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C Jul 24, 2019

On July 20th 2019, I was flying to Orlando with my 82 year old mom and my 19 year old daughter with jet blue on 8:45 pm flight. My mom needed a wheelchair due to her health status. From there, on check in, the staff member asked me to fit in my carry on to the slot which I did ; so it fitted and she approved it. I told her that there is only few clothes in it but it looks big. As we went to the next step, another jet blue staff member asked again. I replied to her. I just did and it was approved. So she took it to see for herself. Thus we reached to go through security, I was asked to go back to check it again. I told her that it was checked by two staff members. She replied that she wasn't there so she sent me to another spot to check the mid time the plane is about to board at 8:05 pm. From my understanding, I was pushing around with no regards to my elderly mother. When we reached to the gate, as we approached to our seats which was 6 A, B, C; we find no room to place the 3 carry_ons. One of the crew members demanded that I should find a spot in the back or checked them. As she was trying to pull my burgundy carry_on from the slot, the handle partly pull out on one side. I told her that I didn't want to check in any luggage and that is the reason why I didn't bring big suitcases. Now my carry_on is defective, couldn't use the handle when I reached to Orlando. The handle is completely out when I pulled it out from over head bin.
I actually chat with someone regarding clamming my carry on and my complaint the next day when I reached to my destination. This is mismanagement and lock of respect. Finally she found a spot on row 20 and 30 to place my carry_ons. So basically we are sitting upfront in row 6 and our stuffs are way to the back of the plane. When we landed, we had to wait for the plane to empty out before we could retrieve our belongings. As we got off the plane, there was no wheelchair for my mom. Then we had to wait again 20 mins, finally one of the crew members decided to bring her upfront. As we proceeded forward, someone came with a wheelchair. This incident was unacceptable and unprofessional. There was no emphaty and everyone thought that there was no wrong in that. I believe that it could be addressed differently. Besides it was not the time for rudeness.
My concerns were the disrespect and the mistreatment of my family and also my defective carry'on. I can only claim the carry on but I still keep my dignity. Clearly, I was furious but I kept my coolness. I hope that you can address this complaint will appreciate your quickly response. I believe that our return jetting on July 28th will be a little pleasant than the depart.
Chantalle Jones

carry on
carry on

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