JustAnswerjust answer seems to be a scam

M Sep 15, 2018

I was transferred to Just Answer by a support team member from Gmail. I was asked for a refundable $5 deposit (7th September) but after paying this i found it was a lead in to taking another $73 (taken from my visa account on 10th September) which I refused to do. I cancelled my account and didn't respond to the "expert"

1. I want to be reassured that no more unauthorised money will be taken out of my visa account now that you have my account details

2. I didn't receive any advice

3. It was an extremely underhand system of extracting a further payment without prior clearly explaining what the "advice" entailed.

4. The mechanism for complaining to Just answer directly is difficult to access. I was asked for a further $5 and even more money from a lawyer / expert for information on making a complaint.

Michael Lawrence

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