Jetblue Airwaysvacation number 2540794

Vacation dates 4/23/17-4/30/17
Flights were satisfactory however, the hotel accommodations at the Riu did not.
Day 1-We arrived 4/23/17and was assigned to a room on the 10th floor, room 1030. The room smelled like mildew and we instantly felt ill as my husband and I have bad allergies. We reported the problem immediately and my husband started to get a head ache. We were told to check back in the morning and they would try to get us another room. We were told that there was nothing they could do about it the first night. It ruined our first night as the smell in the room, made us sick.

Day 2- We had to go to check in by 10am to advise them we were still interested in changing our room. We were then told to return at 12 to see the new room. We looked at another room on the 18th floor. It had less of an odor but, still did not look like the room that we agreed to on line as it looked like a room in a 1980s hotel and it still stunk like mildew.

We then went back to customer service and advised them that the room was not acceptable and I asked for a refurbished room that did not smell . We then were brought up to room 604. The room was satisfactory. It did not smell like the 2 other rooms did. It smelled clean.

I then filed a complaint via email as requested by the hotel to the Riu complaint department. The claim was filed last Sunday and I still have not heard back which mirrors the poor customer service that they have.

I would like to request 2 days refund as we lost day one due to my husband's headache due to poor air quality and day two, due to looking at rooms and then swapping of rooms. We lost 2 days of this vacation that we paid for. You should not sell what they don't have. Pictures on line were not what we were given in person which is false advertisement resulting in dissatisfied customers.

May 07, 2017

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