JollyChic.comshipment process (where is my order???)

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I placed an order on the site 10/2/15 when completing the order it states that it will take 3-5 days for shipping. They also, provided me a order number with tracking number on 10/6/15. For me to find out that the order has not been shipped. They just started the paperwork for shipping the order... Why would you send a customer a tracking number unless the order has shipped. I found this out through DHL... NOT JOLLYCHIC.COM... I then tried to contact jollychic through the customer service number that is on the site to find out that no one will answer that number!!! Terrible customer service, so I went to the chat box I started chatting with a KERRY... who is very unprofessional, he/she tells me that I need to give them 3-5days after my money is received, they received my money 7 days ago... What the hell he/she talking about??? Then he/she goes on to tell me 3-5days for preparing and 5-15days for shipping...NO WHERE ON THERE SITE DOES IT SAY 3-5 DAYS FOR PREPARING AN ORDER AND AN ADDITIONAL 5-15 DAYS FOR SHIPPING!!! NOT TO MENTION IT ALSO, DOES NOT STATE ON THERE THAT THE ORDER IS BEING SHIPPED FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP FROM THIS SITE AGAIN AND I WILL CONTACTING MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY BECAUSE THIS IS REALY FALSE ADVERTISEMENT...


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    Adnan Saed Jul 05, 2018

    Where is my order? Her in Riyadh almost 7 days .. but I order another items in the 3 days we receive my order but the old I dont know where. This my tracking no. JA180628203859

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    Mohammad Raza Apr 09, 2019

    JI19032223342563997300 This my Order number. Where is my order??? Her in riyadh almost 17 days. but i order another items in the 11 days we receive my order but the old I don’t know where.

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    Mannnargudi Dec 07, 2019

    This my full address
    My order number:-5101835442

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