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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Bank / refuses to give me my ira money

Over a year ago I completed my divorce.I was given the IRA that my ex husband did not spend, held at Chase Bank . I brought in the settlement papers and the court order to Chase Bank of Channahon Il. for this account to come to me . Chase ran me around and around, had me resubmit the paper...

Chase Bank / hidden fees

Following is a letter I wrote to Chase Bank. They have denied all responsibility. So if you are dealing with Chase Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank or Chase Investment Services be sure that you read ALL the fine print and make a recording of all your phone calls or person-to-person meetings. I...

Chase Home Finance / crooked business practices

I have been <unsuccessfully> trying to get incorrect charges on my escrow account changed AND to have a final loss draft amount of over $17, 000 returned to me for about 7 months. The result has been hours of chasing my account by phone, hundreds of dollars in fees, and now I'm...

Chase Bank / poor customer service!

On 2-29-08, I mailed my monthly payment to Chase Cardmember Service. According to bank records, Chase recieved the payment, and cashed the check on 3-2-08. The check cleared my bank on 3-5-08. The payment was mailed 2 weeks early due to the fact that I was going on vacation. On 3-26-08, I...

Chase Credit Card / promotional interest rate scam!

In 1/08, I applied on-line for a 0% APR Credit Card from Chase. I received a credit card and a check from Chase. The credit card said I was approved for $13, 000 and Chase included the check to use for a balance transfer. The afternoon of 2/14/08 I deposited the Chase check for the balance...

Chase Auto Finance / unprofessionalism!

I asked that Cathy Young call me back. She said that she would not that a supervisor would. She said it was noted 2 minutes ago that Sally took the message for a supervisor to call me. She asked for my phone number. I asked her what number she had for me. She said she did not give out...

Chase Auto Finance / unprofessional & shady!

What started out as being 22 days late has turned into an adventure to find someone to complain to. I received a call from a man that asked for my husband. When I told him he was not there he hung up the phone. I had already paid the payment through my bill pay and used the return button...

Chase Home Finance / holding mortgage payments!

Chase padded my escrow way too high. They sent me a high mortgage with new escrow. I could not pay it, but I sent in the minimum amount I usually pay on time! They are holding it and charged me a $59 late fee because I did not "pay my mortgage". Why are they allowed to continue with thi...

Chase.com / scam and fraud!

Tung le acc no: 4266 8411 6518 7442 1250 indigo way h ph: (951) 657-1624 Perris, ca, 92571 w. Ph: (714) 757-4607 We want to dispute & complain about chase charged us balance transfer fee - - they did send us promotion for free balance transfer now they turn around to charge us fee! My name...

Chase Mortgage Company / terrible company!

I went to pay my mortgage and was told that the bank refuse it, then force my house into foreclose. I went home and call chase to find what is the problem. I was behind on my mortgage two months and they start to foreclose on my house. I ask the guy why they not taking may payment, he...

Chase Bank / harassing phone calls!

I have never made a late payment past the grace period and have received numerous harassing phone calls after 10:00pm on Sundays and callers were very rude. I have paid off my car loan canceled my credit card and will refinance with someone else. I welcome the day chase files bankruptcy.

Chase Auto Loan / harassing telephone calls!

For some reason, Chase has my telephone number for another person's loan... MONTHS and Months ago, I started getting automated phone calls. I ignored them. Then the phone calls started again. I finally spoke to someone who said she would remove my number from their system. Now I...

Chase - Marriott Visa Credit Card / cheats customer with wrong and bogus information

Chase Marriott Visa Credit Card provided 0% APR on balance transfer to me for 6 months. I borrowed $20,000 on 11/2007, and I paid minimum payment afterwards monthly. I paid on 1/23 for Jan's payment which was 4 days' late due to my travel. 1) My first call to customer service: On...

Chase Auto Finance / miscalculated my loan over charging 1000's too much in interest

Dear mr. Nader; This is why we need you more that ever. Maybe you can use any of this for your campaign, its so horrific. Not once, but twice, I found it hard to be an american. 1. Chase auto finance needs to be under federal investigation for the enclosed documents; I truly believe from...

Chase Home Finance / forced escrow due to chaise's mistake!

In January of 2007, we had county water available to our small community. We decided to hook up with the county, as our well water was not to our satisfaction. We live in a very rural area in NC, and our water department decided to have us make our payments to the tax office. It is called...

Chase Auto Finance / horrible service and rip off!

I have had a loan with Chase Auto Finance for almost 4 years. I originally put 25,000 dollars cash on my vehicle with only 4,000 dollars as the actual loan. I have been making very low payments since then because i was a student. For the entire 4 years I have made every single payment on...

Chase Bank / purposeful overdraft?

Here it is. Chase bank extracted from my paycheck direct deposit checking account the amount of $285 in less than one weeks time. I made an $80 withdrawal from my checking account (at the bank mind you) and there was no problem. Of course I wasn't informed that they would be posting...

Chase Bank / illegal practices!

Consumers beware Chase Bank on their credit cards does NOT post payments to first item in, first item out. They post payment to the lowest interest item first I.e. purchases. Then what they have been doing to me is taking the interest on cash advances that was billed and and posting it to...

Chase Auto Finance / terrible experience!

I was contacted by Chase Finance with regard to my auto loan payment which was less than 30 days late and the representative stated in the voicemail that I needed to contact him within 1 hour to arrange the pickup of my vehicle for repossession. I contacted customer service and informed...

Chase - Protection Plan / Charged for protection plan I did not authorize

I was speaking with a rep from Chase Bank for my Chase Visa card who informed me that I should really sign up for this payment protection plan. I have a small business and was told that small business hardship would allow me to activate this benefit. The benefit cost $90 per month and i...

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Are Changes Coming to Credit Card Fees?
Are Changes Coming to Credit Card Fees?
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