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Complaints & Reviews

Kitchen Aid KSSC48QMSfreezer fan stopped working

3 year old refrigerator/freezer stops working, ice melts onto the floor and ruins the hardwood floor. Loss of food is expensive and 7 days without anything is very terrible. Also the door jam where the heater is to seal the door gets very hot, not only is it yellow now in color, but part is bowed out and cracking. Repair man says this is normal wear, and can't be fixed. Its only 3 years old and 6, 447.oo later this what I have to deal with. If it looks this bad now what is it going to look like 7 years from now. I don't think asking a refrigerator/freezer to last 10 years is to much. NOT Happy with our purchase

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    • Bo
      Boydmorris Dec 28, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Paid 7k for this and Been worked on 5 times. Ice maker is terrible, stopped working 3 times now. Stopped cooling twice. Now door hinge broken. Would rather have a cheaper model or another brand all together. Kitchenaide micro broke twice as well and over quite working once. Those were fixed under warranty but really?

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    Kitchenaid / Whirlpool Dishwasher — whirlpool model kudp02srss3 dishwasher

    I have had this dishwasher for slightly over a year. The latch started popping open intermittently a few...

    West Vancouver

    Kitchen Aiderebate

    I lost my home and everything I own in the Ramona fire last October. Pacific Sales had an open house and I put a down payment on my 36" dual oven, refrigerator, hood (for oven), dishwasher, and warming drawer ($14, 000) worth of Kitchen Aid products. We expedited the building of our home (husband has cancer). We are 5 weeks away from moving in. We went down to pay off the balance. We have been informed we don't qualify for any rebate. I feel very strongly we are entitled to the $500 advertised. We had a few of their products before the house went down and were happy with the brand. I am frustrated enough with our insurance company to have to be dealt this blow. We did not have a paid receipt (in full) until last week. We have over 560 families in our area that lost their homes and belong to a large network. (We are one of the first ones to get this far.) We share alot of our good and bad experiences. I plan to tell them to beware of these pitfalls. We had no paid invoice to produce until now. The manager of Pacific Sales says we don't qualify for either rebate. Something is wrong here.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Kitchenaid Dishwasherscam and fraud

      These people are scammers!!!

      We caught this dishonest company and their technicians right in the act today. We called in for service and two a&e (Sears) technicians were sent over to check out our kitchenaid model

      #kudi01flwh dishwasher that wasn't heating up to dry the dishes.

      First thing they did was to test the heating element with a ohm meter and they stated that it

      Tested out good "supposedly per them and their equipment".

      Then they went on to state that our issue was with the amount of dishwashing detergent we were

      Using and that we shouldn't be filling the canister all the way full before closing it as that's

      Using way much too much detergent causing too much suds.

      Then they went on to the water temperature. They filled the dishwasher with a small amount of

      Water and tested the water temperature with their tester. According to their measurement they

      Showed us it tested only 80 degrees which is what they stated was all of our problem with the

      Dishwasher not drying. The technicians stated that the dishwasher needed to have water temperature of at least 120 degrees in order to produce enough steam to dry the dishes, and that the dishes

      Would also have water spots and not get as clean as they should if the water coming into it wasn't

      Hot enough. We stated that the temperature had to be hotter than 80 degrees because the water

      Heater is turned up to 120 degrees or higher and the water right in the kitchen sink and showers

      And tubs are hot. We asked the technicians to test the water temperature in the sink right next to the dishwasher because it was extremely hot and they tested it but again their meter only should it at less than 80 degrees.

      Well, here's the scam folks... We pulled out a few of our meat thermometers from the kitchen

      Cabinets and placed them in the sink right in front of the a&e technicians and guess what? That

      Water temperature tested at 118 degrees and rising!!! Eventually it went above 120 degrees!!!

      Those a&e technicians didn't know what to say!!! Their eyes got huge and there mouths started stuttering and all we heard was "well maybe we have a faulty test meter". We said, "here - we have three more thermometers... You want to test the temperature with another thermometer? After that we politely asked them to pick up the faulty (Scam equipment) and exit out premises.

      Needless to say, for your own sake, do not trust what you are told by any a&e (Sears) repair people

      ... Unless you want to be scammed.

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        KitchenAid poor customer service

        I was recommended to use A&E by KitchenAid. My icemaker stopped working so I scheduled an appt for 6/20/2008 for repair between 1 and 5 pm, I received an automated call the day before to confirm. I waited at home (canceled office hours to accommodate them) and they canceled at the last minute (3:30pm). Multiple managers could not help me to get an appt to fit my schedule. They spoke to my wife and she rescheduled an appt on a saturday (7/5/2008) between 1 and 5. Again, we received an automated call the day prior and spoke to a representative TWICE on the day of the appt. When we called to see when they were showing up, as no one had called us, we were told the appt was made incorrectly. This was at 6:30 pm. Again I spoke to a manager, Tonisha, who could not help me but said she was sorry. She actually suggested that I contact another company to repair our unit or reschedule for a third appt.
        Let me also say that after my wife had made the 2nd appt, the company called to say they were coming on another day that we never scheduled.

        I WOULD NOT recommend this company and if KitchenAid steers you their way, ask immediately for another company. They do not communicate properly from the central office to the local office and when I ask if they could contact the service tech, they could only email him or her.

        It seems the service tech just decides to cancel any late appt because they want to.

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          • Jo
            John B. Jul 07, 2008
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I had the exact same problem with my ice maker and I have had two appointments (6/26 & 7/2) where we were stood up.

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          • Na
            Nancy Oct 15, 2008
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I have just built a new home and purchased $13, 000 worth of top-of-the-line stainless steel Kitchenaid appliances (french door counter-depth fridge, dishwasher, countertop stove, double wall oven, microwave-hood and Whirlpool waher/dryer. As we are building the house ourselves, we have fallen behind schedule and are just getting around to installing the dishwasher. The diswasher is missing the brackets to attach to the kitchen counter. When I called the customer service department, I was disconnected three times. After spending more than an hour and a half on the phone, I was told that I would have to purchase the missing parts because they only supply such missing parts 7 days after purchase. Sadly, the $9.35 that it will cost me to purchase the brackets has cost Kitchenaid a lifetime customer. Never again will I ever purchase anything from a company that has such blatent disregard to their customers. As their customer service hotline was so busy, I can only assume that they have a lot of disgruntled customers out there.

            Also, the double wall oven doesn't even come with a broiler. This accessory has to be purchased separately! Nickel and diming doesn't come close to making your customers happy, especially from such a large company.

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          KitchenAid — warranty

          3 weeks ago my partner put a Kitchenaid pot on an element, with 3.5" of water in it, to boil. After 5...

          KitchenAid cheaply made appliances

          I have an over the range microwave. It is also the vent for my range top. The stainless steel vent cover that runs the entire lenght of the top of the unit has fallen off. The vent cover served to direct the air flow from the vent in an upward motion. Not to mention covers the huge hole over the top of the microwave unit! It has always been loose on one corner. I have had it 3 years and never really investigated why it was wobbly. Occasionally I would wipe it clean and this was the only time it was touched. Over time it became more and more loose until it started rubbing the microwave door when it opened and closed. Then shortly after the entire cover just fell off. Now I have a huge hole over my microwave that blows the vented air from my range directly onto the top of my head. What is worse is when I looked at why. My expensive brand Kitchenaid stainless steel unit is nothing more than plastic! The three structures that was holding that piece in place were noting more than thin plastic holes with metal screws pushed through. The plastic was broke into pieces. I am very disturbed! I felt I was purchasing a quality high end appliance to find it is cheap plastic. I suppose I paid extra for the brand name? Now my warranty company says it is not covered because it is only cosmetic! I guess it's okay to have a bacon smelling wind blown hair-do look every morning after I cook breakfast? I am very upset but so far no one cares and no one will do anything about it. Bad appliance. Shoddy workmanship Kitchenaid! Sorry warranty company. But who cares, right?

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            • Ro
              Robert Wiesmann Aug 15, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Craftsmanship is a huge issue for Kitchen Aid. What is worst is they continue to pump out the advertising that you are buying a superior product, when in truth, you are purchasing bottom feeder workmanship and technology. My Microwave is five years old, and the mother board needs to be replaced. The appliance was a glorified popcorn maker... and with little use the board still failed. This comes on the heals of fan problems and other minor issues covered by warranty. When I called Kitchen Aid and asked about the life expectancy of the appliance I was told it should last seventeen years. Kitchen Aid is now telling me the life expectancy for microwaves in the industry is seven years. I asked if its okay that this product failed to meet the industry standard and they agreed "yes, because it has lasted more then half the time of the industry standard". I can't believe I have over $900 sunk into this piece of garbage and Kitchen Aid is satisfied with the product lasting three and a half years. If you buy Kithchen Aid (Whirl Pool) You are a being gulliable, and abused. This is a company that does not care about consumer value and is focused on false advertising, overstating their products capability and expectancy, and overcharging. Buy a no name cheaper product rather than Kitchen Aid... its the same value for less money. I'm going to take kitchen Aid to small claims court with my issue. I encourage all others who have similar problems to do the same.

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            • Lc
              lcwarren Mar 06, 2009

              I have also had nothing but trouble with my Kitchen Aid coffee maker which stopped working after brewing less than 70 pots of coffee. You think you are buying a solid name brand...but they are cheaply made appliances. When contacting the Customer Service Center (both by phone and by written letter) I was told there was nothing they could do as my machine had just come out of warranty. Kitchen Aid is not willing to stand by their product. Don't waste your money on a Kitchen Aid appliance, I know I will never give them another penny.

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            • Li
              Lili M. Jul 31, 2010
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I have had the same thing happen to mine. I had to use duct tape to keep it from falling competely off. So much for spending more on Kitchenaid than other brands.

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            • Li
              Lili M. Jul 31, 2010
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I will never buy Kitchenaid again. Specially after the diswasher door cord has broken for the second time in 4 years and Kitchenaid refuses to repair it. I think there is a manufacturers defect in design where the door rubs on the cord and wares it out. Bad customer service.

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            Kitchen Aid- Ice makercharges

            Repair man was on time. He took approximately 1.5 hours to locate a "loose connection" to the compressor of the ice maker and once he tightened the wires, the ice maker worked fine. I was told that a service call would be $65 and the fix required NO PARTS at all. The unit is under 5 years old. I was expecting a bill for a little over $100, but they hit me with $221. I called both Kitchenaid and A&E and got the total run around. No one there could do more than read from a script regarding pricing. The offered to give me the ADDRESS for Sears if I wanted to send a complaint there. I will NEVER buy a Sears product again due to this TERRIBLE CUSTERMER SERVICE experience. I made at least five calls and all were a waste of time.

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              KitchenAid — appliances

              We bought the Kitchenaid 'Architect series' of appliances just a couple years ago: new...


              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              KitchenAid — don't buy kitchenaid

              We purchased a Kithenaid washer and dryer 6 years ago, thinking we were buying quality products. We are a 2...

              Saint Joseph

              KitchenAid — repair or replacement!

              I really wish I would have seen this site years ago. My husband & I purchased our appliances April 2007 from...


              KitchenAid — dishwasher

              We've had this dishwasher and have been using it since summer of '03. It is a stainless inside and...

              KitchenAid unavailability to receive parts to repair my kitchen aid built in ovens

              On 3/24/08 a service repair person determined that the Kitchen Aid wall ovens were in need of parts including a control panel to make the ovens operational. He entered the information into his computer with the serial numbers for each part. He told me that it would take 7-=10 days for the part to be delivered to my home and he proceeded to make an appointment to return on 4/4/08. I received a call from A&E asking if I had received the part yet and I responded no so that person said that she had to cancel the appointment and then she told me that the part was on back order and would not be shipped before 4/25/08. This is totally unacceptable as I do not have a working oven which I need especially that the holiday of Passover begins on April 1 9th and I must cook for my family and guests. This is a most important religious holiday for a Jewish family. n

              I have spoken to A&E, Kitchen Aid and the warranty company and they all tell me the same story which again is unacceptable. In an era of computers and immediate communication why did A&E wait nine days to inform me that the order is back ordered? Kitchen Aid tells me that the part is being manufactured and that they wait until they have sufficient amount of a particular part and then they will fill an order. They also tell me that if my ovens were under warrantee, not under an extended service contract that I would be able to receive the part sooner. What kind of a business is everyone running. What it a consumer to do and what recourse can be taken. I refuse the just take the answers that have been given to me and I hope that I receive a response from you by return e-mail or in writing. The parts that need to be delivered are as follows:
              Thrmst-fix [protected] 1
              Fuse thrml [protected] 2
              Trim-oven [protected] 1
              Sub Panl-cont [protected] 1

              Please look into this matter and inform me that you will be able to expedite this matter.

              Irwin M. Bressler

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                Kitchen Aid Productspoor quality product!

                I have lived with three Kitchen Aid appliances for the last three years and I am truly disappointed. The dryer began making a loud clunking sound a year in service and it took the repair man five visits to fix. It still makes noise but it is out of warranty and I will replace it soon with something made offshore. Same goes with the washing machine which sounds like the belt or bearings are failing and the refrigerator which makes more noise than my Bosch dishwasher. What a mistake. I have family with LG appliances and they are dependable and super quiet. So be it. Quality is off shore.

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                  A & E Appliance Repair / Kitchen Aid — 4-attempts to repair a refrigerator - no shows

                  I requested a service call on my refrigerator set up for 10/13/07 1-5pm-tech showed up at 8:00pm. He charged...

                  KitchenAid poor service

                  I called the above warranty company for service on a three year old Kitchen aid Dishwasher that was leaking onto my wood floor. The service man came out the first time and said I needed a new gasket. He came back with the gasket and installed it. He said I needed to keep a dishtowel shimmeyed in the door to keep it from popping open till the gasket adjusted to the the door. The door kept opening and the cycle not complete. I called him back. He said. He really did not know how to fix this and it was an ongoing problem with the KitchenAid dishwasher. Said I shaould keep a towel on the floor by the leak and a small bowl till he could figure something out. He was not too reassuring. I have not heard from him since he was here. The warranty company would not allow me to use any other service company. I called the store where I purchased the dishwasher. I was told this was unheard of. They suggested I call the service company Premier that specializes in Kitchen Aid. This will be my expense unless I can get Maytag to bend. This warranty company is neither dependable. My warranty is usless. Pplease assist any way possible.

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                    Kitchenaid Dishwashermultiple breakdowns heating element, fuses, soap do wont open the list goes on & on

                    Purchased the dishwasher in 2017. we were shopping of a bosch, the sales person told us a kitchenaid was much better HUH! Since then we have atleast 2-3 service calls a year. the heating element has gone out, it blows fuses, the hinges have gone bad on the door making it way "a million pounds" now the soap door does not open. the water. its been one problem after another. you would think after spending 900.00 on a dishwasher I would not be having all of these issues. MAYBE i SHOULD HAVE JUST WENT WITH A 300.00 GE!!

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                      • Sa
                        Saumita Feb 29, 2008
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        This has been an on-going issue for the last 8-10months where I have been calling my service protection company who calls A&E to service our broken dishwasher. Each time a rep comes to service this dishwasher they suggest a new thing. They say to me that nothing is wrong with the dishwasher, but how I load the dishes is the problem. I am told, the detergent I use is not the right one. How I load dishes is wrong or I do not use the correct cycle. I need to wipe the inside of the dishwasher or use rinseaid. I need to add frozen lemonade to clean the in side of the dishwasher. I have followed all their directions and yet the dishes keep getting worse and worse. IN fact the last 2 rounds pretty much the entire load was dirty. The dishes have stains that weren't even on them when I loaded them. Go figure... I have spent countless hours now waiting, scheduling and re-washing dishes. Not sure where to turn...

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                      • De
                        dennisal Dec 07, 2013
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        i bought kitchen aid dishwasher 1-1/2 years ago. i have had 4 breakdown. 2 motor, 2 circuit board. not to mention 4000 dollar in floor repair due to failed discharge hose. stay away form kitchen aid. interior is poor design. the vent is next to circuit board with no protection ie. seal

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Kitchenaid Gas Cooktop — cooktop exploded!

                      KitchenAid - www.kitchenaid.com April 2007 the glass on our Kitchenaid gas cooktop exploded with gla...

                      Kitchen Aid / Stand Mixer — poor quality product!

                      We purchased a kitchen aid stand mixer in the US and brought it to canada. Within the first two months we had...

                      Kitchenaid & Whirlpoolkitchenaid & whirlpool warranty - scam!

                      I bought the KitchenAid Washer Model # KAWS700LQ0 on Sept 16, 2003. At the time I bought it, it was there best warranty washer and cost me about $800.

                      The washer breaks down August 7th, 2007. I call there warranty / service department. I wait on hold for over 1 hour. They tell me it will take over 15 Days before there service man will be out to my house and that if the part is not under warranty that a $77 charge for just the service man to show up at my door. Also that I can not have anyone else look at the machine otherwise I will void the warranty.

                      Is this nuts? I will never buy a KitchenAid or Whirlpool again. KitchenAid & Whirlpool Warranty scam!

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