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Joshua Doore - Russells - Sansui 52 Inch Television

My name is monalisa we bought a television on the 17 of September 2021, I collected on the 18 September 2021 . On the 19 it was displaying Half Screen I returned it to the store on the 20 Sept 2021. It was changed they gave me another one .Then it did same thing as the other one on the 04 October 2021, I wrote on Russell's Facebook page they have been telling me that my complaint has been escalated to the relevant department. To cut the long story short I tried to communicate with them up until decided to be harsh to them requesting my money .Even today i have not yet received my money thou there was an Email i got last week saying it has been paid. One thing I don't understand is are these people has any passion of working with clients ? since October I don't have television mind you I have 7 years & 3 Years daughters . Tell me what must I do in order to get consideration to these people . I am so pissed off by the service I got from Russell's Head Office . my ref number is [protected]

Desired outcome: Unclear refund since last week 02 /12/2021

I am not happy at all the service you gave me .. How I wish you could priorities complaints .

Joshua Doore - Russells - Poor Customer service

I am here to complain about the service that I have received at russell's store Flagstaff at south Africa.

I lay bye TV sunsui 32'' at Russell store I have finalized the payment on 30 September 2021 but I have not received my TV

And no one is interested they just say we out of stock after I went to the store by my self to ask my TV

At their head office they just say we are sorry of witch they never explained that to me before I must I request the refund or wait for 3 month period that is not that I want, I want TV because I'm in need of they don't offer any related TV. Please assist me with all your best

Joshua Doore - Russells - Service for delivery of goods

I bought the bedroom suit at Russell's Makhado (Louis Trichardt) on the 25th September till today items not yet delivered. The item bought was for the present of my Mother and the delay in delivering messed up with the purpose of buying your product. I went to the shop with my own car ready to load everything and do the surprise for the old lady. Am disappointed with the service offered as this is not the quality I want.

Rendani Mamburu
Email :[protected]

Desired outcome: Deliver the item latest on Monday or refund

Joshua Doore - Russells - Washing machine

3 months after I bought a washing machine which broke on my first attempt to use it. No one bothered until I started fighting. They sent 3 different people to attampt to repair a brand new machine which i'm still paying full price for. Service is disgusting and i'm told to pay 1500 what for? Till today i'm waiting no machine but I paid monthend, it's been 3 months I mean why would I go to them if I wanted a second hand machine. I have been violated in every way, the machine is still sitting at home and no one wants to take accountability yet every month i'm paying for a product I can't use and yet they want to charge me I had to fight, head office didn't do anything email circulating is not telling me when I will recieve a new product. I'm tired of fighting and phoning, service is bad all they want is money because they quick to debit. Why couldn't they replace it the first time I phoned 3 months ago. It's been one story after another. I want a new washing machine but different brand

Desired outcome: New washing machine but different brand

Joshua Doore - Russells - Poor service

I bought a bed and Deep freezer at Russell's Somerset East around March 2019 buy last year around Jan had a problem with a bed so I phoned them to tell them they agree to change it to give me a new...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - Russells Maclear

I made a laybye of a plasma stand which I fully paid today. When I asked for the plasma stand I was told they dont have stock only the one on display which you can see has a factory fault. Instead of them looking at other near branches like other furniture shops would do the simple told me they will call when they have stock. This is bad service lewis would never give such bad service. This was the last time buying anything there.

Desired outcome: If I cannot get what I purchased I need a full refund

Joshua Doore - Russells - Credit/Service provider

I'm not happy with the first that the company is ruining my name with the credit bureau I've made payment arrangements with the for the past 2 months and they have decided not to take the full amount that was agreed upon on the call and 3 days later after the payment date they send me notices that I have not adhere to what was agreed upon while its on them they are the ones who didn't go to the account take what ever money that was agreed upon I'm so disappointed and disgusted because they are doing this to benefit them they want to charge late fees I mean we are still recovering from the mobths we were out of job during lock down this is an inconvenience that we cannot afford can they stop doing this it's not acceptable I won't be paying any late charges I swear they will have to show me the proof as to when they tried debiting me it doesn't even show on my bank statement I'm not a fool I will be going to the branch to pay off the first balance and close the account because I see what they are trying to do I know my rights bellow are the statements as you can see the agreement and what are they taking out from the account monthly for the past two months November and December they are ConnectFS

Desired outcome: For them to remove all the late charges as it's is not my fault they failed to debit

Joshua Doore - Russells - Unethical. Overpaid and did not close the account

To Whom it may concern,

My employee, has asked me to look into her account with Russels.

She went to the Diepsloot store and requested how much it is to pay to close the account. The store told her and she made the payment in 2 payments.

This request was then ignored and the debit order came off the account - WHY?

She then accumulated R193.53 - to close the account - according to the call centre. She has after this, paid this amount to close the account and has not received an SMS or email which the store promised her.

I also calculated that she has paid R4559.30 for an account with the opening balance of R3565.10

According to the statement she had to pay R3565.10

She has OVERPAID by R1034.20

I request the following:

Her account is closed with no charges
The amount of R1034.20 which she overpaid PLUS the R193.53 for charges that make no sense, is paid back into her account.
The Dieploot store is audited for ethical behaviour.
If this does not happen I intend to go to every social media platform with this unethical behaviour and Carte Blanche after reporting this to the Credit Ombudsman.



Joshua Doore - Russells - Refund

Good day
I would like to lay a complaint, I cancelled my product with Russells. 2 days later a debit went off which was not supposed to happen. The store in promenade mitchells plain says they cant help me. At first the store manager said he will help us. We decided not to deal with russels as we found fault twice with the same product. The lady that assisted us in store took forever to cancel the product. When we told her we were going to get into contact with Hallo Peter, the next day she put in the cancellation. Told us it's a sale she's going to loose. I hope you can assist me please
Customer number :[protected]
🆔 [protected]

Joshua Doore - Russells - I'm complaining about poor service I received.

I have been trying for the past week to apply for more credit on an existing account. It's almost two weeks now they can't seem to help nor capture my details in store correctly. The last time which was today I had to wait for almost two hours, their service sucks, they have no sense of urgency or customer care. They do their own things and do not put in to consideration that I'm a paying customer and have other things than sit around the store. I'm no longer interested in what I wanted to purchase either. The store is in Queenstown — Cathcart Road

Joshua Doore - Russells - fridge

I have paid my laybye on the 25 January.of and was told to wait for the stock it will take 3days eversince they have been sending me from pillar to post please someone must attend to the matter...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - furniture not delivered

I purchased a dinning table and wall unit at Alberton Russels to be delivered at Nongoma (KZN). I paid cash at the Alberton store on the 20th December 2019 and I was promised that the furniture was gonna be delivered the following week. Till today I haven't received my furniture and is frustrating because I have paid cash.

I am not sure if Russels is doing this to me because I paid cash in that way they won't benefit from interest charges? Or they just undermine me because I am black. The branch manager there is very casual and doesn't take customers serious.

I regret purchasing at Russels and I will never ever buy from this store.

Joshua Doore - Russells - 4 door sansui fridge

My husband bought cash for me a Sansui fridge and a defy freezer. In December 2019 the Sansui fridge started giving problem and stopped cooling, I then went to report the matter to Mrs. Magwa the...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - bad service

On the 24 November 2019 I went to Russells to lay-by a queen size bed and a friendly lady by the name of Matshidiso came and assisted. The bed was on sale for R2799 we went to her desk to do the...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - can not get a refund

We purchased a lounge suite from russells cash and was told 2 days for delivery - well we also pay the delivery charges so it is no surprise. The long weekend was coming and we confirmed we will have...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - edblo beryl 152cm (queen) bed

Worst Service Received from Russells - Idutywa On the 29th of November 2019 (Friday), I bought an Edblo Beryl 152cm (Queen) bed from Russells in Idutywa, Eastern Cape, and I was helped by Mr...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - accounts

My monthly istallment is R 357. Every single month I have been paying Russels R 400, which means my account is in advance. When I received my latest statement it stated that only R 84 is due. Due to constraints on my finances this month I only paid the R 84 and not the full installment as my account is already in advance. Today I received a call from Russels informing me I am in breach of contract because even if my account is in advance I need to stick to the installment. What???!! Which means Russels is very fast to accept my monthly payments that is far more than the agreed amount, yet if I only pay what is due ONE month, I get a phonecall. So what do you do if a person wants to make prepayments due to possible future financial constraints ? This is definitely against the CPA!!! Ridiculous!!!

Joshua Doore - Russells - metallic refrigerator

Hi on 22nd January my hubby and I bought a fridge on the bluff from Russels stores Then the fridge was delived to us But after a while we noticed that by the bottom part freezer side the rubber...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - harassment

Agents of Russels keep on calling me and harrass me about payment after already made arrangements towards russels for payment if this continues there will be consequenses i am tired of the...

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Joshua Doore - Russells - delivery

Bought a bedroom suite from Russells at Van Riebeeck mall in Edenvale. Served by Lebokgang Moshobane on Monday, they said delivery will take place Wednesday or Thursday, its saterday and still no...

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