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I booked a round trip flight from Orlando to Los Angeles.

I choose the Frontier's flight 1151 on Fri, Nov 8 and come back on United's flight 2410 on Mon, Nov 11.

The round trip cost was $223.60 with all taxes and fees included.

The website offered me to upgrade my flight for $17.50 each way. It would give me the right to select my seat, cancel (with fee) and travel with a full carry on.

The Regular price + Upgrade standard economy ($17.50 each way) was $ 258.60.

I upgraded my flights. When I received my invoice, the price charged me was $270.55.

Right after the purchase, I called the customer service to try to cancel the reservation because I realized it was for Ontario and the price was higher than I agreed to pay. At this time, the order was in processing still. The attendant told me I was charged more because I selected a seat. However I didn't. In addition, he said I did not have right to have a carry on. If I wanted called the fly I needed to pay a fee of $75.

I called 2 more times after that. The attendants offered was charge me $37.50 for a cancellation.

I called today again. The attendant said I would have to pay more than $300 to cancel my booking. It is insane! More than I have paid for the tickets. I told I would keep the booking but I wanted the difference back because I paid more for a service that cannot be provided on the airlines I choose. She said she could not do anything about that.

That is, I paid $35 dollars ($17.50 each way) for a service that Justfly offer but does not provide or Justfly does not provide for the airlines I booked my flights. I paid for a service that cannot be provided.

If so, I must receive a credit of the difference between the price without upgrade and the price charged me ($270.55-$223.60= $46.95). If not the whole booking cancelation with no fee.



Oct 02, 2019

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