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Complaints & Reviews

Denial of Seats against Reserved-Confirmed Tickets regarding

I T.S. SIVASANKAR booked a ticket in KSRTC – Rajahamsa class service From Bengaluru to Madurai on date of journey 16th November 2010 (the ticked was booked on 26th October 2010 thru' approved booking counter).

I was allotted seat no.s 23, 24 and 25 for my family (2 adults and 1 child). And I received confirmation – sms too for the same.

On the day of Journey, I was surprised to see that our seats were occupied with somebody and they showed their respective tickets. I was told that some technical error happened and my ' Reserved – ticket' was Invalid since the PNR was not appeared in that Trip sheet.

We were detained from the bus and none was there (Shanti nagar Bus station) to address our query.
The 'so called' in charge Mr. Sheriff (not sure about the name) 'advised' us to travel in a Volvo a/c bus by paying the difference amount or Cancel and Claim for refund money.

That too he was not assured us whether we might get seat or not in that bus. We as a family had to reach the destination next morning for the auspicious occasion of our family. We agreed for the difference amount paying -negotiation. (what else we could do in that drenching rain with a family, Sir ?)

We got seats in 10.45 p.m Volvo a/c bus to Madurai, Of course we paid the difference, addition amount of Rs. 860/-

My queries as follows,
1.Why did my advanced booking 'Reserved Ticket' was deny to travel ?
2.What was the reason and who is the responsible behind it ?
3.Whom to approach in such circumstances ?
4.Why I was asked to pay the difference /addition money to travel in Volvo a/c bus since the mistake was not mine.
5.There was No half (child) ticket in Volvo a/c bus it seems. The conductor collected 3 adult -full ticket money.
6.If we were not got seats in that Volvo a/c bus, what could had been done for our journey ?

Above all we failed to reach destination on time and obviously we missed such important family occasion. The depression and stress what we had on that rainy night, Could anything compensate ?

Denial of Seats against Reserved-Confirmed Tickets regarding

Cancelation of E-Ticket/Reservation Voucher

PNR Mo.J19896487
Date of Journey:05/11/2010
Ticket Booked in the Name of : Krishna Patole
No of Seats :02(Adults)
Seat No/s:37, 38
User ID : kkpatole
ID Card Type :Driving Licence
Ticket Booked for Journey from POONA (Pune) to BANGALORE
My E Mail ID : [protected]@gmail.com
(Please Cancel Ticket and request for refund of the Money)

Cancelation of E-Ticket/Reservation Voucher
Cancelation of E-Ticket/Reservation Voucher

Mistake and Cruelness of Conductor and Driver

Dear Sir, (To whoever it concerns)

This is an unexpected incident that happened to me while travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad on July-4-2010.
Bus Timing: Departure: 8:40 P.M. - Arrival time: 8:00 A.M (next day)
Bus Number: KA-40 F - 352. (RAJA HAMSA)
Bus Seat Number:32
I reached Bangalore Majestic Bus-stand at 8:38 pm as there was heavy traffic on the way towards majestic bus stand. I stood in front of the bus and started waiting for the conductor. I gave the ticket to the conductor as my ticket was already booked in advance, he said me that he will mark the ticket and will give me back. I requested him to give back the ticket saying him that you can collect the same from me after I am seated in the bus. He said he will mark and give me back and went inside the bus to mark it. I was waiting at the same point .i.e outside (front of the bus) where I gave him(conductor) the ticket so that conductor could return back the ticket in the same point of place. After a while, I saw the driver and told him that conductor has took the ticket from me. he told me that conductor is inside the bus and asked me to collect the ticket from him. I went inside the bus to get the ticket and demanded my ticket back from the conductor. To my surprise conductor is telling me that he has gave my ticket back but he has not given the ticket back at all. I am very sure he has not given me the ticket. he humiliated me a lot in front of other passengers. That was not enough from him, I repeatedly asked him that you have not given me the ticket but still both driver and conductor started fighting with me. They said they cannot allow me to go in the bus without ticket. Conductor agreed that he has taken ticket from me. but he said that he cannot allow me to go in the bus without ticket. He took me to senior inspector I explained all the things to Senior inspector about it but for my fate Even he said the same that they cannot allow me to go in the bus without showing ticket. Could anybody explain me how will show the ticket which is not given back to me?. I told the Senior Inspector to check the name of the passenger in the trip sheet and match it with my ID card (PAN Card). But he was not convinced at any point.

I am working professional, I have a very important meeting to attend next day in the office. I cannot afford to miss this bus as all others bus are
full and there was a strike next day. I was forced to pay the ticket for the paid ticket for the same seat once again. JUST REQUESTING THE AUTHORITIES TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST SUCH CARELESS CONDUCTORS. Requesting all my Friends to be cautious while traveling in the KSRTC bus as you could face the same problem like me.

  • Sm
    smart kahn b Jun 09, 2011

    dear sir,
    i am hidyath khan from shivamogga i like to register a complaint against a driver bus no ka 31 F 1103 dandeli to bengaluru coming shivamogga night at 12 - 30 am, on 8th june when i am going to on my way on foot path that bus came on footpath very speedly and passes my good time i had saw that bus coming to footpath and jemped in gutar . after that i had fallowed it and captured in bus stop and asked that driver to about that he said me why are you asking me it bus did not hitted you and he get angry with me, so please tell me sir what can i do can i wait to hit that bus to me and then after i shal go to complaint is it possible ? so please take action against him otherwise i will take that when he returning next. i d'nt know his name and that staff in shivamogga station they also dd'nt liked to say that but i d'nt need his name i know his face very well, i want feed back what happened against him otherwise i will some thing for him

    thanking you

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  • Ra
    raufeed Oct 12, 2015

    ka-19-f-1416 number ksrtc bus conductor rudely behaved and scolded and used unwanted language came to hit to me that bus puttur to kasargod time-aproximate 12.45 just for there is mistake happend in ticket and changes

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Misbehaving of bus driver with passenger

subject-- Misbehaving of volvo airavat bus driver with passenger

we traveled from tirupati to bangalore on date 28/5/2010 by bus no KA-01F8036, BUS NAME - AIRAVAT (VOLVO A/C), TICKET NO [protected] PNR NO. J18040713, BUST START TIME FROM TIRUPATI 22.15 during traveling IN NIGHT TIME bus tyre get punctured in between traveling, after that bus driver was started misbehaving with passenger and loudly giving instruction to vacate bus and go by normal crowed bus
1. KSRTC did not provide good alternative of safe and comfort traveling in case of break down of travelling vehecle, especially when the people travels with family and childrens in night time
DRIVER'S NAME came to know from some passenger Mr. Govind Raju --he is very blunt and irriteted man, his behave with passenger was very bad, even they are not ready to liseten our words.
2 Mr. Govind raju told, you can complain to any body he is least bother


No A/C in Airavath - Volvo

This is about KSRTC Volvo bus service between Bangalore to Puttaparthi & return. I think it is one of the worst service provided by the state owned KSTRC. Irregular timings, rash driving, misbehaving staff, degraded bus quality.

It is called as Airavath - Volvo. The above trip has been the worst I've ever been thru. Volvo buses are said to have the best Air-conditioning facilities, but in this bus KA-01-F-8254 there was no cooling at all. I had booked seat No.1 & 2, just behind the driver's seat. It was because the driver had left his window open all throughout the journey. When I requested him to close the window, he bluntly refused. It shows the arrogancy of the driver.

Please avoid the service in this route. Its better to travel by some private bus service. Atleast they rightly charge you for the kind of service provided. AVOID AVOID AVOID...

I am requesting the KSRTC Management to take necessary action on concern Bus driver. Expecting justice from your end.

I'm posting photos of the driver/bus No & the photo wherein the window is seen open.

Service Start Place: Puttaparthi
Service End Place: Bangalore
Total Fare: 514/-

No A/C in Airavath - Volvo

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cancellation and refund

Hi am jisha merin thomas who booked an online tkt from bangalore to kerala for 24feb10 on 23feb10 2:59pm.same was unable to cancel since login id and password was not acceptible.

  • Su
    Sujith Bhakthan Feb 24, 2010

    you can cancel the ticket by going to any ticket reservation counter in ksrtc bus stations.

    visit ksrtcblog.com for more details.

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  • Ka
    kashyapa.j.h. Jul 05, 2011

    Money not Refund
    I tried to book a e-ticket on 03-06-2011from RAICHUR to DAVANAGERE thro' KSRTC's website using mySBI Internet banking facility.

    The amount Rs.760was deducted, from the SBI account, but the ticket couldnot be booked and the "transaction Failed" message was displayed.Even...TICKET NO: ot56241575394

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Bed Bug Problem in KSRTC VOLVO BUSES

Had a nasty experience in KSRTC Palakkad to Bangalore Volvo bus on 25/12/2009 just last night. Suffered some nasty bites from bed bugs. Inspite of many media reports nothing has been done to stop this menace. First of all KSRTC charges exorbitant ticket rates and they give bed bug bites. Don give some crappy blankets which are not washed at all. Even many passengers have complained about this menace. NASTY KSRTC...

Service Cancelled

E-Ticket & Service was cancelled

PNR Number :J14890894
Login ID : ganesh071982

Money was not refunded for the above.

  • Ju
    junaid jang Mar 14, 2012

    i book one ticket from Bangalore to Goa ob no. is OB5689864 date 14.03.2012
    amount is deducted from my account but i didnt get the confermation of ticket
    the amount is rs.575 .
    please refund it
    junaid jang ...

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  • Ma
    mary sophia Aug 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i booked a online ticket from Coimbatore to Bangalore for 24/8/2012 PNR number J31836500
    i got a call from a ksrtc online service and said that the bus is brake down and they have told me that i will get full
    amount on cancellation.

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  • Ba
    BASAVA Sep 26, 2013

    Dear Sir, my email ID [email protected], cannot open in ur KSRTC Login please help me, my password is Qse4Fgxv

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  • Sa
    saanya Oct 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oct 18th 2013 children aged 14yrs and 10yrs were travelling from b"more to m"more with an e-ticket ...they did not have Id proof except school Id which they had not taken along with them but we sent the school Id image on the phone which they didn't accept...my question is when kids are travelling...why is it so strict?? And we had to pay a fine of 1200...we also told them we will show the Id proof when we reach the destination...but they did not accept it...please see to it that the money could be refunded...we always travel in ksrtc and we never had a problem like, this before...PNR no: J38891781...trip code: 1004BNGMNG

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Ameen 66 Jan 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked a ticket from Bangalore to calicut 7/1/2016...they deducted the amount from my account n well I didn't note down the pnr no n I didn't got any confirmation message it now n my mail id is [email protected] please solve this problem soon as possible

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Bad experiences on KSRTC Airavath Volvo service

I am a frequent traveller on the Bangalore-Panjim(Goa) route, travelling almost every week-end, and have been using KSRTC's Airavath Volvo service of late.

The trip from Panjim to Bangalore (6:00 pm departure) is good, with the bus reaching Bangalore on time almost always. However, both trips going from Bangalore to Panjim (6:00 pm & 7:30 pm) mostly reach late. Also, the video is more of a nuisance than entertainment (most passengers using the Volvo service either carry their own iPods, laptops, etc, or just want to travel in peace and quiet - a survey conducted on these trips will prove that this is true indeed). The reason why I'm writing this however, is because of the harrowing experience I had during the last two consecutive trips from Bangalore to Panjim.

On 28th Aug '09, the Bangalore to Panjim (6:00 pm departure) Volvo bus had a break down and stopped at about 1:00 am, a little before Hubli. The replacement bus came to the spot at about 3:30 am, and the bus reached Panjim at 11:45 am. A delay of 4 hrs. 45 mins., considering that a Volvo should need a maximum 13 hrs. for this trip - Note that the Panjim-Bangalore (6:00 pm departure) Volvo takes only 12 hrs. 35 mins. for the trip.

On 4th Sep '09 however, it was quite a nightmare. the Bangalore to Panjim (6:00 pm departure) bus once again had a break down and stopped at about 9:45 pm, a little after Tumkur. For sometime the drivers seemed not able to get through to anyone to send a replacement bus. After a couple of hours they gave the passengers vague information saying a mechanic was on the way, and that the replacement bus itself had a breakdown on the way. Finally, after claims that 2 replacement buses had breakdowns and a third Volvo was being sent, a bus arrived on the spot at 5:30 am! I had been stranded on the highway along with other passengers for 8 hours! And this bus reached Panjim only at 7:00 pm. A full 12 hrs late! Another matter of concern here is that the drivers had to immediately start on the way back, as this bus was to depart from Panjim at 7:00 pm, so the drivers did not have any rest!

The problem is, KSRTC's Volvo's on this route are aged, and they have to be replaced. In fact, on much shorter routes like Bangalore-Mysore, KSRTC plies many new Volvo's. It is all the more important to ply new buses on long routes like Bangalore-Panjim. I am sure KSRTC will not want to inconvenience passengers and generate bad publicity on valuable routes like this, which generate a lot of business.

Bangalore to Tirupati Airavat Volvo

We had booked a KSRTC Airavath Volvo bus from Bangalore to Tirpathi (4 tickets) on 14.08.2009 (PNR J14225549 and TRIPCODE 2145BNGSHK). The bus time was 10pm. We waited till 1am with my partialy diabled father but the bus did not come and noone did respond when we called in the number [protected]. Our pickup point was at K R Puram Ganesh Temple and till our long wait of 4 hrs only one KSRTC Airavat Volvo came and that too it did not stop at the above pickup point.
This is really starnge and irresponsible bevaiour. I want my refund back.
Contact:Arijit Mukherjee, Mobile: [protected]

  • Pr
    Pramod2009 Aug 27, 2009

    KSRTC is really messing up. I booked a ticket in March to Hyderabad and on date of journey, I could not take the print out of the ticket as the server was down that day. When I reached the bus stop, the conductor asked me to pay again for the same ticket and claim the refund for what I paid on net. But it did not work as the ticket details were removed from the profile and was not able to cancel it. I wrote to the customer care and till now there is no response. Real pathetic service. Hope someone hears these complaints and take action. I stopped travelling by KSRTC after that. I either travel by APSRTC or by Train.

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Refund of e-ticket booking

I had booked Tickets to Bangalore from Mangalore on 07.06.09 for travel on 08.06.09 by night bus. The ticket reference is OB 1138550 & user ID Ravindra_Hegde. The transaction never got processed & I did not receive any E Ticket. Further Under cancellation for advance ticket there was no ticket available but by Bank account was debited by the ticket amount.

I have already sent a remainder to them only to fall on deaf ears, there seems to be a well organised racket within KSRTC which is swindling people of their booking money via e tickets. The officials do not respond when followed up for refund.

Can anyone help me in claiming my money back

K P Ravindra Hegde

Refund amount


I booked a ticket to Mr Sharath for 26th june from Chennai to Bangalore (10.25PM RajaHamsa seat number 22) on 23.06.09. The amount got deducted and ticket was not booked. I again had to book tickets. So kindly refund 259/- at the earliest. Details are as follows

TRANSACTION ID : IIN/KSRTC Centr/[protected]/0


ACCOUNT NUMBER: [protected]


  • Pa
    pad Aug 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you recieve your amount back or did you get any reply.

    Please reply.

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  • Ra
    ravindra reddy Dec 30, 2009

    sir iam ravindra sir iam booking in ticket for shimoga to hyd at 29/12/2009 but that bus is canclled iam booking in my ticket in my debit card.plz return my money include in my card...my ticket pnr:j16005126

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  • Sa
    Sanjith R shetty Jan 14, 2010

    Hello Sir/Mam,

    Two way jouney e-ticket reservation was bokked through credit card and was cancelled on 2/01/2010 with onnward trip on 2/01/2010 and return trip on 8/01/2010(mangalore to bangalore). After cancellation even after 7 working days no money has been refunded back to the credit card. Kindly look into the below information provided for the same and refund as quickly as possible.

    USER ID : go-shetsanj
    OB reference no. of the transaction : OB1720267
    Onward trip PNR : J16066655
    Return trip PNR : J16066654

    [In respect of refunds due to cancellation of service by KSRTC, passenger is required to send e-mail to [email protected] mentioning USERID of the passenger, OB reference no. of the transaction and PNR No. of the ticket. Officials at Traffic-AWATAR Administration will verify the details and recommend refund of fare to Accounts Department, who in turn will refund the amount to the concerned Credit card/Internet banking account.]

    Thanks & Rgds,
    Sanjith R Shetty
    email id : [email protected]

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  • Ji
    jithinksrtc Mar 02, 2010


    I tried to book 1 ticket in KSRTC on 29.01.10. But it got failed and
    amount has been debited from my account. Pls check to it and refund it
    Provide the details below.

    OB reference No : OB1801870
    Transaction date: 29.01.10
    Login Id: jithincochin

    attaching the bank statement also

    DO the needful to get back the money back

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  • Ku
    kumarkwadappi Mar 20, 2010

    Dear sir/madem,

    I have booked one ticket from BELLARY to BANGALORE for return ticket on 28-3-2010 from state bank of india saving accounts, But in my account amout is debited 664.00rs but i am not received booked ticket automatically it's the website is closed.I checked in ksrtc ticket booked history in that it will showing failed ticket booked.Pls check this issue & credit in my account 664.00rs what amount will debited in SBI account or pls book a ticket from BELLARY to BANGALORE for return ticket on 28-3-2010 .In that time i am not able to seen PNR number also kindly resolve this issue ASAP.

    Ticket booked history below.

    Passenger Information

    Ticked booked name:- Sanjay kumar wadappi
    ID proof :- PAN card ( BCBPS0029k)
    State bank reference no:- OB1948225IG18812120
    Account no:-20019249550
    OB1948225IG18812120 TRANSFER TO 30138375629 CAO- FA- KSRTC E - T
    Ticket Booked Date:- 20-3-2010
    Ticket from:-- BELLARY to BANGALORE
    Time from bellary:-9.35pm

    Pls check ASAP.

    Sanjay kumar wadappi

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  • Kr
    krishdev Apr 21, 2010

    did anyone here got the refund

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  • Se
    sendhil Aug 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Recently I have booked the ticket from hyd - bangalore through kstrc online bookings. But ticket was not booked and amount was debited from my credit card account. Kindly help me in this regard, to whom we should approach.

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  • Te
    test.gagarin Mar 08, 2011

    You can try calling this phone number, I just called and there was some response 7760990109.

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Money debited twice from my account

I too had the same experience :( I booked bus tickets to and fro Chennai/Bangalore on 20th June in KSRTC...

Poor reservation & cancellation!

KSRTC (Karnataka) is minting money, unlike any other transport companies across the country. Their bus charges are very high. For a distance of 380 KM, the neighboring state RTC (APSRTC) charges around Rs 210, while KSRTC charges Rs 250 for the same distance. It seems KSRTC is making multiple crores of rupess by increasing bus fare by 10 per every 100 as insurance charges while the claims for the same by the customers are quite rare. And even BMTC fares in Bangalore are very high.

And coming back to the actual complaint, the reservation cancellation system is very shady. We had made one reservation for traveling at night 11 PM on sunday (09/03). As we had to go to a different location suddenly, we went for cancellation at 5 PM on sunday. But the reservation counter declined to cancel the ticket as the bus starting point is different, and it starts by 4 PM itself so the ticket can't be canceled. This is ridiculous. How should the passenger know the starting point of the bus? He is most interested when he can board the bus. And there are no proper details about the cancellation timelines wrt the departure any ware - not even behind the ticket. Unnecessarily we need to forego the ticket, losing close to Rs 400.00. There are many such cases, one more of minting money.

And the reservation charges are also high - Rs 15 per head, it is very exorbitant. Hope KSRTC comes down from the money-greeding-stance to make public transport better and affordable.


  • Pr
    Praveen May 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess the problem is not with the corporation but the people employed there...This week i was travelling to palghat by KSRTC Airavat...I booked a ticket online and the Selected the DL as my id proof. The DL number was not mandatory in the system and i did not put the number...When i tried to board the bus...this ign0rant conductor who didnt understand what the mandatory fields did not accept my ticket stating he needed the DL number on it...First i tried arguining which made this guy even more stubborn...then had to give up and ask sorry for no mistake of myne...for which the conductory asked to write the DL number on it using my pen(very good way of preventing fraud, thats what he things)...once i wrote it he didnt even bother to check the number and asked me to get in...i guess he was trying to make money on the extra seat or trying to sleep...thats how the attitude of these conductors are who think they are the rulers...and dont understand public is paying their salaries

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  • Su
    Sunil M Jun 15, 2009

    I totally disagree with Praveen. I am a regular Airavat passenger. Till now I have not faced any issues with the reservation system nor with the bus employees.

    The order given to the conductors regarding the online ticket is to cross check the id card number written on the e-ticket with the id card, which simply validates the ticket.

    Now, as the ticket produced by Praveen didn't have the id card number, the conductor rejected the ticket, as there is no proof that the print out is a valid reservation. If some one comes for inspection, the conductor may loose his job as well. For Praveen, its just a matter of Rs. 300-600, but for the conductor, its his life. He did'nt want to risk his life, its as simple as that!

    People, think of others as well, not only about you, your money, your time.

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  • Mo
    Moons Jan 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its given in the site that 25% of basic fare is charged on cancellation till before 2hours of departure. My ticket basic fare was 582 and total amount was 636. The amount refunded is 464, which is more than 25%.

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Money deducted from my account for failed booking!

This is not the first time such an instance happening. on the 1st of september, i tried booking 2 ticket...

Bus conductor cheating!

IN bangalore, I traveled from hal bus stop to shivaji nagar on 26 /09/2007 at 7: 45 am on bus no f-3650.Bus conductor did not return the remaining money on not giving change even being asked and a very rude behavior from bus conductor which caused inconvenience!

  • Ra
    RamMohan May 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes. most conductors in BMTC buses are cheating. Either they dont give the change back or they get the money and wont give the ticket. Sometimes they take in 3/4 the cost of tickets and wont give the ticket, if asked they just stare.

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  • Co
    condector Feb 03, 2009

    my education is puc12.year 63% give mi the jobs

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  • Co
    condector Feb 03, 2009

    allrady computer net

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  • Va
    Vatsala Dec 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I daily travels in a bus from Channarayapatna to Hirisave.Iam an working women. the bus no KA 40 F270 Conductor is very rash that too with monthly pass holders . If we came to climb that bus suddenly he gives start message to driver .It is not of one time really iam very fedup of his behaviour .This bus name is Chikkamagaloor bangalore bus .This bus belongs to Bangalore central division.That condutor is totally dark in colour & he puts Kumkum(Bindi).

    -1 Votes
  • Pr
    Priyadarshini SUriya Dec 16, 2013

    In Bangalore most of the bus conductors are cheating the passengers whoever travelling in buses.One day I was travelling from Town hall to Indian Express, the ticket cost is 12 rupees and i was giving the money but the conductor is giving back 2 Rupees to me and he is not giving the ticket but he has taken 10 Rupees from me. Is the government is not providing proper salary to them or why are they taking money from passengers?Why government didn't taking proper action after looking all the comments? .I asked him three times give me the ticket because of that he is going and standing backside.Then today I travelled from Nagarbhavi circle upto next stop the conductor didn't come front but in next stop checker came inside and he asked me the ticket but I have 100 rupees in my hand .He asked the conductor but he is very silent.So checker is asking me to pay the fine and I paid fine.Due to conductors, passengers are affecting more.I am requesting the Karnataka Government to take some necessary action for this.

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The conductor was drunk

I traveled by carona-Bus, on 13-9-07, at 21-31 hrs from chennai to Bangalore. From Koyembedu -chennai. The fee was Rs. 452./=

While during journey, the asst who was dressed in kakki-dress, seems to be like a conductor was distributing woolen blanket to all the passengers. We found that he was drunk and was talking all filthy words, while distributing the woolen blanket.

Hope KSRTC will see that in future he doesnt consume alcohol during duty hours. And thereby spoiling the image of KSRTC Volvo Bus and the excellent service done by the department.

This is for KSRTC information and kind action.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Dr Anand K
20th Sept., 2007.

  • Re
    remya88 Aug 09, 2010

    I need to travel from sarjapur signal to ITPL. I normally get into bus from sarjapur signal Stop. Today, 09 Aug 2010 morning, 9.00 AM, i was waiting there for more than 10 min for bus. One 500K bus came and, he did not stop at the same stop...
    He stopped at the starting place of the flyover... Driver showed action to the people standing over there that, he will stop bit front...
    Me and one more guy ran towards the bus..
    He reached bit front of me, and got into bus. By the time, i reach near the bus, he left the bus. As i am a lady, i cannot run with that speed and energy... I felt very bad when the diver did this. Conductor, who was standing near the door, told the driver to stop, ..But, he did not.

    This is really unfair. One more 500c was also coming. These two buses were in race.
    See, .. if those people do like this, People like us are suffering. I missed tht 500c bus also, as it was just behind this bus.
    Bus number is KA - 01 2015.
    Please behave properly to the people. We are also human being.
    As we are in road, and he sitting over driver seat, .. dont think that, he is top of everything.
    Please behave properly to the normal people.

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Fraud and cheating!

This weekend I had been to my native place Ankola from Bangalore, for Ganesh Chaturthi. I had booked ticket on KSRTC Extra Bus - Rajahamsa. This was an old bus, which was I think in depot for some servicing, which they got as extra bus, charging extra money on ticket.

This bus left at 11PM on Friday night and it reached next day afternoon 2PM to my place. Where the travel should not have taken more than 8 hrs at max, this took 13 hrs... The Driver was not putting any breaks at hump / ponds, which was so common on that route... and we all had a jumping travel for 13 looong hours... Another extra bus got broken..

While coming back also, the case was not much different... this time, the tire got punctured and it wasted 2hrs late.. and then bangalore traffic added to it... I had boarded this KSRTC Pune-Blr bus on 8.0 from Ankola and This reached bangalore at next day 11AM.

So, Please do not travel on ANY EXTRA BUSES OF KSRTC... This is my humble request... KSRTC doesn't check the quality of busses, it just wants to make use of situation by using some turnout buses...


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    manjuprasad h Jan 24, 2008
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    i wanted to cancel my tickets from chennai to bangalore . i am not able to go to bus stop and do that . i booked tickes through e-ticket bookings . i tried to cancel but am not able to cancel the tickets . when i try to go and login it is giving the server is busy and not available ...i may loose money . this is not the correct process . the server should be maintained correctly...

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