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In July '04 we purchased the Kenmore Washer at Sears based on Consumer's Reports recommendations and the dependable "Kenmore" name. Well, 3 years and 3 month later the washer stops at spin cycle and since it's a front loader (never buy one of those again) I can't even get my items out of the washer. Had two service calls and bottom line - can't find the problem. Recommendation is to replace motor and circuit board to the tune of $456.00. When I called Sears, they passed the buck to Kenmore. Kenmore had the audacity to try and sell me their Service Smart Agreement for $300 to fix this problem and insure service for a year (you can purchase an extension for $100/year after the first year). Will I buy a Kenmore washer again? No way. Too bad because need a stove and a dishwasher but it won't be a Kenmore and I won't be shopping at Sears anytime soon.


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Sep 12, 2009 3:17 pm EDT

Sears SUCKS! I bought a GE stainless steel refrigerator from them this past winter. I was told it would take 21 days to receive it. It arrived and low and behold it was so damaged it wouldn't sit up straight. We rejected it. The driver said someone call the next day and we should get a replacement in a few days. After 5 days I called them and they didn't even know what I was talking about. After explaining what happened they apologized then told me it would be another 21 days for a replacement. I was pretty pissed but it was alot cheaper than anywhere else. They said they would give me 2 $50 gift cards for the inconvenience. 1 showed up - never did receive the 2nd. The refrigerator came and the delivery guys couldn't get the blue protective covering out of the cracks. They laughed on their way out saying, "good luck pulling the blue plastic out of the cracks for the next year"! The next day one of the drawers broke. The ice maker sounded like a screaming animal.
I called to complain and told them they needed to take it back. I was told someone would contact me about it. About a week later some guy in Atlanta called and I told him my story. He had the balls to tell me that they bent over backwards to accommodate me and they refused to take it back. I told him I didn't even receive the second gift card to which he told me, "yes you did!" I said I wanted to speak to someone else and he said a regional manager would call. Guess what... no one ever did.

Nov 23, 2008 9:29 pm EST

We have had much the same problem with our Kenmore HE3t washer and dryer. The washer, which we bought on the recommendation of Consumer Reports, has been showing F11 and FdL codes almost every load. Sometimes we are able to open the door, close it, unplug machine and replug, take out and remove the detergent drawer and put it back, bang on the door in several places and just plain pray. Sometimes it clears and finally lets us finish or start the load. I hate this machine and Sears and/or Kenmore since they won't even acknowledge the problem. This should be a full recall of the machines or they should service them all at no charge. What's happening with the civil suits I hear about? This is terrible.

Aug 04, 2008 1:05 pm EDT

Our Sears Kenmore dryer purchased in Feb 2003 (we clean/vacuum the lint often) just caught on fire 8/1/08 while we were home - if we were not home, our house would be gone! I filed a report with the CPSC and with the Kemore product safety center, but what can be done to recall these dryers if they can catch your home on fire?!? It was very scary and could have been much worse. Sears is horrible and said they can't do anything because it is out of warranty! I want to take action, but don't know where to start or if it's a losing battle.

Jul 23, 2008 7:28 pm EDT

We purchased a HE3t dryer 03-16-08 The delivery date was 03-19-08 On 4-05-08 my wife had problems getting the dryer to start, I hadn't had any problems, we take turns on the laundry. She made a service call, they came out spent all of 3 minutes at the house and said over there shoulder as they were leaving there was no problem. We had repeated, worsening problems since. The dryer died on 6-28-08. Sears came out on 7-09-08. The couldn't get the dryer to work or show an error code, they took the whole dryer apart including taking the drum out of it, which by the way is not painted on the outside, and appeared to not know what they were doing. The left without the dryer operating and said they'ed be back next week with the parts. the parts nor Sears showed up. The service rep. told me the parts were not availible, and would be in till the end of August. I checked on line and by phone parts are availible, also it's $761 worth of parts, per service man, for a $1000 dryer. Sears then told me they were sending someone else out to diagnose, I told them the Error code was F 01, which is center interface board defective. Now Sears says they have reviewed by ticket and determined the dryer was struck by lightning. All the LEDs, LED read out light up. Also going further into the diagnostic code, the dryer will test run for a minute. I'm a fully licensed HVAC service tech. and I can tell you the first thing lightning would knock out is the LEDs. I will now have to take Sears to court over the Dryer.

Jul 17, 2008 10:17 am EDT

I am just sick about my Kenmore HE 3T. I have sent complaints had service techs come out. I will not spend one more penny on this hunk of junk nor will I ever purchase a Sears product. Sincerely sad to see this iconic American company, pass the buck, sellout on quality and produce sub standard products (throw away) that can't make it through 3 years. No wonder they want you to purchase gobbs of warrenty crap they know its going to fail. Why not just say here is our product and this is how much it costs. As a single mother of two, I made a ### investment, I am now purchasing a Miele washing maching which comes with an automatic 5 year warrenty, hello. I want to spend my piss poor american dollar in America, but no, to get a quality product I will have to purchase a German made machine. Frankly, I can't afford to do otherwise. Not to mention the time I've spent dealing with this very expsensive product. Very sad:(
Look for a U Tube blow up scene involving an HE 3T,
coming soon, its going down to the range, because I can't give it away. Thanks Sears

Jun 03, 2008 5:33 pm EDT

We purchased both the Kenmore Elite HE Dryer & Washer from Sears approx April 2003. My dryer caught fire a couple of days ago, May 29th 2008!

We had not had either long (maybe 6 month to a year) when the dryer started collecting lint, not drying the clothes as it had originally & the heating element went out. I spoke with every person I could locate @ Sears from the bottom up to the so called top. Not one person was willing to take care of the problem, each would have me call another number, not to mention most of the people I spoke with were rude & totally unconcerned. I finally demanded to speak with a superviser & the supervisor would not even call me back... I eventually contacted a local appliance repair company to repair (the two brilliant service guys who installed the washer/dryer hooked them both up on the wrong side, causing my dryer vent to go a very long distance. Surely not helping the situation). After reviewing all of the internet info about other people who have experienced similar issues - looks like this is a manfacturer defect, at a minimum a really bad design. Should have stuck with Maytag!

Not to mention, if my dryer/washer had not been in an area where we were in on a regular basis, the entire home would have gone up in flames while my 3 daughters were home! It almost did anyway. Not too happy with Sears & have not purchased one additional item, nor will I since! My best advice is to go elsewhere for appliances.

Memphis, TN

Jan 27, 2008 10:39 am EST

At least you got to speak with someone from Kenmore. My Kenmore Waste Disposal just went out after owning it for only 3 years. My warantee is good for 10 years. When I called Sears, they said that a technician would not be able to come out for 11 days. I paid good money for a warantee, only to find out that it's crapping on me. The hell with warantees and Kenmore. I couldn't even reach anyone from Kenmore. On top of that, the person that answered the phone from Sears didn' t even speak English! I asked to speak with a manager and she had the audacity to tell me that my response would be the same if I had spoken with the manager. After telling her that I would come in person, she gave me a manager. The bottom line: I have to wait 11 days for my disopser to be repaired. Thanks Kenmore, if you' re reading and actually give a damn.

Don't pay for a warantee!


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