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I was scheduled to fly to oakland on jetblue to be a best man in a wedding at Napa. i arrived 2 hours ahead of time I went on line to check what Items you could bring on board and did what it said then when I arrived I was held up and my cologne and other personal items were taken by TSA then they made me get back in line.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Long Beach, CA This is all fine but by the time i got the gate there was still time to get on the plane the door was open and the stairs were in place as I told the person at the front I was held up and to pleae let me on the plane that iw as to be in te wedding in Napa it seemed they ere set on not letting that happen. I yelled out to the door man he looked at me shut the door then called the supervisor who then made a judgement call and would not allow it. When I approached the supervisor he blamed TSA then ran like a scared chicken...the story goes on I misse being in the wedding and I will never fly the ghetto airline again... I would reccemend you do the same or you might be waisting more of your time onew day righting the same complaint.

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  • Su
      Apr 20, 2009
    JetBlue Airlines - awful airlines
    JetBlue Airlines
    United States

    I booked my flight on But for some reason I had to cancel my plan. They Charged $100 cancellation fee. I thought cancellation fee is fair and was OK with it. But to my surprise they never returned the money back. They say they have put it in some JetBlue account. I couldn't understand what account is that.

    Bottom Line. I got ripped-off with all the money, I never got it back.

    Shame on you JETBLUE. You are really CHEAP.

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  • Ai
      Aug 27, 2009

    I used to work for an airline and I disagree with you on this. The airline is not to blame for you missing the flight, TSA is (which, for all of you readers out there, TSA is NOT in ANY WAY associated with any airlines). TSA should have had signs of what not to bring on board the aircraft and they shouldn't have made you wait on the long line again. If you arrive at the gate with 10-15 mins left for your aircraft to depart, as stated on the back of your travel pass, you forfeit your seat on the plane. This is because other customers and airline employess also have the right to get on a plane and once a paying customer is late for their flight, they have to give those seats away with enough time (10-15 mins) to get those people on the aircraft, give the captain and flight crew enough time to go over the flight details and get the plane out of the gate. Many people don't realize it but airlines are all about time. Time is everything in the airline industry and though things happen, it's not always the airlines fault. In this case, TSA is to blame and maybe you for not looking up what you can and can't take on a plane prior to going on the trip.

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  • Ai
      Aug 27, 2009

    I would have to disagree on you with this one. Your money (what you paid for the flight, minus the $100 cancellation fee) is credited to a jetblue credit- which means when you book with jetblue, you have that money as a credit on jetblue which you can use towards the new purchase you are making. The ONLY time you will EVER get your money refunded back to you with an airline ticket is IF when you book the ticket, it is a REFUNDABLE ticket. Usually, if you are buying the cheapest fare, (usually a restricted or UNrefundable ticket), it means if something should happen (should you have to cancel/change the trip, etc.) you will NOT get your money back. Instead you will receive a credit (usually good for one year from the date of issue) to use on a future booking with the airline. This goes for all airlines, not just jetblue.

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