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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Bank Credit Card / The worst bank to do business with!

To whom it may concern, I am, upset with chase bank i have 2 credit cards with them about year and half a go i had some financial problems per chase bank i enrolled in a credit counseling program the credit counseling has be a great help i enrolled my credit cards and they have lower my...

Chase - Credit Card Services / unfair credit card practices

I had accumulated a lot of debt on my credit card. I transferred the balance to a lower rate to pay the balance off. I was reducing the amount by making 500.00 payments per month on a minmum payment of 200.00. I didn't notice that the credit card company changed the grace period from...

Chase Bank Credit Card / fraudulent billing

I received an Amazon credit card from Chase Bank and promptly used it to purchase less than $100 in merchandise. For several months, I received no bills from Chase. My first bill included interest and penalties. I promptly paid for the merchandise but refused to pay for the...

Chase Home Finance / chase now causing and encouraging foreclosure!

I have been a Customer of Chase Home Finance for 3 years now. They Purchased my loan from New Century Mortgage after my 1st year in my home. Every payment I have sent in has been mailed 2 weeks before they were due, and every one has been held 20+ days before they even attempt to deposit...

Jpmorgan Chase / Popular Ford / car lease

We filed a "sample" application for a car that was supposed to refund us $11000 as per award coupon from Popular Ford. I told them I was unemployed-but they said it is just a sample to see my credit rating - even if my husband were to purchase a car that day. I told them we didn't want...

Chase Bank / customer service - will not update my address

I contacted chase card services to update my circuit city chase card address on file 2 months ago. It was simple, too simple actually. I called the 800 # number provided my account #, address, and my social security #. The rep was friendly and stated my address was updated and my next...

Chase / 800-684-8429

I have been receiving phone calls from this number continously for several weeks now. Caller ID says Chase but location unknown. They never leave messages just continue to call at least 12 times a day, sometimes more often. It is beyond me who and why they are calling. How do I stop them...

Chase Credit Card / intentionally waiting to post payments!

As I read the complaints before me, it seams like we are dealing with the same crappy customer service people. First of all, this is the second time this has happened to me. My bank sends a payment to Chase 5 days before the due date. They send it electronically. Chase does not apply the...

Chase Auto Finance / stay away from chase auto finance!

I had a joint account with Chase auto on my daughters car. I was the primary borrower and she was the cosigner. In August 2007 she refinanced the car in her name only to build a credit history. She went to our local Chase branch office and did a refinance. To this day Chase refuses to...

Chase Credit Card / fraud & cheating!

I closed my Chase credit card account when I realized that I was charged $29 late fee plus $6.37 finance charges. I paid on the due date electronically. So I just didn't think it was fair for them to charge me the money, since I always pay full balance on time. The customer service...

Chase Bank / rude and incompetent criminals!

The reason why Chase is called Chase is because they will chase you down all hours of the day and night for their usury interest rates and your hard earned money. They are pushy, especially at the Batavia, IL. downtown branch. They treat people like criminals, constantly try and pimp their...

Chase Credit Cards / closed my credit card account without notifying me

Chase Credit Cards www.chase.com Sometime in July, 2007, Chase made a mistake in closing my credit card account without notifying me. I sent in a payment of about $500 towards a balance of about $1200. I discovered that the card didn't work when it was getting rejected while trying to...

Chase Bank - Visa Credit Card / outrageous fees

Chase - www.chase.com I recently had a payment returned for insufficient funds, which i admit was my fault. But the chase company decided to post several charges to my account totaling to over $150, this is absolutely ludicrous. I have been with them for over two years without a late...

Chase Credit Card / deceptive notification/protection notices

Chase Credit Card www.chase.com I recently went through a frustrating time with Chase and their deceptive notification/protection notices. Their customer service representatives will tell you different statements as to how their over limit reporting on your credit report will be handled. I...

Chase Auto Finance / stealing my money

I recently found out that my checking account was overdrawn, although I knew that all my checks had cleared and I have available money. After contacting my bank to inquire, I came a cross a check that had been posted twice to my account, with the second post overdrawing my account, leaving...

Chase Bank / chase bank scamming people out of their hard earned money and don't even care!

I am writing to let anyone and everyone know not to deal with chase bank.About a week ago I called into the 800 number to find out when I should put in my deposit. I spoke with a young lady named keisha. She advised me that as long as it was there before midnight I would be ok, well that...

Chase Auto Loan / rude

My husband and I had to file for chapter 11 after my cancer diagnosis 8 months ago. We were told by our lawyer to stop paying our bills and that our claim was being processed. We have continuously been harrassed by Chase. We give them our lawyer's phone number and tell them that we...

Chase Manhattan Bank / stay away from this bank for any reason!

Let me tell you a story... Two years ago I missed two payments by five days. That's it... Five days. All of a sudden my interest rate went from 12% to 30%. I was willing to deal with it because there was no way you could talk to a human being with a mind at Chase other than the robot...

Chase Auto Finance / vehicle repossession after payment arrangement was made

I truely want to warn anyone that wants to get a chase loan. I received a call last night that scared the hell out of me. This person called my parents home looking for me and he stated his name was investigator Hawkins and he needed them to get a hold of me and reference to case number...

Chase Auto Finance / car payments are not being posted

I have had a loan with Chase Auto Finance since March 2006. I have not missed making any payments. Several months ago I received a call from their collections department stating that I was behind 3 months on my car payment. I have all of my receipts and cancelled checks from them...

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