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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Jpmorgan Chase Bank / Chase Student Loan Servicing / student loan bait and switch

My son's college stopped using sallie mae and went to usingcitibank and chase bank (jp morgan chase) for all their student and parent plus loans. our college financial aid admin. told us that he didn't qualify for any financial aid (free help). she also told us that he didn't qualify for...

Chase Bank / rip off

After receiving last month's credit card statement, I noticed that there were fraudulent charges on my husband's account. I immediately called customer service and spoke to them regarding the situation. Needless to say, the situation was very upsetting and all kinds of thought...

Chase Credit Card / what does it take to pay off my card

On July 11, 2008 I called Chase and asked how much I needed to pay my card off, and close my account since I was getting charged almost 29%. After paying over $8, 600.00, the amount I was told by the customer service rep. to pay, I received another bill for $28.00 a month later for...

Chase / unauthorized billing

My husband is trying to say that these aren't his credit they are we Divorce and all the credit cards are his with my permission to use them before he left the home. His full is Terry L Bennett and I will provide the social security number if needed they all was forward to another...

Chase Creditt Card / unfair late fees

Chase is a rip off. I paid my chase bill online on a sunday afternoon. For some reason, I could not submit the payment on the due date (which is the actual date I was making the payment). There system would only let me submit my payment for the following date, which would make my payment...

Chase Home Finance / mortage payments

I have been having problems with Chase since the first of the year. I followed their instructions, but only hit a brick wall, so to speak. They claimed that I was 1700 or so behind in payments. I sought legal help and tried to comunicate with them on their level, since I was getting...

Chase Credit Cards / error on bill

I have had a promotional billing rate for two years and I have closely monitored the date when my promotional period ends, with the intention to pay the full balance before the promotional no-interest term expires. The expiration date for the promotional period has been 9/29/08 for nearly...

Chase Bank / online billing

I have a Chase credit card. They sent me mail touting the benefits of a paperless account. I went to their web site to register. I read the terms and conditions and declined because they required arbitration for any dispute. I soon began to get spam mail from their partners so I sent a...

Chase Bank / unprofessional service

I was going to open an account in this bank. I was invited to talk by Abbas. I asked him to tell me about my options about different account types. He could not explain anything and called some woman who looked like him and she tried to sell me municipal bonds instead of explaining me what...

Chase Auto Finance / auto loan being placed into default for not paying for a duplicate title and sending it to the bank

When I originally purchased my car last November, I financed my car through the dealer, and my loan was assigned to SunTrust Bank. I was unhappy with the trerms of the loan (5 year/8.5% APR), so in January, I decided to refinance my car loan through Chase Auto Finance, which offered me...

Chase Auto Finance / double debit, overdraft fees

In June of 2008 Chase double debited my checking account and stated it was my fault because I had made two payments online, one for instant pay and then scheduled one for three days later. I explained to them that I had not done this and wanted one payment credited back to my account...

Chase Bank / scam and fraud

I did a loan modification with Chase Bank back in March. I did not keep a copy of the contract and Chase refuses to send me a copy. It took several months for Chase to do this loan modification to pay my escrow account. They are still reporting me past due each month in the bureau even though...

Chase Bank / Pier One / onerous charge for paying a bill

Apparently Chase Bank charges $14.95 for a person to PAY a credit card bill online from your Bank account. Isn't that outrageous? I paid THE ENTIRE $1000+ BILL EARLY since I was going out of town -- I paid it online from my Bank Checking account, as I do all my bills. I then got a...

Chase Auto Finance / harassing calls to wrong number

I received the first call asking for a name I didn't know - told her she had mis-dialed; I'd had the number for years. She treated me with disrespect; as if I were hiding them. Got a similar call a week later; this time with a taunting tone. I complained to Chase Auto Finance...

Chase Home Finance / fraud and scam

About 5 years ago, my mortgage was sold to Chase, I did not choose them. I have paid every single mortgage payment at least 2 weeks prior to its due date, and on most of my payments, I have added extra money to be applied to the principal. I have to believe I am an excellent customer (my...

Chase Auto / bad service

Lee kevin deutsch, vice president & general counsel of chase auto finance legal department, wrote, this letter to my attorney after chase miscalculated my loan by 1000's. Charging me 17k interest and 12k principal over several years. Yes. Email; lee. K. Deutsch at chase.com. Tel;...

Chase Visa / tlg*greatfn

I received information about great fun and I thought I might try it, but decided not to. I contacted them after I received a check from them and told them to cancel me. ' They asked if I had cashed the check, which I told them I didn't. They said had I cashed it, I would have been locked...

Chase Mortgage / homeowners insurance fraud

We purchased our house in 2002. Our loan has been moved to several different mortgage companies (not at our request). In September 2007 Chase took over our mortgage. In January we received a letter from Chase saying that they had provided home owner insurance for us and the rate wa...

Chasehealthadvance / mishandling of account

There seems to be a pattern with this company after reading other complaints. I have worked with this company when it was under Unicorn with no problem. My account was paid on time and I paid more than what was required at the time. Two months ago they switched to ChaseHealthAdvance, since...

Chase Bank / rude bank manager

Tracy L. Buchheit is a very rude Bank Manager. I went to the bank to inquire about using a coupon for new accounts which gives miles. Whilst speaking with the Customer rep, Tracy the Bank manager came up to me and spoke very loud and rude saying that the coupon is only valid for one...

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