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LTD Commodities Complaints & Reviews

LTD Commodities / not a complaint, just a request.

Oct 16, 2019

I received a letter in the mailbox today regarding my home phone number. I've requested to be on the do not call list. I'm writing to please respect my choice and also to be unsubscribed from the catalogs mail list. I like to shop with you online as well as Collections etc...

[Resolved] LTD Commodities / payer [protected]

Nov 19, 2018

Ordered 5 giant plaid monogram gift bags. Order came with only four. The fifth I ordered was with a "V" and apparently that does not exist. I submitted a check, number 1333 dated Nov 1, 2018 for $103.81. The actual invoice was for $94.83. If the product is not available, can I expect a...

LTD Commodities / sales tax

Nov 16, 2018

I incorrectly included NY sales tax with my total amount of payment for purchases made on Oct. 25, 2018. Sales tax was for $6.15 which brought my order to $83.06. Check was sent for that amount. I received the order with sales slip indicating subtotal was $62.92 plus $13.99 for shipping...

LTD Commodities / surface of pan destroyed

Oct 25, 2013

I have had a two quart Ltd pan for over fifteen years now, with no problems...Just the other day, I was very tired, and washed it in my dishwasher instead of by hand as I've always done (until this last year, I didn't have a dishwasher) the dishwasher, the entire black... / i've only had one bad dealing with this company


I've purchased numerous items from this company over the past few years. It originally was only available to businesses but they then opened it up to everyone. Since opening it up to everyone I found that their customer service is lacking and their product choices are getting...

LTD Commodities/OSTRICH Folding Chaise / broken item


I ordered the "OSTRICH" Folding Chaise from First, the product was back ordered, so it took 3 weeks to receive it, after overpaying for shipping. I received the chair and the first time I used it, the middle of it bent in. I am 5'2' and certainly not heavy...

LTD Commodities / broken item-faulty


purchased thru catalog "solar tulips" as a gift back in march 2011 gift was presented june 13, 2011. tulips do not stay 'lit' at nite, even w/ 12+ hours of full sun.. 2 only 'blink on & off' then stay un lit. shipping on order (with other items) was/is as much as the...

ABC Distributing / hiding contract info


ABC states please contact ABC before filing your complaint on this website but I have spent 30 minutes looking for a phone number for them. Now I'm pissed. Why make it so hard to contact the people you want to spend money with?? I guess I won't be placing an order. Now...

LTD Commodities / shipping and handling charges


I have done business before with LTD Commodities. If you order 5 different items, they do not ship them together; they ship them separately, which is how they make their money, not to mention buying everything from China. There is a company called Lakeside Collection who sells a lot of the...

LTD Commodities / bedsheets ripped after 2 nights


Got bedsheets, washed, put on bed. After 2 nights there is a huge hole in them. They were SOOOOOO thin and flimsy, and now I need to cancel the other set on backorder. Made in China I bet! I guarantee that when I call tomorrow I'll probably get the run around about the fact that i...

LTD Commodities / (no complaints)


I just wanted to add a review to go along with all of the negative complaints with LTD. Like most consumers, I researched them and their policies before ordering, and was a little sketchy at first considering the numerous complaints (however they DO have an A rating with the BBB). I...

ABC Distributing / beware


Just to let everyone know Abc distributing, Lakeside Collections, and LTD commodities are all owned by the same person! I wouldnt waste my time on trying to order from any of the others.. Its all the same people all the same product, all the same hassle of disrespectful customer service...

ABC Distributing / poor shipping, poor packaging, rude & horrible customer service


I am extremely disappointed in ABC Distributing. I have ordered from them once, but will NEVER do it again. On August 9, 2010 I placed a purchase from their website. I was purchasing a birthday gift, which is at the end of August. ABC was the cheapest site that I found for the item that I...

LTD Commodities / scam


I made an order to LTD commodities back in Jan 2010, and 3 days after my order the payment in full was taken off my pre-paid credit card. So I know for a fact it was taken off. Now in March I am looking at my statement, and see where LTD commodities has 2 more pending transactions, and I...

LTD Commodities / mailing scam


LTD charges to send it's catalogs, brochures and the boxes are way too big. This amounts in more postage to be paid by me. Some of yur items are unique, but bill me first. Cynthia Mullon. Even this brief complaint requires more words. You are very difficult to work with. You want more...

LTD Commodities / inconsistent & not worth the hassle!


We (the employees) placed our first order online from ABC and paid via debit card. When the items arrived, there was a catalog from LTD, so I called LTD and asked how they were affiliated, etc. I was told they were a sister company and since we had prepaid for ABC, use the same acct number...

ABC Distributing / shipping charges


This company has always shipped my orders in separate shipments weather I have ordered 100 items or 2 items. EaCh time I was billed for shipping.<br /> <br /> <br /> The company is a rip off AND I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN. You used to have to order in groups of 3, now...

LTD Commodities / beware


I ordered most of my 2017 "stocking stuffer" Christmas gifts from LTD Commodities. I was pleased with everything I ordered. The items were extremely well packaged for shipping. The prices are terrific. The merchandise was just as described. Thanks to LTD Commodities, I gave unique, novel, and...

ABC Distributing / no delivery


I am very frustrated by your company's lack of concern to get products to the customer in a timely manner. I ordered products from your company in early November and still have never recieved them. The items I ordered were intended for Christmas. Christmas is only days away and I...

LTD Commodities / bad service


I've been ordering from LTD for a few years. I've noticed that their items are almost always on backorder. Well, recently I ordered an MP4 player which was on backorder for about two weeks, maybe longer. It says right on the page that they will notify you if your order wa...

LTD Commodities / did not receive product ordered


Did not received the product I ordered on 5/26/09 Called and was told that they would back order and received a confirmation number. Called 2 weeks ago, took about 20 minutes before connecting to a live person and was told the product had shipped. Was given a UPS tracking number which doe...

LTD Commodities / scam charges


Orders for more than 2 or 3 items are shipped in multiple boxes, and then they throw in catalogs to bump up the shipping cost on those boxes. I have talked to customer service about this practice before and had limited results. I have asked for a shipping rate adjustment on my bill. If...

LTD Commodities / scam and cheating


I too, like many others feel like this company is intentionally shipping items ordered in many different shipments to up their profits. It's either that or they have shipping staff that could care less, not sure at this point! I ordered approximately 68.00 worth of product and paid...

LTD Commodities / unauthorized charges


Purchased $107.83 worth of merchandise and LTD charged my account with $215.66 (twice the amount) and would not reverse the charge made in error. So instead of only paying $107.83 for merchandise, I paid double. I was hung up on, told they could not help me and now they have $107.83 of my money.

LTD Commodities / shipping


I read the shipping policy and decided to take my chances and order the item. I would think if a company says that the shipping charges will be the UPS or whatever rates, they should supply the weight and dimensions on the item description. That way we could follow up with shipper for an approximate estimate of shipping charges.

LTD Commodities, Inc. / do not buy from them


I had placed an order with LTD and needed to change my address and thier web-site said that in order to due so change it with your next order which I did. After I had sent in my pre-paid order and saw that the check had cleared, I went back to thier web site and saw that my pld address wa...

ABC Distributing / bad service


I will never order from this company again and told them so. It took about 3 weeks to get my order which isn't so bad, except they send you an email saying it has shipped (plus about $10.00 in shipping charges per item) with a UPS tracking number, but you can look it up each day and...

LTD Commodities / no product received


I ordered products from LTD and paid for it I have not recieved products paid for and company will not give me my money back over $80. I am seeking legal assistance in retaining my money back and WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS with LTD again. I advise coustomers to NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTs from them!!...

LTD Commodities / ridiculous shipping


As many others have said, their shipping practices are beyond ridiculous. I ordered several items from them. There is NO indication on their site that you could unknowingly order something that is not in stock and not find out until after the order is placed. There is also NO indication...

LTD Commodities LLC / terrible shipping


Terrible customer service. I ordered a garden fountain from them in the month of May and long after I'd expected to still recieve it, it arrived in October. I put it in the trunk of my car and was going to mail it back on my next trip to the post office. I was in no hurry as the...

LTD Commodities / complaint about the people who write this complaints

This complaint is actually about the people who write these complaints. Whenever you purchase merchandise from anywhere you should as an adult, inform yourself of the policies of a company. If they request prepayment of your order, thats only logical that they don't hold the...

ABC Distributing / false advertising

Bought a "mirrored" wall sconce from ABC Distributing about a month ago. I was amazed they could not give me a shipping amount. I was going to cancel the order but could not find any way of doing it on their website. However, I paid by PayPal and it looked like the process did not go...

LTD Commodities / overcharged

I wanted to do Christmas shopping since this catalog had such great things and low prices... but some of the things aren't worth the low price. The biggest thing is they ship your order in many different shipments so you end up paying many different shipping costs. I'm disabled and...

LTD Commodities / not worth it

For the first time ever I decided to purchase early Christmas gifts from a catalog. I chose LTD Commodities, big mistake! I found a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Car with an actual piece of track from where he won the Daytona. It cost me $30.00. Well, I got it today and no kidding this thing is a...

LTD Commodities / it's always on backorder

I ordered one product from LTD on the first day of July, it is now the 3 of September and my item is still on backorder!!! I ordered the item for my fathers birthday and now I’m just hoping that I have the *** thing by Christmas!!! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!!...

LTD Commodities / shipping charges are a joke

After reading everyone’s reviews, I concur completely. Here's an example of the scam they are running. I placed an order in April and two of the items were shipped together at a charge of $7.98 for a two pound box. The third was not shipped until May and the shipping charge wa...

ABC Distributing / rip off artists

I have been dealing with abc distributing for years. Their company rips people off. I can tell you at least half a dozen stories of people who were ripped off by them but here is my story. My roommate told me about abc. We decided to place a large order for some t-shirts and resell them...

ABC Distributing / scam charges!

In May of 2007 I placed an order with ABC DISTRIBUTING and payed the full amount. After about a month after items were shipped out to me I had yet received anything so I decided to contact the company only to find out that they were sent to wrong address. At this time I was told that I had...

LTD Commodities / do not shop at ltd commodities

I placed my order on August 31st. I quickly learned that LTD Commodities does not give you a complete total price until after they ship out your orders. The reason for this is because they don't have set shipping costs. They could send out your item(s) in one box or in one box per...