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Banning of England Flights:

Hi my name is Stephen and I just getting in touch with you to ask do you know how long it is going to be before flights are allowed back into JFK airport from England again?

The reason why I ask this, is because I had plans to visit New York in March 09th because I wanted to see what a great city New York is and my flight was cancelled, because of the corona virus.

I have pre planned my visit to new York for September 09th, I hope by then you would of eliminated the corona virus problem and then the restrictions of flights can be lifted.


This evening I returned to New York(March 4th, JetBlue 882) after having a pleasant 5 day vacation in St. Lucia. I am a U.S citizen, I have global entry, I have no criminal background. I passed through customs(the agents were very professional and friendly). On my way to the exit I was randomly accosted by some sort of security person who asked me for my passport, where I had been and how long I had been there. I answered all of his questions and then he immediately took me aside, opened my luggage and then proceeded to pull out a knife. I don't think he cut or damaged my bag but I was so distraught and uncomfortable that I couldn't even look at him. When he was finished with his search, my belongings strung all over the table, he threw my passport back at me and said I could leave. This is completely unacceptable. To accost a woman traveling alone who has posed no threat or suspicion. Are we now living in some sort of Americanized Nazi Germany? Not only was this traumatic but it makes me fearful in my own country when I've done nothing wrong. How can you treat a law abiding American citizen this way? It's unconstitutional and a violation of basic rights. Shame on you. Shame. Shame. Shame

damage of my baggage and lost items


After I arrived at my home in Cairo coming from JFK airport on flight MS985 (Egypt Air ) on Monday, January 5, 2020 at exactly 12 o'clock in the afternoon, I was surprised that the bags are open and the locks are broken and are not present, and the zipper bag is cut and there are some things that are missing, many of which are not included but not limited to It is summarized in:
• 4 X-large women's sweatshirts
• 2 josamine 400 tablets
• 4 medium size M&M chocolate bags, 400 gm
• 4 cans of fruit powder juice
• 2 Voltaren cream for pain

Thanks and Best Regards
Maria Soliman Mikhaeil Hana
email : [protected]
Cell : +[protected]
Cairo, Egypt

damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items
damage of my baggage and lost items

security/bag searches

Yesterday afternoon my fiancé and I were leaving New York to come home to Scotland and whilst going through security we had the most unpleasant, unprofessional and traumatic experience with a few members of their "bag searching" staff.

Their was a traveller in front of us getting her bag checked and my bag had also been pulled to the side so I stood at the side of the lady (not in anyone's way) to put my shoes on and wait on my bag to be checked. A woman worker came over and said "hey move" "go stand behind the god damn fan" I stood up and said "I'm just waiting here to get my bag searched after this lady" the bag searcher then piped up all full of rage and anger and said "HEY, do what she said stand behind the god damn fan and wait" so we moved to behind the fan which was roughly 7 foot tall infront of her desk, I'm 5 foot I couldn't see over it to talk to her so once she finished with the last customer I moved round a bit so I could see her better and she then started pulling at my bag and slamming it down and said " can you not follow instructions? Stand behind the fan!" I said I thought I could stand here as the last lady stood here and you were fine with that and I can't see over your fan or desk. She then said "ok so your smart you've got attitude! I'm not searching this bag! Your not going anywhere! She then started shouting on other staff members and calling me "the white traveller" I really didn't know what I had done wrong I was just curious to why my bag was flagged up and came closer to talk to the bag searcher. I had 3 Yankee candles in original packaging wrapped up in plastic and sealed and she started ripping the boxes open and throwing my things about. I called her unprofessional and asked if I could just leave as I didn't deserve this treatment but she then started taunting me by taking my bag over to her colleagues. It was a total disaster and an embarrassment to America. I've only been to the USA a few times and this is by far the most discriminating experience I've had. My fiancé also started filming and they tried to grab his phone and called security to get him to stop. We really were shook at this whole outrage, I broke down crying and she said you better calm her down or we will be getting the police involved! Another bag searcher came over and started putting my candles back in their ripped packaging and said GO! We just grabbed our things and fled upstairs. It was soo horrible I can't begin to describe the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach, I'm not the type of person to leave reviews or complain about things but this really can't go undocumented. The staff need ALOT of customer service training they have no people skills at all, very ignorant and no help at all. It will be a while before we plan another trip to JFK terminal 7 that's for sure!

duty free


We flew home from JFK on Tuesday morning into London Heathrow on BA flight 0178

We visited duty free and purchased a tag watch, on arrival back to the UK, we got the watch out of the box only to find it does not work.. we have visited our local TAG store in Bristol, only to be told the battery has gone, they advised a tag battery should last upto 3 years, I appreciate not all watches are new stock.. but surely this should of been checked once purchased, the lady who sold us the watch, told us she put the correct time on the watch, but obviously failed to tell us it was working!

This is extremely annoying and frustrating as we purchased the watch for a Xmas present, and now we have had to send the watch off and won't be back till January...

I feel really disappointed with the service at your airport., and would like to hear your faults on thus

Thank you
Julie knight

[Resolved] “clear” stuff from terminal 4

So my mother came to visit me from japan, I only see her once every two years, she is 60's, she used to work as flight attendants and speak English, two days ago When she is leave...

rude security officers at terminal 4

I've been traveling for 30 years, I know many international airports, and I have never seen security officers so, so, so rude than in jfk, terminal 4, nov. 18th, aprox. 05:30 am. To start, at the first security check point (where you have to step in pairs over footprints) there was a "lady" officer very very rude, with very little patience, yelling at everyone. This lady, and another male officer, where giving opposite instructions to us, the travelers, at the same time, we didn't know what to do! She was telling us to stop and not walk, and at the very same time, he was telling us not to stop and walk through.

I noticed that when people didn't understand what she was saying, the same female officer started yelling, slaping her own forehead, rolling her eyes and making people more nervous. After I walked through and almost getting to the second check point, the male officer chased me asking me to walk throug again. I agreed to, but then I was asked to do it a third time! Apparently they wanted me not to stop after, but I had in front of me an elderly man who was walking very slow. What was I supposed to do? Hit the old man, throw him away, or getting him out of my way so I could go faster? What a lack of touch and understanding by the officers.

At the second check point, when the officer first sees my friend's mexican passport, his face changed, he got really serious, rolling his eyes, same thing when he saw mine. Really???

At the third check point, as in every airport in the world, I removed all the metal items on my body to place them on the tray, when I heard behind me a very large, african american woman officer yelling at me: "put back your ring on! Who told you to take off your ring??? Nobody told you"... Really??? Nasty, frustrated, gross woman.

I know and understand that security has to be taken very seriously, but that does not mean not to treat travelers with respect, patience, tolerance and kindness, I don't even ask for a smile, just respect. Shame on you for having this kind of people working at security. It's jfk. It's new york. Thousands of people of different countries, languages, cultures etc, go through every day. What a despicable people you have working in there. If they don´t like their jobs, they may as well quit, instead of terrorizing tourist.

I really hope this complaint goes to the right place and helps improve the service of the security officers, I am pretty sure not everyone is like that, you must have very educated, fine people working there as well, unfortunately on this trip of ours, we didn't get to meet any of them, just the angry and frustrated ones.

security staff

I was travelling through JFK last week on my way home to the UK, and security staff confiscated an empty zippo lighter that I had no problem with on the other 6 flight during my whole trip to Mexico. I double checked online when I got home and read that I am entitled to carry one light in my carry on (which is where they found it). So there really was no need for it to be confiscated. The staff did not listen to me when I asked why it was being taken from me. They were rude and aggressive. Not only did it cost me about £30 but it had sentimental value and I was extremely disappointed to have had it taken from me. I would understand if I had made a mistake bringing it with me but I was fully allowed to be carrying it.


Dear Sir / Madam,
Through no choice of my own I arrive in Terminal 7 early with a 0725 boarding on the twelfth of November. At 0030 a male member of staff security approached me and said that I had to return to arrivals as it was more than 4 hours before my flight. I thought this strange (when a flight gets delayed by more than 4 hours internationally no one informs you that you need to go back to arrivals ). Please note the private security officer was not rude but but refused to provide me with his name or indeed a personnel number. All I wished this for was to substantiate my complaint. He just said, 'I am security and I am just doing my job'. He may be correct but a personnel number would have assisted this clarification.

I spoke to TSA, again professional, but they made the point that I could not complain against someone I couldn't identify. I pointed out that that this was because they would not identify themselves. I did make the point that it was on CCTV, terminal 7, gate 9 at approximately 0030 on the 12th November 2019.

The airport security office made the same point about the 4 hour rule. That's fine, but it is also unusual in my experience (happy to be wrong). However, if staff can't be identified during a complaint, how is accountability addressed?

As it is now 0125 as I type this that means under the 4 hour pre flight rule I can go back to Departures at 0405. Allowing for security I will be going through in approximately 2 hours. So no point going anywhere.

Also as I type this a colleague sits in another Departures area in JFK. Comfortably.

Let's get this sorted.

Kind regards.


agent after baggage claim exiting the airport from the international terminal

I was harassed while trying to exit the airport by a security agent. A Hispanic man. Who used Intimidation and threats even though I was doing nothing wrong, I was just trying to leave the airport after arriving from Hong Kong. I am a Us citizen and have global entry which I told him. But he told me that global entry was a priveledge and that he could take it away at any time. He asked if I had any food, I showed him what I had that was in a clear package and he still kept asking what is that, even though you could clearly see what it was. He then asked me what I did for work and when I told him that wasn't good enough. He kept pressing. He told me we were being video recorded to intimidate me when I wasn't doing anything wrong but getting frustrated by his treatment and unnecessary questions. He was on a power trip and made me cry.

non receipt of goods at airport gate even though i've paid for them!

have just arrived back to Edinburgh from a flight direct from JFK. Whilst waiting on my flight I purchased a bottle of vodka €22. I was told the bottle would be waiting at the gate. When I got to the gate my duty free bottle was not there. The air hostess call and was told the bottle would not come in time . 

The transaction number on the receipt is [protected]

Date sold 21/10/19 at 19:43.

Cashier 8913

This was totally unacceptable I wish a full refund immediately. I can give you my bank details to reimburse. 

Gillian Macdonald &Ross Macdonald 

missing baggage

I have been trying to get informaation regarding my missing luggage from JFK airport to no avail. My claim number is JFKIG11282. The world tracer website states that delivery process initiated but have not heard a word about delivery of my luggage. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter as I have prescriptions in that luggage that I really need.

Flight info: Air Italy flight IG 602 to flight 901 on September 28, 2019.

Jane V Raitano

JFK Airportunethical behaviour of jfk airport employee

My sister and I got off a Turkish airline
at JFK on Sep 6 around 11:30pm
after going through the passport check we collected our luggage and wanted to get a cab or shuttle bus through airport take us to NY(EWR) for our next flight to Ottawa. we didn't want to take a cab from the steer at 2am .
at the taxi area a person with suit and walkie talkie said he will help us and he took us outside and told us to go with this person, he will take you to (EWR) . when we got there and its around 2am, the taxi driver asked us for 478 dollars and he wanted cash and had some explanation that why he doesn't take credit card and why it is so expensive, we were extremely tired and the same time we are thinking, we got this cab through the airport so he might be right.
he took us to a convenient store so we take money out from an ATM.
when we got in terminal A and looked at cab ride from JFK to EWR, we were stunt .
at that point we were not thinking about the money, we were so frightened that the an employee from the airport put us in danger . as for we know that driver could have been a killer, a rapist, God know what could have happened to us.
the airport has the responsibility to keep its customers safe, and our experience proves it otherwise. we need answers .
please reply

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    I need answer.

my luggage and how it was handled once it left check in

Good Afternoon,
Yesterday I was at JFK and left on flight VS154 @ 20:30pm. I checked my luggage in with no concerns. On arrival home back in Hampshire, I noticed my padlock was only on one or my zips. On opening my case, it was all a mess and not how I folded and packed it. I was then very shocked again to see that a salt scrub I had brought had been taken out of the two zipped food bags and two carrier bags I had packed it in, which was wrapped in a white t/shirt. I don't have an issue that this item needed to be checked, my issue is, that it was not put back how it was found, which has now gone on to leak all over multiple items of my clothing. As this is oil based scrubbed, these items are only now good enough for the bin, as you cannot get oil out. So I am very very angry, as 3 of the items have not even been worn yet.
The carrier bags I wrapped the jar in we're not even in my case either, so there was no attempt to wrap this back up.
I would like this issue investigated into please and a response ASAP as to how this will be dealt with.

My contact details are -

Michelle Young
17 Sidney Martin Road,
GU35 0GF

I will look forward to a response.

Kind Regards


passport control waiting time

On Wednesday september 18, 2019, I transited thru JFK Airport. I was coming from Frankfurt with flight DL107 landing at 12:45 in JFK. I was booked on Flight DL1048 to Charlotte leaving at 14:57 from JFK.
As I was flying in Business class, I arrived in the hall of passport control at about 1 PM.
From then on I stayed 3, 5 hours in queue as all the foreigners coming with my flight and many other people without any support, no water, no possibility to go to toilet
That is unacceptable also because in spite of the 60 boxes available for the policemen to control the passport only very few policemen were there. Moreover there isn't any preferred lane for the business flyovers most of the are flying for business with tough time schedule. Naturally I lost my connection and I had to make rebooking.
Alberto Bregante

really bad service with myself and my father

Well where to start my father and I took a flight from the UK to JFK new York then to Boston ma, it took forever from getting off the plane and baggage claim then into security... we finally got that done and had 2 and a half hrs til next flight so I went out for a bit and realized right away my dad had my boarding pass and passport I went right to the desk trying to figure out how to get my stuff off my dad.. They were rude and would not help I asked to use their phone and they said that's not how it works then I asked if the head of security could go get my passport and boarding pass off my dad they said no and laughed ..I said how do I get help they said they did not know which made no sence I ended up missing flight there was another flight a little over an hr away by the time I got my dad we had 45 min to next flight we needed another boarding pass and we were in line the 3 girls new I needed to get on the plane they kept walking away from desk and crap and then with a smerk they said your gonna miss the flight which made no sence it was done on purpose they were rude now my dad is a disabled vet and I have health issues myself they thought everything was a joke our meds were in Boston now and we had to wait 15 hrs til new flight very wrong in my eyes ...

unethical behavior

Flight122 from Moscow . Arrived July 13th, terminal 1. about 11p.m.
While standing in line for the immigration processes I was abused by a very rude employee Rick Green. He was disrespectful and spoke with people with unacceptable manners. His job is to welcome people and help them to get through passport control. Obviously he hates it. When I told him that his tone was unacceptable he called me 'stupid' a few times in front of others and pointed his finger at me so people could see who that stupid person was. Then he called a police officer on me because he 'thought' I was taking picture of him.
I called for a supervisor to find out his name. I was given his name and supervisor apologized for his behavior. I suggested to look at the camera recording because that person already denied everything.
That person with such attitude towards people shouldn't be working at this place.
This is the first impression of America and Americans that our guests will receive once they arrived from the flight.
Shame on you, Rick Green!

immigration and delta airlines

My family and I just came back from vacation in Dominican Republic on aug 13, 2019 flight was at 6:10am made it to jfk at 9:35am waiting in line for the imagration processes for 2 hours and 15 min after that we had to take a shuttle to terminal 2 to go threw security there was a huge line there as well they helped us out by cutting the line so we can try to make it for our flight... our flight was at 12:59pm because of imagration we missed our flight my husband made it to the gate c60 at 1249pm before they shut the door but the lady at the gate said she had to shut the doors they couldn't wait for us so she shut the door and said we had to change our flight so we changed it to 3:15pm now they changed it to 4:02 again ... very Unhappy I have 2 little kids that been up since 1:30 this morning this is not right at all I demand some type of refund or something this is unacceptable. I expect to hear back from you guys as soon as possible.

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    My family and I just came back from vacation in Dominican Republic on aug 13, 2019 flight was at 6:10am made it to jfk at 9:35am waiting in line for the imagration processes for 2 hours and 15 min after that we had to take a shuttle to terminal 2 to go threw security there was a huge line there as well they helped us out by cutting the line so we can try to make it for our flight... our flight was at 12:59pm because of imagration we missed our flight my husband made it to the gate c60 at 1249pm before they shut the door but the lady at the gate said she had to shut the doors they couldn't wait for us so she shut the door and said we had to change our flight so we changed it to 3:15pm now they changed it to 4:02 again ... very Unhappy I have 2 little kids that been up since 1:30 this morning this is not right at all I demand some type of refund or something this is unacceptable. I expect to hear back from you guys as soon as possible.

terminal 4 employee at jfk

i was seriously humiliated by racial discrimination by terminal 4 employee on my visit around 820am july 27th 2019. since my parent cannot speak english or handle large luggage themselves, i wish to accompany them to the counter of china southern airline. although i politely explained the situation, the lady worked there denied my entrance rudely and even rolled her eyes. however, i saw that lady allowed a family of three enter the same area, and the family were obviously not travelling, since they have no luggage at all when they left the counter area and they exited the airport afterwards without checkin.

To me, the employee was playing the rule purely by her personal discrimination. Besides, she was extremely rude and arrogant whenever i talked to her. This is not acceptable to me, and to any other Asian pregnant women, or any other potential customers.

terminal 4 employee at jfk

National JFK Airport Officecar rental worker

I made a reservation thru expedia for a car and supposed to charge me aroung $500 and the rental worker charge me $1044 for 4 days. Expending $262 per day for a small suv like eco ford.
He was charging me for everything to earn more money not for helping without easking me if I wanted.
I canceled de reservation

It was today 25/ 7/19 at 12:00
The black worker

Its a disappointing experience!!!

car rental worker

wheelchair immigration

I was going through the wheel chair priority line due to a broken foot, security would not allow for my companion to be with me and insisted we split up, I had a broken foot and was relying on my boyfriend to help me. I just got back from Europe and all of the airports never split us up. I then saw other people allowed to enter with their partners. I am disgusted how we were treated. I then had to wait for him to go through the line with my luggage and be by myself.

wheelchair service

My mother in law checked in for her direct flight direct from JFK departing on Delta airlines to Jacksonville Florida. She received her boarding pass at the ticketing counter. Accompanying her was her grandson, a fifteen-year-old. The wheelchair attendant took my mother in law to the security check area and left her. My bother in law went to the ticketing counter and asked why my mother in law has been left. The Delta ticketing lady said another person will come and that his shift for work ended. My mother in law is over 85 years old, with medical conditions. She was left with a boarding pass at the location for one hour. Delta left without her and the flight left early. Delta is refusing to put her on the next flight as they are overbooked. JFK is responsible for this as much as Delta. I think the incompetence is transparent but the discrimination against a wheelchair-bound elderly lady by both Delta and JFK Airport wheelchair service is becoming quite clear. Please understand this is negligence, incompetence and discrimination and unbelievably callous. We are owed an explanation and compensation.

low flight plan and volume of planes over head since july 1st (tonight is 7/12/19

Who is responsible for this absurd flight plan, the past two weeks... How is it nearly 80 planes have not only flown over my head tonight but that I can clearly see the companies and seams on the planes... this is Baldwin Harbor Nassau County NY and it's terrible when you just wash down your ice cooler and then three (3) hours later the jet fuel turns my cooler black... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?????

tsa guard

My family and I were picked "randomly" for our bags to be searched in terminal 1 coming from Morocco on July 10th, 2018 around 8 o'clock pm. And there were two tsa guards one of which his name was Officer Matin who later helped explained to us kindly what the problem was. However the main officer who I couldn't get his name was also south east asian and he took my bags and opened almost all 6 of them and continued to rifle through them and take out my family and I's personal belongings and private clothing out in front of everyone in search for Food. Even though we let the other tsa officer know that we had roasted nuts and cookies and told this officer the same thing. He continued to yell and slam my bags around "looking" for something that he never found. Officer Matin entered this argument to explain to me that if customs lets you through even when you claim food you must bring it to their section to check the bags just in case. That was all that was needed to be said. There was no reason for his fellow officer to slam my bags threaten me with a fine and a removal of my global entry pass for no reason.

immigration, passport control security

VIRGIN FLIGHT VS127, Arrived 5th July.

We waited in the que at the immigration hall for well over 3 hours, apparently a system failure, no help or communication from staff, when we finally reached the desk no greeting, no apologies, treated like cattle. Total lack of interaction with passengers.

VIRGIN FLIGHT VS128 Departure 9th July.

Again staff at passport control completely void of any interaction with passengers.
At security I failed the first scan, to be told rudely and abruptly to stand aside.
I accidentally leant on the scanner only to then have a FINGER WAIVED around my face by the staff member loudly exclaiming YOU, YOU DON'T LEAN ON THE MACHINE. 15 minutes later I was cleared through a second scan, again no verbal communication just a dismissive gesture of a hand.
At first I laughed the incident off, but to humiliate someone in this way and in front of everyone I think was totally unacceptable. My wife and I had enjoyed our stay in NYC but these incidents have marred our experience somewhat.
Needless to say we won't be travelling back to JFK Airport if we decide to return.


Within the past hour 9 p.m. tonight so now I've heard probably almost or at least between 15 and 20 planes back to back I've been in my apartment for 2 years and I've been annoyed by these planes this whole time but it's getting extremely ridiculous now the planes are flying so lowto my house that my apartment literally shakes and my bathtub water shakes and I've already had two panic attacks from it I live in between 88th and 87th Street in Rockaway Park just over the bridge I understand that planes have to land but please be mindful and respectfulof people's homes I can't handle going through this constantly I already have a panic disorder that I'm dealing with and these planes are triggering it real bad anxiety in me the flying way too close to my house and it's risky behavior on your part not only dangerous to myself but to those who have on board. There are plenty of times your planes fly over my house and I hear them but there is enough space between that I don't have to feel my home tremble as I'm writing this I've already heard two more planes fly over my house to add on top of 15 this is really out of control please figure it out thank you.

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    Just posted and another 2 planes flooring why are they flying so close to our houses?

person pushing wheelchair

Hello, last week, I took my mother to the airport. She had a flight going to Egypt. We had requested a wheelchair beforehand and got it, once we checked her bags. The man pushing the wheelchair kept complaining about her wheelchair. We had put it on the footrest between her legs, so he wasn't responsible for carrying anything but pushing the wheelchair. He kept complaining non-stop. It wasn't big or heavy, yet he kept saying it was. Right before he left her, he asked for money because he said that the bag was big and heavy, which it wasn't. And again, he wasn't pushing, pulling or carrying it. In the end, she looked through her bag and gave him $5. She would have tipped him, however, his behavior was rude and unnecessary. He kept constantly complaining throughout her ride and was trying to make her feel bad. Not a good way to start a trip.

duty free

On the morning of 8/6/19 we purchased our duty free, we were advised this would be dropped off at the gate as we were boarding our virgin flight back to Manchester. As we went through the boarding gate the guy indeed was there handing out duty free. Ours was not there, he tried to radio some guy and then tried on his mobile, he eventually got hold of someone and said it was on it's way. We waited as long as possible, still no duty free he advised us to give him our receipt and get would bring it on the plane, we refused to give him the receipt and got him to sign said receipt as we were not hopefull of receiving the items. We explained to cabin crew what had happened as we were last to board the plane. Unfortunately they advised us this happens often. The security checks were made and doors to the ane closed leaving us with no duty free. We still have the receipt and paid cash. The guy who was handing out the duty free appeared clueless about what we would do to claim but said he would log it as mot recieved. Now my jet lag has gone I've wrote this email so can you please tell me who I contact regarding this.
Many thanks (not)

border and custom services

So today almost all the CBP agents were not working or they were just processing 5 people and closing their door! I have waited 2hours after my flight to finally see a cbp agent which leads me to missing my flight! Note that I asked 3 agents to let me go through so I can catch my flight on time and they refused! And why the passport control would even mark an X on your receipt when it should be clear

unhelpful personnel during power outage

Last Friday (5/10), my friend and I arrived at JFK after a 9 hour flight from Budapest. We are both petite women in our 60's. We had a 5 hour layover before our flight to SFO. Because our luggage was not sent on through to SFO, we had to retrieve it and recheck it in for our next flight.

Unfortunately, to do this meant going up one level with one heavy suitcase each, plus one carryon. To our dismay, all elevators and escalators were shut down. I knew we would struggle mightily trying to get those suitcases up the escalator and started asking any airport employee I saw for a solution. Nobody cared. Nobody stopped to help as I struggled to pull my suitcase up. I was incredulous as people stood around watching me almost [censored]. My lower back is still sore from the ordeal.

It would have taken less than a minute for someone to step up and assist me and my friend, but nobody cared. They just walked on by. I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in people than I was that day.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who struggled that day. There was a woman in a wheelchair who nobody bothered to help either.

You might want to tell your employees that it's okay to stop and help people once in a while! New York already has a reputation as an indifferent place. You had the opportunity to change that and failed miserably.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Dede Tate

very nasty behavior of staff

On Friday the 10 th May we were going to Amsterdam with Norwegian Airlines.
While waiting in the hall,
we asked some information at several employees but they seemed not to be of any help, they didn't even looked in our eyes .
Cause I was recovering from a broken shoulder I used an airport- trolley while we stood in an extreme long line for the security check. Suddenly some employee shouted to me and my daughter that it was forbidden. to use the trolley.
So I went out of line and put the trolley back on its place and tried to get back in line.
Than, a man ( type Indian) started to yell that I had to go back at the end of that long line. He thought that I was trying to cheat.
I began to explain what happened with the trolley and he shouted that he was the manager of the security and that he was sure that I was cheating. Than other travelers started to interfere, but no, he wanted the police to come to arrest me and he also said that he had the power to let me miss my plane. All travelers were chocked of this brutal act towards me.
My daughter started to cry cause of stress and your so called manager kept on acting like a crazy. It felt like we were in the third world somewhere in Africa, but this was USA !
Thanks to some other travelers we could again explain our good interests.
Next was the impolite behavior at the security. Nobody acted interested, they were chewing gum and talked mainly with each other. My bag was kept apart for extra check. Fine with me. But nobody did anything during 15 minutes. Staff was just standing and acting "important " and let me wait . I have never during my travel over the world experience such nasty acting. Why is that possible in a country like the USA?
We weren't welcome at all! I am very angry about this! Especially the guy who said he was the manager! How can you ever hire a man like that in a position like that?
After a good vacation in NY we went home with a bad souvenir.
I wonder if you guys are going to reply my complains. I would appreciate it.
In Europe we don't have behavior like this.

air train/check in service jfk airport

Today we were heading to the airport and got stuck with the air train as there was a problem with the system - no trains were going to our terminal 8, we were asked to stay in the train. I started panicking after an approximately hour of waiting. We decided not to wait anymore and get to the terminal 8 going back (even though the information alert told us that the trains are stopped). Luckily enough we managed to get to the terminal 50 minutes prior to our departure, but met a complete arrogance of the jfk employees- they told us they will take our luggage (because we still managed to be in time), but they don't know about air train and this is our responsibility to come to check in earlier. They didn't want to listen anything about the situation and other people nein stuck in the trains. More over, the lady on check in told the colleague not to check anyone in for our flight anymore.
I am speechless about this situation and feel terribly sorry about the other people that have possibly missed their flights...

bad treatment

On 5/3/2019, one of my family who travels a lot between the USA and middle east. She has a green card . She was away for five months.
The officer at the airport, he asked her to setup aside and took her to the room for three hours after she arrived to the USA for nothing wrong she did.
He and his friend were verbally abusing her because she was out for five months. And because she is from middle east.
They treated her very bad. They were making fun of her passport too.
they could not find any mistake against her . Then they let her pass the boarding area.
She has her green card for a three years with no problems at all until she met the bad officers.
I wish that we have a democratic USA, and everyone will be treated the same way.

five borough food hall

4/15 10am

I got my noodles. Went to pay counter.

The cashier, Dominique, was rude, obviously hates her job. She was standing with her back to the cash register. When I said "excuse me", she had mumbled something, didn't bother to turn around. Then I realized the cash register on the other side was open. I then told her she should have turned around and addressed me instead. She told me to have a great day. I know what she really meant.

She needs to know she is in the service business.

Inattentive, rude, no attempt at eye contact. And when I politely remarked, she barked the same instructions over and over.

complaint about an employee at terminal 5

Good afternoon...I was on a flight on Sunday, April 7th leaving from JetBlue terminal 5 at JFK. I went into the Food Court and purchased coffee at the Dunkin Donuts counter. One employee by the name of Tika who works there, is the most rude and disrespectful woman I've ever met. It was 8:30am and it seems DD ran out of bagels, cream cheese and all sorts of other items. As passengers were ordering their items, she would snap at them and speak in a very rough manner. This is not the first time I've encountered her attitude before. I travel quite frequently. On my last trip back in March, I asked for steamed milk in my coffee and she sighed and got very disgruntal. This woman should not be working with customer if she does not know how to conduct herself. There was another woman who was also very nasty and mean but I didn't get to see her badge to take her name down. No one should have to deal with woman like this.

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    C.Pierce Nov 19, 2019

    Good afternoon...I was on a flight on Monday, Nov 18th leaving from JetBlue terminal 5 at JFK. Every woman I came in contact with were the most rude and disrespectful woman I've ever met varying from check-in gate staff to Restaurant staff. these woman should not be working with customers if they don't know how to conduct themselves. No one should behave this way towards another person! I would recommend avoiding this terminal!!! Fly another Airline or fly into another location.

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greetings center

Hello I am submitting this complaint about a terminal 2 older woman who works at the welcome center. She screamed at me and my family because we walked up and asked her a yes or no question. She didn't like that fact that I didn't say goodmorning. She screamed and tried to humiliate me and my family. Then, she was talking to coworkers about us. This happened on march 26th at 7:30am. I have never been treated like this in my life by a airport worker. My family is dealing with a death of my father that happened yesterday so you could imagine how horrible we already felt. She has blond hair and she has to be about 65 years old.


I checked in to jfk on 29/3/3919, for a flight at with virgin.after I did security I went to purchase drinks fir myself and daughter at McDonald's, I don't feel it was good service, than to top it off my kid was. Not put on my hot water propley fir my tea, which went on to burn my finger, but the worse thing was I went to the help desk to explain I had burnt my finger and asked if there was any first aid, I was told no, and advised to nip to the shop to see if I couldn't something, I feel to have no first aid is a disgrace, I only got assistance when I went to see if my flight was boarding g, and the virgin rep got me a burns kit from one of there planes, I also noticed a number of the staff at check in and heading towards security spike rude to people, all of the above is not what I whould expect from an international air port

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    I came to get a flight on 29/03/1019 for a flight at 11pm . I went to the McDonald's were I feel the service was very poor, kid nit in drink propley which caused to burn finger, I than went to your help desk to ask assistance fir first aid, to which I was told there was none and directed to a shop to buy something, I find it quite bad as you have franciers in there they should provide better service and to be told there is no first aid at such s large airport I find very bad, I had to wIt till 10pm to get my flight attention from virgin to go on the plane and get me a burns kit, to say I'm not happy with jfk is an understatement, also I noticed a few of the staff at check in and security quite rude to people, thankyou yvette Mcdonald

gate finder


I was taking a connecting flight on Thursday, Feb 28th arriving from Montreal and flying out to Buenos Aires. On arrival we checked the flight information displays and saw that our American Airlines flight was departing from Gate 16. We proceeded to have dinner at the restaurant right next to it to be close by. After dinner we went for walk and decided to check out your Gate finder. As we checked our flight we saw the gate was B3 (see attached). We walked towards B3 just to find out it was another flight to Rio de Janeiro. We checked the FIDS and saw that the gate was 16 and I double checked the gate finder to see B3.
The kicker was when I informed the agent at the gate about the issue, she dismissed me as if I were an idiot. I think you need to QA your system and train your staff.

gate finder

lack of communication in the airport/missed flight

Subject: complaint

Dear customer service
Dear complaint handling department

I would like to submit my complaint.

Identification items:

Harmed people
Júlia győrfi-kalmár business class
Booking reference: q75r4q
Flight: lo34 - l
Terminal: new york john f kennedy jfk 7


Péter fricsovszky-tóth economy class
Booking reference: qw8g8a
Flight: lo34 - l
Terminal: new york john f kennedy jfk 7

Description of the complaint:

 we arrived to the airport on 2nd september 2018 (sunday), 3, 5 hours earlier than the planned departure to the airport, as we read it in the instruction of the electronic ticket receipt.
 we checked in and the baggaged dispatched at around 15:15 based on the instructions of the lot airlines.
 we were informed on the checking desk that the flight is delayed 1 hour 15 the boarding pass the departure time was the updated departure time: not 17:30 but 18:45
 after the security check we asked information from the lot uniformed lady about the place of the business lounge, which was showed personally by her.
 in the display of the business lounge we followed the status of the flight countinously from around 16:30.
 unfortunately only the lo34-l flight status was not updated, only we could see is that in the comment column that it was delayed to 16:45. It means that in the comment column, it was not updated that the boarding is in progress (like the next day, please see it here in the picture when all went well)

 it was not updated that there is a final call, nothing. After 18:45, as the display was not updated and we didn't know that until when the flight is delayed, I went to the gate 5 to have some information from the lot uniformed lady. I arrived at 18:48 (which means that the business loung and the gate 5 is a 3 minutes walk) she told that the flight had already been departured.
  the lot uniformed lady told us that we could have our baggage and go where we want without any further help. So it happened that we were on the airport with our baggage on sunday evening totally humiliated and did not even realized what just happened. Only we had is a 24/7 customer service telephone number
 following júlia győrfi-kalmár business trip instructions, we had a 1, 5 hour call with the 24/7 cwt customer service, but then another 1, 5 half hour with the non-stop lot customer service without any solution on that evening/night as the polish collegues did not work then, so we couldn't modify our ticket. They told us to try to do that on monday morning.
 after this torture we tried to reserve a room via in the neighborhood of the jfk and got a taxi to take us around 11:00 pm.
 after a 6 hours sleep, we tried to modify our ticket and tell someone our complaint. After 2 hours conversation with the polish customer service collegues they modified our ticket for the next flight.
 lot told us that it is not their responsibility as they do not operate the airport itself.

Summary of the complaint

1. Not valid, not updated information in the display of the ny jfk airport terminal7
2. The loudspeaker was not audible on the business lounge, we did not hear our name

Our claim and possible solution

 we claim the modification fee for both two passengers (501 usd and 400 usd)
 we claim the transfer/taxi fees (55 usd)
 we claim the hotel fee for sunday night (243 usd)
 we claim grievance fee (100% of the sum amount above)
 total: 2 398 usd

All of our facts can be checked in your jfk airport cameras.
We really hope that in both two cases the jfk airport will handle this unfortunate situation with professionalism and empathy.

Júlia győrfi-kalmár and péter fricsovszky-tóth

Budapest, 28 january, 2019

lost and found

On the evening of December 28th I left my wallet on Delta flight 214 flight from Atlanta to JFK at 11:30pm. Immediately upon returning home and realizing I had left my wallet, I called JFK and Delta lost and found. I was told they wouldn't have it yet and to call back the next morning. I also IMMEDIATELY submitted a lost and found claim to both Delta and JFK, which I had to pay a $30 fee for. The claim is #40869. I have called at least once every day since this happened.

On January 4th I found a message on Facebook from ABM Cabin Agent Jamee Magwood that she had found my wallet and turned it in to her manager. She instructed me to call back and tell these specifics to lost and found. I've been pretty rudely told multiple times that nobody has my wallet and they don't know what to do or tell me.

Since my wallet was FOUND by an EMPLOYEE and turned in, yet not a trace of it can be located, to me that indicates that someone internally has taken my wallet or there is a big problem with negligence, as I submitted multiple claims immediately. Again, the wallet was found so somebody had it at some point. I have received multiple emails from Delta saying they haven't found it, but are still looking. This does not seem to have ever been the case. Please let me know what you or I can do to save this situation. Thanks.