King Sooperstruck driver

B Sep 03, 2018

I was driving down the freeway today around 1:30PM (give or take 30 minutes) (September 3, 2018) on I-70 which runs a little north of Denver, CO. A King Soopers semi-truck with the number 0307159 was driving in the fast lane slower than much of the traffic in the other lanes. At first I was patient with this as there was no chance to get over, but after multiple big openings on his right were available and he chose to drive without regards to the other traffic and stay in the fast lane, I became upset. Eventually I was able to get around him by going to the next lane over to the right. As I was passing him (he looked to be a male), I noticed he was driving while looking at his phone. This is a very serious thing to be doing, especially with a huge truck like that which can cause significant damage in crashes. I hope this information is helpful.
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