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The Branch Manager,
KIA Motors.
Dear Sir,
Sub: Poor Customer Service and Experience with the New Car Seltos
This is in reference to engine number D4FAKM852146 bought by me (Pardeep Kumar), purchased on 29 Sep 2019. The car has been facing "starting problems" right from Day 1, from the day I purchased the vehicle at the showroom the car did not start, the showroom mechanics did some work and assured that all things have been taken care of but to my disappointment the same problem is occurring ever since. It has been 5 times I have gone to various places with your mechanic to do deep investigation on what is the problem but every time I have heard a different excuse, sensors are loose, get out of the car and switch on and off twice and then restart etc. the problem still continues and none of your experts have been able to figure out the problem.
Does it ever happen the car does not start at the showroom itself, is this what is Kia all about? I spent lakhs of rupees on this model and all that I am doing id going to your workshops.
We are so disappointed with the quality of the product that in spite of spending such a high amount the car spends more time in the garage than on road. All promises by your people have been false and this clearly shows that is a poor quality product that you are selling in India.
I need a permanent solution to my problem or I need a replacement of the vehicle. I am not in a position to continue using this vehicle if this is the quality of the product or service. I am a businessman and I need this vehicle for travel, not having is making me spend lot of money by hiring a cab service. I would like to know are you guys going to pay for all the bills and expenses I am making?
I am looking for a long-lasting fix to my problem as this is not helping me in any way.
Pardeep Kumar
Street # 6
Azad nagar
Yamuna nagar

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    Poor service

Oct 11, 2019

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