Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]service/ food/ restaurant cleanliness

A Sep 01, 2018

We went to the K.F.C on 653 East 9400 South Sandy Utah at 7:57 on Saturday, 09/01/2018. When approaching the restaurant there was a employee coming out, she was with a friend.
We went in one of the employees said he would be right with us we stood there for about 4 minutes before being serviced. while waiting for our order i looked around the restaurant and the debris all over on the tables, floor behind the counter on the floor . There was a broom and dust pan unattended in the restaurant . When the employee came back in to the store she went right behind the counter and started helping one of the employee with out washing her hands. They use tongs i feel they should also wear gloves. We do not live far from this K.F.C, Arriving home the chicken was warm, the mashed potatoes were cold a long with the gravy, the biscuits were stale, the only thing that was right was the coleslaw. I can't believe any one would allow their store to look that bad along with the employees.

Alexis Marshall [protected]
Sandy Utah

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