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big kahuna material ripped apart poorly done

I purchase the sectional big kahuna and in march i looked the material had fallen apart. i called they sent a tech to my house he said poorly done by company and requested that i get a new set. well now i call spoke to a director not a nice woman. then a les vp also not a nice person and thye are not creditting my furniture like the tech said intead they are sending something to my house to be fixed. i am so unhappy with the srvice the attitudes and not caring people that they are and no one to turn to. the nerve to say they stand by there products and yet could care less what u r going thru and what it took for u to purchase the furniture they just dont care if have written managers ceo and nothing what can i do

Resolved bad leather

Purchased a leather couch a little over 2 years ago and the leather is completely wearing off. Called the...

Resolved management and delivery

On 12/24/10 I purchased a leather sofa and an arm chair from Jennifer Convertibles. Within a weeks time I...

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Resolved warranty issues

I purchased a furniture set consisting of a sofa, loveseat, and chair on 6/11/07 from the Jennifer Convertibles store located on 1231 Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I called Jennifer Convertibles on the dates of 3/22/10 – 3/26/10, in order to have my sofa and loveseat repaired due to peeling of the seats, cushion and back exterior. During the previously mentioned four day period, each time I called a recording would play concerning office hours; I received no response or even an acknowledgement of the problem. Once again, from 3/28 – 3/29 I called the number provided to me, only this time a recording played stating the store would be closed during the Passover holiday. Throughout the entire month of April, I called Jennifer Convertible’s furniture repair services to no avail, as I continued to receive no response. On 5/3, I received a phone call to schedule an appointment on 5/5 between the hours of 11:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m. – which no one appeared to address my grievances. I called the office from 5/5 – 5/20, again,
without eliciting a response, until I informed them that I would proceed to contact the Attorney General unless the problem was settled immediately. On Sunday 5/23, I received a message
from a woman stating that someone had indeed come to my address on 5/5 in an attempt to remedy the return, I phoned the office to notify them that the information
provided in the message was false, as my recent surgery has left me confined indoors, and no one appeared on said date. Shortly following my message, I received a call to schedule an
appointment for 5/26. On 5/26, a man did show up to observe the problem – which is about all he really did upon seeing the peeling – just observing and taking photographs. The appointment
proved to be very disappointing and extremely unprofessional, I was not once asked to sign a form nor was I prompted to give any reference number information, I was told that all relevant
information was located at the office. Before the visit ended, I was informed that I would receive a response within another 5 to 10 days. On 6/7, I received a letter in the mail stating
that the peeling could not be repaired due to neglect, which is absolutely preposterous considering the furniture was seldom used and yet still proceeded to deteriorate. Their claim of
“neglect” is contrary to what I had been informed upon purchase of the furniture: which stated that any issue regarding the furniture would be either repaired or replaced, so long as the
damage was due to no fault of my own. And yet, the Upholstery Shield Lifetime Protection Plan I purchased along with the furniture set, stated that “accidental damage” is covered. So,
according to their own warranty, even if I had unintentionally damaged the furniture they would still be obligated to honor their promise of repairing or replacing any section of the purchased set. I decided in good faith to purchase the lifetime warranty with the expectation that Jennifer Convertibles would adequately rectify any and all problems that might occur. Instead, I found them to be extremely deceptive and their refusal to accept responsibility regarding the matter only heightens their lack of decent customer service.

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    I'm not going away Apr 25, 2012

    I bought a leather sofa, chair & ottoman from Jennifer Convertibles on 02/11/07 and the Upholstery SHIELD lifetime leather protection plan for an extra $249.97. On 3/29/12 I called Upholstery SHIELD to report a rip/tear in my sofa & chair. A case was created & I was told to send in images of the damaged items. On 4/4/12 I sent in images. I called on 4/9/12 spoke to Merle who said the VP of Cust. Service, Mr. Ehrlich, said my damages were from the leather chipping and pealing not from a rip/tear. I contested, wondering how Mr. Ehrlich could have a "better" understanding of what happened in my home w/MY sofa & chair than I could. Frustrated, on 4/11/12, I wrote a letter stating my case asking if they would honor the contract & repair my sofa & chair. I received a call on 4/17/12 from Merle stating, Mr. Ehrlich is still convinced cracking/peeling is what caused the rip/tear - not covered by the agreement. It's a scam they are running to get buyers to pay $250 for a plan they won't cover.

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Resolved worst store and service

I need to complain Jennifer Convertibles for their terrible service and terrible furniture. I do not recommend anyone to buy furniture from them. Even IKEA furniture is better than them.

I bought a sofa set from Jennifer Convertibles San Mateo, CA location on Oct just 2 months, the springs of the sofa are having the squeezing noise and the middle of the sofa goes down deeper than it supposed to be when sitting on it. It’s getting extremely not comfortable to sit on and my back starts to get hurt. This is too ridicule. On 2 months, the sofa is broken. I can’t believe this is even worse than IKEA furniture. I am extremely disappointed. The manager said the sofa has a year warrant. I called Jennifer Convertibles customers service and the tech people comes 3 WEEKS LATER. But at the end of the “repair service”, he said he could not fix the springs or the noise and it’s up to Jennifer Convertibles manufacture to either fix or change it for us. He said someone will call us for 7 days but no one called us. I called their customer center and I got hold for 15 minutes and the rep. finally told me that there is NOTHING they can do. Based on their policy, the manufacture said there is NOTHING wrong with the springs ALTHOUGHT they are MAKING NOISE!!! I called back the manager and the manager said there is nothing he could help!!!

This is a terrible experience. I paid over $800 to buy a Sofa set and it is broken in 2 months. Although the agreement in the back of the receipt said it’s under 1 year warrant, but Jennifer Convertibles refused to do anything for it and said there is NOTHING WRONG???!!! What should I do with the broken not comfortable sofa that makes my back hurt? I just got that in 2 months. I am so angry and disappointed with their service. This is the worst stores and service I've ever dealt with!

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    jacobeth Mar 16, 2010

    I purchased a sectional at Jennifer Convertibles in Owings Mills, MD last October. The couch was on sale so my wife and I bought it. The delivery was more expensive than we could afford, so since I had a truck and the warehouse was only 30 minutes away I decided to drive down there to get it. Customer pick-up is available once a month so we had to wait until mid November to get it. When we were halfway there I decided to call and confirm, they said they had no record of my purchase, so we turned around and went home. I immediately called the showroom (where I made my purchase) and talked to a sales rep. He told me that the furniture was unavailable because the guy who sold me the couch made a mistake in submitting the order and another salesman sold my couch (the one at the warehouse) to another customer. He then told me that I could wait until next month (December 23) to pick it up again.

    Okay, so I understand the mix-up that happened. We're all human, and mistakes happen. But, here's the kicker. Upon telling me I would have to wait another month to pick up the couch, the gentleman at the showroom said that because the couch was marked down so low, there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO TO HELP ME. "Were making almost nothing on the purchase, " He said. Nothing they could do. I asked if I could get free shipment... nope. I would have to pay the full $150. "Could you throw in a rug for my immense troubles?" Nope.

    Needless to say, I was pretty irate by this point. I should've backed away from the deal and got the full refund they almost wouldn't let me have. Instead I consented to wait another month to go down and pick the couch up myself. I did, and now I finally have it. I will never shop at Jennifer's, again. Please inform anyone you might know in my area (central Maryland) who might be looking to get new furniture and tell them to go anywhere but Jennifer's, especially the one in Owings Mills.

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Resolved poor service

I ordered a chair and ottoman on June 5, 2009. I was told it would take 16 October, I called to inquire. Store Manager told me they lost the paperwork and would get back to me. I had to call her back after several hours and was told she was sorry to inform me that it was never ordered and my options were they could reorder or I could cancel. She further stated I may be able to get a discount that she would have to get approval for. She told me she'd call me back and to date I have not heard from her. It should be noted the furniture is paid in full and they have had my money, over $750, since June. I also expressed my concern over the fact that I clearly stated that we had pets and wanted the additional leather protection warranty. The sales person sold us the protection plan. It was later that I read the fine print and saw it clearly excluded any pet damage. I felt they should have disclosed this especially since we told the sales person we had dogs! I'm sorry I gave them my business; last year we ordered a sofa and loveseat and decided later to go ahead and order the matching chair/ottoman.

Resolved poor customer service

To make a long story short, I purchased two reclining chairs to be delivered on Wednesday September 23, 2009...

Resolved couches

Wow where can I begin, This company is a joke. They have the WORST Delivery Service and Sales representative...

Resolved bait and switch - deliberatley mis-represented product - made it impossible to return product. literally.

Thieves. Simply thieves. Michael the store manager deliberately and with total knowledge he was doing so...

Resolved bad service

I purchased 2 sofa beds on sale for $299.00 each on April April 11, 2008, the sale was to end the following day. I paid the whole amount on a credit card and chose to pick it up myself (because delivery was $139.00 per piece) As the next few days came and went, I found out that I couldn't get anyone I knew to pick up my sofas, so on Friday evening, April 14th, I phoned the store to cancel the order, there was no answer (I figured that perhaps they had closed early for Good Friday) so I went up there in person on Saturday, April 15th. I was told at that time that I COULD NOT CANCEL because I was spast the 48 hour limit, but I could still cancel; they would just keep 30 % of my total. I left the store very upset. I called the store on Monday, April 17, 2008 and spoke to the manager, Jo Anne who did indeed confirm that I could not cancel my order, WITHOUT LOSING 30 %. I phoned her manager, Lisa Hupfer on Monday, as well and left a voice mail message explaining what had happened, NO CALL BACK. I called the next 2 days, and still NO CALL BACK. NOW I'M REALLY UPSET.

If anyone else has ever experienced anything like this from JENNIFER CONVERTIBLES, please let me know. I did see on the Internet that they are being sued in New York.

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Resolved poor product/service/warranty

Stay Away - if you need convincing - read the many websites inc this one that tell their story. From the minute we ordered the leather furniture and waited 6 - 8 weeks for the furniture to arrive - to the way it is "wearing out" after a few years of normal use and no response after many attempts to have my purchased $ warrantly acted upon - no action - no contact - no customer service. Too bad - it could be so different but now I've got to pass it on and tell all myfamily and friends to stay away.

Resolved service /workmanship

purchased a dual love seat 7 mos. ago .I called for an appt. waited over 2 weeks for the service tech. Well he came and the visit lasted only about 7 minutes, where I was told that it would be another 4/5weeks for parts and materials.I gave up a day of work only to be told wait again.My appt. was for a service tech, not a job repair estimate. The quality of this merchandise is poor, and I;m afraid that when this repair is done the other reclining mechanism will need to be repaired, and with the waitng my warranty probably be void.And to think I gave up a perfectly GREAT sofa for this!!! Thanks alot, after this is repaire9I Hope) I;ll be ready for another sofa, but NOT HERE!!

Resolved uninformed

I received a delivery of my sofa bed.They were not able to get the couch through the doorway.When I called the store they informed me that the dimensions were on the receipt.At no time was I told that the couch was oversized and would not fit through a standard doorway.I would also like to mention that a love seat had been delivered with no problems.I was informed that they would charge an additional $200 dollars to reassemble my furniture.I hired someone at my own expense to remove the glass sliding doors and they are charging me to re-deliver this furniture.I don't think I should have to pay to deliver the furniture again when I could have made arrangments to remove the door the first time had I been informed that the couch was oversized to begin with.Please email me back with a response.

  • Ka
    KatieBrew Jul 16, 2009

    Hello? Did your receipt have dimensions on it? AKA...YOUR responsibility!

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Resolved fraud and scam

Maybe I should have done my research before driving 40 miles in pouring rain to get myself a smaller sofa for my new place. I was very excited to find good looking and perfect seating but extremely discouraged to find out not only was the 'local' delivery charge $160 but that my location was considered 'long distance' and would cost another $100 on top of their ridiculous delivery charges. When told about it, of course I objected and had some questions. Kudos to the sales girl, but the manager was extremely rude, wanted to 'school' me on 'Global Delivery'! I left, but returned after not being able to find something else suitable for my situation. Upon return, the manager continued to be rude to me and when I told her she was rude she became worse...and I quote...'We just need to stop talking to each other.'

Now, explain this...if all the merchandise comes from a warehouse in southern California...why is delivering to my hometown (which happens to be closer to LA than this particular store) considered long distance???? And, why would I have to sign to decline their $170 protection plan if they weren't making it optional? I am very disappointed that I wasted the gas and had to deal with a rude manager...even more disappointed that the set I wanted to purchase was perfect for my situation. Hidden costs make for false advertising in my book. These stores should be closed.

Resolved awful company

I'm not going to spend a lot of time detailing my complaint. Fact is, we all have pretty much the same complaints. From the poor quality products sold at top dollar, to botched up deliveries, to not recieving the furniture we were sold (Bait and Switch tactics), to most importantly, the cruddy customer service. I have found, to my horror, that after the shocking dealings with these con-artists, that the main reason for their ability to stay in business is that all of these complaints have been dealt with in a small scale and only locally or individually. I'm pissed, and so are hundreds of other JC victims whose stories I've read on web sites like this one. I have been inspired to write everyone of these sites in hopes to inspire nation wide action against this retail virus. I'm not waiting or holding my breath for a call from some District Manager who is obviously not going to return our calls, and I'm sure as Hell not going to sit by and allow some 'Customer Service' rep to treat me or my family like dirt for doing business with them in the first place. The only reply I'm waiting for is from the company who owns most of the shopping malls in Maryland after I directed them to these web site and to the dirty way this company is doing business. I strongly encourage any one who is currently looking at an overpriced pile of junk in their living room that they have recently become married to, to take immediate action nation wide. Contact the BBB, Attorney General, FTC, the stores land lords and especially the media. This plague is operating nationally and so should our efforts to not only rectify our injustices but to prevent further victimizing by Jennifer Convertibles. The only reason I can see that so many victims around the country are dealing with the same problem, is because there is no public awareness of this problem. Most people, like myself, went to Google search engine and clicked right on their website not even seeing the ten pages or so of warnings from other victims just like you. These web sites are a great tool, but not enough by themselves. We need to stand up and remind these hoodlums who the retail world revolves around.

The Customer!!! I'm hoping to inspire at least a mass public awareness of these crooks. I want Jennifer Convertibles scams to be as well known as McDonalds sell hamburgers. I feel an informed public has the ability to shut this company down!! If you are pissed too or have any ideas on how to put an end to the deception and the lies, please contact us at [protected] The further our stories spread, the less damage they can do!!!

  • Ka
    KatieBrew Jul 16, 2009

    I'll make my comment short...You claim to have paid "top dollar" for Jennifer furniture. Where do you you usually shop?
    K-Mart? Seems to me that these so called "con-artists" are providing better quality furniture than you are willing to pay for. Why complain?

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Resolved dishonest, disloyal and crooked

I went into JC (1231 Fulton Street) on Friday, December 12 to order a leather queen size sofa bed. At the...


My husband and I purchased 2 loveseats, coffee table, 2 end tables. When it arrived the leather was more like...

Resolved terrible experience

Almost a year ago, I spent thousands of dollars buying new leather furniture for my living room. After months of shopping, I decided on the complete set from Jennifer Convertibles. 1st mistake! Our delivery was late, they unwrapped our new merchandise in our front yard under our giant pine tree and scratched the leather on all pieces. There was a tear in the love seat and the chair. There were large, deep scratches in the sofa and love seat seat cushions and arms and the top of the ottoman. I made the delivery driver wait until I reached customer service to have the damage noted before I accepted delivery. (45 min) They said they would send a tech out to repair/replace the damaged pieces.

He came, was unable to fix anything, ordered pieces to replace and left. 6 weeks go by, many calls and no response. I receive an arm, a piece of FAKE leather and a back pillow, reschedule the tech, he comes back, wrong pieces received, can't fix anything. Says he will reorder. Many more calls, and several more months go by... nothing! Customer service is rude and offer no solutions. I called mgr where I got the furniture, he says he will help.

More broken promises, they won't even answer my calls, return my messages or emails... now what? Damaged furniture still in my living room. In 5 weeks, it will be 1 year since I ordered and still no resolution. Do NOT order from JC!!!

  • Fa
    Facelip Sep 28, 2009

    Entered Jennifer Convertible on Sunday, August 5, 2008 with my daughter. The salesmen was working with someone else when we walked in. We hovered around the door for a while and no one acknowledged us. We began to walk near the center of the store and the salesmen acknowledged and asked if we had been in the store before, and we said yes. He said he would be with us and if we had any questions we could let him know and he gave us his name. He finished with the customer he was working with and another couple walked in the store and he walked pass us rushing to greet this couple.

    I said excuse me could we ask you a question (we were seated on a couch that we wanted to purchase). He said he had to greet the couple that just walked in and I said you did not greet us when we walked you have time to answer our questions. He said "no" and proceeded to go to the other couple who came in after us. He left us sitting and totally ignored us and began asking that couple how could he help them. We walked past him and asked his name and he told us what it was. We were denied service and my twelve year old was stunned that he completely ignored us as if we were not considered as customers.

    I would not like to think that this had anything to do with race, but I will mention that my daughter and I are African American and the couple that he was rushing to help were European American. Appalled and disgusted. I am writing this to discourage anyone from shopping in this store. There are plenty of other good furniture store in Danbury that offer good service and high quality sleep sofa. I purchase one from another establishment.

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  • La
    LAVERN09 Oct 14, 2009


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Resolved awful experience

I'm a former Jennifer Convertible Sales Rep with a disability whose rights were totally denied. I can handle this, but at the costs of the environment while our country is also faced with one of the worse energy crisis in decades, a witch who needs to fly off on a flaming broom, with the knowledge of superiors, and I can tell you, knowledge of corporate executives, showed no respect for our country's national crisis, but rather took the low road, and demanded that I, a disabled citizen drive 55 miles from my home to work in their Stamford CT store, forcing me to use two tanks of gas in my Toyota Corolla per week, while our country suffers from an energy crisis.

I believe with your help, we could have a Boycott of this company become successful?

free gas offer - scam

Jennifer Convertible was offering a free $500 of gas, if you spend $1, 000+ in their store. Sounded too good to be true, and well, it was... I did get a promotional mailing from Jennifer Convertible's scam partner -

The program ( requires you to send in money to first JOIN the rebate club, then spend $100 per month at the SAME GAS STATION... then send in all the receipts so that they are received by the 1st of the month (if not, they are discarded, so to play it safe you need to spend $100 before about the 20th of the month). They will then send you $25 back every month you jump through the appropriate hoops... So it's not $500 in free gas. It's a $25 REBATE against each $100 you spend in gas at one specific gas station. If in any month you do not spend, photocopy, and send $100 of receipts to the company, you forfeit the $25 benefit for that month. To recoup the $500, you'd have to continue down this path for 20 months. It is really in bad form to pitch/promote this as FREE GAS. It is the last time I will buy anything from this company.

  • Ja
    jan Nov 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to read the fine print. Are you that lazy, you can't spend a few minutes sending receipts to get $25. Too many people are lazy and looking for lazy convenience.

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  • Fe
    FeeMoney? Jan 27, 2009

    All I know is I ALREADY SPEND $100 in GAS a month. And if someone is going to give me $25 of that back envelope of my receipts, I say DEAL!

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