JustFlyonline reservation

I booked a round trip from Philadelphia to Orlando for Oct 30th - Nov 1 at 7:48 pm departure from PHL and 8:48 pm departure from Orlando.

When I made the payment, I received a confirmation with a changed timing from 8:48 pm to 9 am for departure from Orlando. This messed up my schedule and when I asked them to correct the reservation, they charged me a $37.50 cancellation fee for their mistake.

Also, when I asked them to reserve me the same flight, they were charging me an extravagant price of $155 when it was $122 online. Thankfully, I declined their request to book over phone. This is dishonesty and they are trying to take advantage of a consumer's situation.

It is very sad that companies resort to such measures to cheat the consumers.

Oct 08, 2019

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