the beater shaft housing separated from the main part of the unit and fell into a bowl of cake batter I was mixing. No warning, no indication there was a problem with the unit.

Long story short, I called Kitchenaid, was told sorry the repair is on you. I asked to file a complaint. The CSR said that's fine but no one will call you back - and they didn't. I filled out the online contact submission on Kitchenaid's website.

Audrey A. replied with a glib e-mail saying it is unreasonable to expect mechanical units not to wear out or experience a "breakdown".

I don't know about you, but having a large factory press fit part of a mixer drop out of the main unit sounds more like a manufacturer's defect to me!

Bottom line, repair will cost $80 - $100 with no guarantee it will hold and the authorized repair center says he sees this a lot. Kitchenaid refuses to acknowledge a defective design or manufacturing process so I am stuck with a split in half mixer.

Audrey A. was well trained to buffalo her way around the fact that the machine was defective and skirt the main issue. So it appears Kitchenaid's idea of customer service is to pretend that spending $300 on a defective mixer and having it "breakdown" after three years of occasional use is just fine and making the consumer feel like they are idiots for complaining.

Like so many others, I’m done with Kitchenaid products.

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new defective refrigerator

Inferior products and lousy customer service - raleigh nc - do not buy anything from this store (Capital blvd). I purchased a brand new refrigerator and it was delivered to my brand new house. It has not worked properly since it was delivered. Unfortunately, the frig was delivered and I had to leave town plus not being told of the 10 day return policy, upon returning 14 days later I discovered the non-frost freezer side of the refrigerator was frosting and forming ice. I contacted the store and they referred me to a&e repair. After 3 a&e failed repair attempt they declared my frig... Non-repairable but failed to put down a reason, thus, kitchen aid sends a local repair company for a second opinion. The local repair rep said the frig needed to be replace but kitchen aid corporate refused and said to replace the gaskets for yet a second time.
No help from the local hhgregg whom sold me the frig. It's a consumer against a corporate giant. Customer no service... Do not by from hh gregg... Still a defective frig sits in my house with no satisfaction yet.

  • Ci
    Cindy Vogel Dec 29, 2010

    12/28/10 We purchased stainless steel Kitchen Aid appliances July of 2006. Top of the line double oven, microwave, dishwasher and side by side refrigerator. All were installed when the kitchen in our new home was finished a month later. I'd asked that the dishwasher be removed immediately after I'd washed all boxed items only to find the dishwasher would not drain. I was told all parts were exchangable a replacement was out of the question. The dishwasher has been fixed eleven times and the refrigerator five. Each and every time the appliance was down for a month. Two days before Christmas I was told by a Kitchen Aid rep they would do nothing about my dishwasher that would not drain AGAIN. I refused to purchase yet another extended warranty ($900 dishwasher and $300 in additional warranties - enough!) Kitchen Aid failed to tell me the dishwasher required the following accessories: A turkey baster, an ice cream pail and kleenex. The kleenex comes into play if a consumer expects Kitchen Aid to stand behind their appliances. I am livid. Today a Kenmore dishwasher was delivered and we paid $10 to haul their 'lemon' away. A kick in the teeth. I urge all readers to avoid purchasing items from Kitchen Aid.

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warranty service

A few months after purchasing the piece of metal that connects the Microwave motor to the turntable broke. A&E has not been able to fix it:
For appointment 1 I took off work. At appointment time the service technician called, saying that he was backlogged and would be a few hours late. In mid-afternoon he called again saying that he would not be able to make it that day and that we had to set up a new appointment through Kitchenaid's 800 service number.
The next appointment was a week later. Even though we had described the problem clearly, the service man could not do anything about the problem other than confirming that the part was indeed broken and that a new part needed to be ordered.
About two weeks later (instead of the promised one week), A&E servicemen showed up to fix the Microwave oven. They did not know how to do it. They called there support department several times, but were never able to talk to anybody who could help them. They were often on hold for 20+ minutes and when they got through the support staff would hang up on them. So, they said that they had to take the whole unit out, but only after we signed a waiver clearing them of any damage they might cause with the removal and reinstallation of the Microwave-Oven Combination. We refused to sign this waiver and the servicemen left without fixing the problem. Now, about a month later, we are back to square one calling the KitchenAid 800 number.
To be continued ... but beware of KitchenAid's warranty and its service provider A&E Factory Services.

overall quality

We have the Kitchenaid KEMC308KSS01 convection microwave/oven combo. Had to replace the microwave light bulb and now the magnetron and high voltage rectifier. The quality of this product is the worst that I've seen. As an engineer, I can tell you that the design is a failure and unsafe as well. If I had children, I'd remove this unit immediately because the microwave door design is faulty and unsafe to say the least. The only good news is that I can fix this pile of $hit myself so we've only spent $400 on parts so far; had we used a repairman, it would have cost over $1K! Half of the screws came stripped from the factory, seven were missing and a ground wire was not connected which could be extremely dangerous. The materials that comprise this unit and the terrible design and manufacturing, in no way justify the cost of this product. We will never buy Whirlpool or Kitchenaid again---NEVER! Good luck to all that are experiencing the same thing.

extended service plan

My credit card was incorrectly charged for a KitchenAid Extended Service Plan for our refrigerator on March...

all 5 appliances faulty

ALL of our Kitchenaid appliances have had on-going repair in the short 5 years we've been in our home.

1. The hinge on the oven door keeps snapping - leaving the door agape.

2. The door on our second oven 'conveniently' locks due to a sensor poor design.

3. The microwave door spring just gave again.

4. The Kithenaid refrigerator pan leaks.

5. Our $800 Kitchenaid dishwasher which is only a year and a half old just died. Repair came out a long week later and replaced the motor only to find that's not the problem. Another week later we're waiting to have a new control panel installed.

ANY and all suggestions for fighting this with Kitchenaid welcomed! Believe in Karma.

microwave shattered glass

I bought all kitchen aid products for our new home in 4/2005. The microwave oven combo model number kehc309jss05 interior glass shattered.
On 3/29/10 I was warming bread and when the microwave finished (One minute) I opened the door …. I heard a pop and the glass shattered and poured through the vent.
I called midway appliances. Midway in turn told me to call kitchen aid direct because kitchen aid will listen to their customers more than they will to the dealer ship! I called the kitchen aid service number [protected]. I was not told of any trip charge. A&e factory service came out. The tech name was jesse. Thier number is [protected]. This is a sub company servicing kitchenaid appliances came out to assess the manufacturer defect on 3/30/10. I figured that microwave door glass should never shatter and it is common sense that this is a manufacturer defect. Of course the manufacturer would take care of it. The appliance tech informed us that the product is no longer under warrantee and that kitchenaid is not held responsible. He called kitchen aid and of course they refused to stand by their product.
Worse the technician jesse said the repair would be $220 dollars. If I refused to repair the unit then his trip is 169 dollars. I told him that I did not agree to a trip fee. He said I was informed of this on the phone. I told him that I was not told of any trip fee because kitchenaid had called him out. He said it will be billed and it will go on my credit report!

Midway had shared that another kitchenaid owner of my unit had replaced her shattered door twice already over a 5 year period. I saw no purpose in replacing a glass to a microwave that showed a propensity to shattering the glass. My request for a new unit was denied. After researching the internet (Microwave door shattered glass kitchen aid) I found numerous postings of this issue.
I am now faced with the following options:
1. Pay the trip fee of $170.00 dollars.
2. Or repairing the current glass for $220 dollars.
And buying an extended warrantee for three years for $387.92 totaling 607.92 in order avoid further issues.
3. Or consider kitchenaid's "customer loyalty" offer of a 20% discount on a new appliance for $2857. Dollars!! And pay the warrantee of 387.92 totaling $3244.92 plus tax.
3. Or call midway at [protected] to consider finding another appliance that will fit the custom made cabinets made for this microwave / oven combo! Totaling minimum $1000 for oven and $500 for microwave. Plus warrantees not yet figured out.
4. I am also having to protect my credit from an appliance repair company I did not hire!
5. Lessons learned check the terms of the technician before allowing them to look at the appliance. Don’t buy microwave / oven combinations when one breaks you lost both. Don’t build custom cabinets for said combinations because when they do fail you have to rebuild your cabinets to fit replacement appliances and don’t buy kitchenaid/ whirlpool
Final decision buy new separate appliances that I have researched for reliability rather than sink more money into well documented defective appliances.

food processors

I finally saved up enough to buy an expensive well made food processor. I looked at alot of reviews and finally went with a kitchen aid 9 cup food processor based mainly on cook's illustrateds review. I wish I hadn't! I use it mainly for pie doughs and other types of dough. The problem is the flour gets stuck in the lid or other things like sugar, so when you take the top off it spilss over everything! And also when you take the bowl off it actually isn's sealed right and spills down the middle making a huge mess everywhere, even, y old black and decker which was so cheap never had these problems. I hate it!!!

  • Ja
    janjdan Feb 15, 2012

    This is exactly what happens with my food processor. I bought mine a few years ago and use mostly for cakes.. When you cream the sugar and butter together all the sugar gets stuck in the rim and makes a terrible mess when you take the lid off. I too saved up to buy this very expensive product and was so disappointed with this design fault. I will never buy this make again.

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self cleaning oven

I remodeled my kitchen in Aug of o8. My new kitchen aid self cleaning oven is unusable because when it i...

repair technician servicing our area

I would like to submit a complaint about the technician that Kitchenaid has contracted to service our area. I...

Barrie Other

dangerous/broken part

I am disgusted that a company that claims to be "so confident in the quality of our products" only offers a 1 year warranty on their products! After spending $400.00 on a stand mixer, I had enamel breaking off in pieces into my cake batter! The only "help" I was offered was another phone number where I could order a replacement part at my own expense. Terrible! I will never buy a product from this company again!

awful quality products

Item purchase plass oak lawn July 04. Upon heating dinner plate heard an explosion. When opening door a metal piece fell out and door was heavy.

When calling customer service asking if there is a recall I was told no. They've never heard of this happening.
This I feel is a manufacturers problem and should not have happened. Repair is my cost of one hundred ninety dollars ninety two cents.

Spoke with jamaela in michigan and she repeatedly tells me it is out of warranty. Warranty or not this is unacceptable.

This is a safety hazard and may cause serious harm and injury to someone. Seniors, young children old enough to use a microwave, or someone with compromised health issues.

The response from kitchen aid is not beneficial to the consumer and they should be held accountable for the product.

Hope to receive an answer that will help guide me through this fog of "it's out of warranty".

  • A0
    a0159945 Jun 22, 2013

    Purchased the KHMS205SSS in 2011 from Sears, the plastic part that is attached to the unit when open the door has cracked and fallen off the unit. This is obviously a quality issue. Parts should not randomly fall off the unit. This is the 2nd KA Microwave that I have purchased in the 5 years. The control pad on the first unit stop working and the repair technician said it would be cheaper to replace the unit then to repair. Very disappointed in the KA quality and as I research on the Internet I see these others have similar experiences with Kitchen Aid. My biggest issue is they don't stand behind their products. I contacted customer service sent pictures and they told me they could not determine what cause the part to crack and repair technician would have to come out at my expense and do assessment. It i obvious that the part cracked under normal use which means the product is not built to holdup in day to day use. Kitchen Aid refusal to address the quality issues with their products is poor way of doing business and unethical.

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poor quality - horrible customer service

I have had a Kitchenaid dishwasher for several years. It does not clean very well. It also has a design flaw- the door springs are defective causing the door to suddenly drop. It just broke for the second time. This same door failed last year and cost me $100 to repair. At that time, their customer service representative essentially accused me of being at fault- "You probably put too much weight on it".

I googled the term "kitchenaid dishwasher door and came across thousands of people with the same problem. When I contacted Kitchenaid this time, they claimed no responsibility, but as a "goodwill gesture" offered 50% off the part if I have a repairman fix it. The visit is $80 and the part is $20, so my $100 repair would cost $90. I purchased the part separately and will need to waste an hour of my life fixing Kitchenaid's defective product. I have a Kitchenaid refrigerator and microwave and have had problems with both.

I have yet to come across a company that is more short-sighted and hostile to consumers. I will never, ever, purchase another Kitchenaid product.

poor warranty service

I PURCHASED an extended warranty on my Kitchen Aid refrigerator on my 2009 refrigerator (cost 1500) I made my first service call on 17 July, the repairman did not come out until 24 July. They said it needed a part, they ordered the part and it didn't come in for 2 weeks then when they came back they said the refrigerator is not repairable. It is now 1 Sept and they have not fixed the refrigerator and the repair service South Texas Appliance REpair claims they told Whirlpool it couldn't be fixed and Whirlpool says that STAR has told them it needs another part to get fixed. I have called many times and keep getting the run around blaming the other person. They refuse to send out another repairman. They promise to call but never return my call. I would NEVER buy an extended warranty from them again.

  • Je
    Jeannette Johnson Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased 5 Kitchen Aid Appliances in 5/02 when re-modeling Kitchen. All have had at least one repair. The Refrigerator has had 2 repairs for the same problem once in 2004 and one this year. I have called Kitchen Air as a consumer of their products to see if they would assist in the latest $500.00 repair to the control panel and since I have been out of a refrigerator since 7/30/08 due to a back ordered part???. Sherill who could care less, told me that since my refrigerator is older than 4 years, they would not assist in any way. When I reminded them that I own 5 major appliances, which are all Kitchen Aid, I was told in a most robotic form, that due to the age of my refrigerartor (6 years old) and having a recurring problem, there would be no assistance. For anyone thinking of purchasing an appliance from Kitchen Aid. STEER CLEÅR.
    Not only is their product sub-standard, they do not stand behind their products.

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  • Jt
    Jthawley Jan 09, 2010

    Today is 1/10/10 and I have not had a working Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator since 11/23/09. (Refrigerator was purchased 3/08 w/an extended warranty from Lowe's. However, this problem was a "sealed system failure " and was covered under Kitchenaid's warranty.) Kitchenaid sent out a repairman and after 4 different repairmen on 5 visits and 3 parts sent overnight from Kitchenaid, my refrigerator was declared "fixed" on Christmas Eve, 12/24/09.

    Well, we still do not have a working refrigerator. It "died" completely 12/29/09. Then we were finally promised an "even exchange" but have been waiting over two weeks for the refrigerator to be sent from the factory to the Lowe's near us. Even a personal call from a manager could not solve the problem.

    We've lost food, eaten out at EVERY restaurant in the area and lost days of work waiting for repairmen who apparently have not a clue as to how to fix refrigerators under warranty. (The repair company sent by Kitchenaid has an "F" rating with the BBB and numerous complaints when you google their name. We learned always to check out the company first - even when recommended by Kitchen Aid.) We also will NEVER, EVER PURCHASE A KITCHEN AID/WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCE and would like to pass along the warning to other unsuspecting consumers.

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  • Sa
    Sadiyah Lalla Aug 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having alot of problems with my Kitchen Aid Fridge that I bought in July 2004, last year it wasnt cooling and I called for repairs to Whirlpool Canada, it was repaired but exactly a year later, same problem now I am being told that its a coil under my fridge and it will cost me alot. This Fridge cost me $9000 and only last 5 yrs, where other cheaper fridges cost less and last longer. I am thinking never to buy Kitchen Aid products etc.

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annoying products

I will never buy KitchenAid appliances. We moved into a gorgeous home in Raleigh w/ Kitchen Aid oven and microwave. I can't STAND having inanimate objects in my kitchen loudly nagging me like two-year-old children. If I start cooking some frozen veggies in the microwave while working on the rest of dinner elsewhere, I will get FIVE (5) loud long beeps if I dare to let the item rest between zaps. If I set the oven timer to stop cooking after 20 minutes, I will get FOUR (4) long loud beeps every freaking minute after it turns off. Excuse me, KitchenAid, do you mind if I decide how to manage my time in the kitchen? These aren't "reminder" beeps. Maybe they wanted a loud enough beep to be heard from a distance, but WHY four or five? If it's loud enough to be heard, it's loud enough to be heard freaking ONCE. I realize I might sound like a crazy person, but this is becoming a super pet peeve. We own a condo on Miami Beach w/ Frigadaire appliances, including a wonderful microwave that emits the tiniest little periodic sound after the timer expires, like a kitten mewing, and I just want to give it a big kiss!


My KitchenAid microwave touch pad went bad after it was purchased two years ago. KitchenAid scheduled an appointment with A&E Factory Service. Replacement of the touch pad took ten minutes and the total bill was $201.29 or roughly $1200/hr. If this cost isn't price gouging, I do not know waht is. I contact KitchenAid asking them to intervene and or advise customers of costs, KitchenAid does not want to know anything.

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