JetBlue Airlines / ticket process and changes

Had to change a flight from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Buffalo NY on 3/31/16, with Jet Blue Airline -flight # 2466. This flight was purchase with points from my Jet Blue Account. Jet Blue charged me $270 to return my points, they mistakenly charged me twice for the two tickets purchased with points. I was on the phone with Jet Blue for over two hours trying to change return dates, which they could not work out, the only way they can
work it out it would of cost me over $600 which was not acceptable,
I did find a return flight with another airlines for $107 per ticket.
I have been a loyal customer with Jet Blue for Years, Purchase approximately 30 full flights in 3 years.
I think Jet Blue should return my $270 for hours spent on the phone and double charging my credit card. Even the supervisor called me back about the mistake they made and try to ease the pain

Apr 06, 2016

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