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On May 12, 2019 My husband and I went into the Bountiful, Utah Jimmy Johns. We ordered two foot long sandwiches to go. We asked for bacon added to one of those sandwiches. When we got home, I realized the bacon wasn't added. I checked our receipt and found we were indeed charged for the bacon and decided to call the store. They apologized and asked my husband to go back in for a refund. When he went in the girl who prepared my sandwich argued that the bacon was there.
First, the fact that she argued she could have made a mistake was rude and unprofessional. Second, being accused of driving back to the store to falsely accuse her just to be refunded $4 was an absolute outrage.
My husband asked to speak to a manager and was informed there wasn't one onsite. Another employee asked him to write his phone number on my receipt and sssured him management would call him discuss this matter.
Needless to say, he never received a call.
He has more important things to do than to fight for $4, which I feel was the tactic here.

I am taking the time to write this complaint not for the money, but the principle.
Your customers should be treated with respect.
Employees, no matter the job, should be held accountable for the way they represent the company they work for.

I can honestly say, I am not willing to recommend nor go into another Jimmy Johns simply because of the way this situation was handled.

I would add a picture of my receipt but the store kept it, with my husband's phone number on it.

May 26, 2019
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  • Ba
      May 26, 2019

    I think you are lying. Do you want to know why. You are calling an employee a "girl" when she is clearly over 18. Calling her a girl when she is grown up is a lie. If you are lying about that maybe you ate the bacon before returning the sandwich to get your refund.girl Telling you the truth is not rude. Stop calling her a girl when itis you who is acting like a child.

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  • Fi
      May 26, 2019

    To be honest I think that you are lying. You are calling a grown woman a "girl". When you refer to an adult as a girl you are lying about whether she is a girl or a grown woman. That being said I have a feeling that the WOMAN was telling the truth. Most likely you ate the bacon and showed the sandwich trying to get a refund. What a shame. Telling you that you are wrong is not the same as rude. Please stop calling people girls(children) if you are the one that is acting like a child.

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