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J.D. Byrider was founded in 1989 with an idea of how things could be done differently, in the used car business: put the customer first. We didn’t want anxiety in the showroom. We didn’t want distrust. And we didn’t want failure in our relationships with customers. We wanted to match good, hard-working people with the cars and financing they needed.

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising Complaints & Reviews

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / 2011 dodge caliber mainstreet

Apr 18, 2019

Me and my fiance' went to jd byrider at 6619 dixie highway in florence kentucky in january of 2018 we got the 2011 dodge caliber mainstreet from car salesman donne l moran when we asked mr moran for the carfax report he told us he didn't have a carfax report for the dodge caliber needle...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / people

Apr 14, 2019

Look everyone this is how a company works and of course the price of the car is going to be a lot more and the reason your here in the first place is your own fault well when you don't pay your Bill's that's when you have to step up and be a MAN OR A WOMAN and I am going to go to them to...

JD Byrider / a refund

Mar 27, 2019

I had a car I was looking at and was told to be able to hold the car I had to put down a 100 dollar deposit and never told me that it was non refundable due to income tax time and i'm not getting the car nor did the sales men really helped mee I didnt even get income tax this year but...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / customer service

Feb 28, 2019

This is Catrina Lissade with a 2005 Ford Explorer I just had a run in with Joe the Manager of Service in the East dundee location and I am shaking he was extremely rude to me this is my 3rd car from JD Byrider and I will never do business with your company again because of him. I have also...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / sold me a death trap

Jan 16, 2019

Ive only had my car 28 days. It has had issues since day one. They said tire could need balance. No higgie. No car needed tire rod end and wheel barrings. Didnt even have it 12 hrs. Took over a week to get it. Then had to get alignment because of them changing the tire rod end. Then car...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / the service policy

Oct 17, 2018

They provided a cut rate warranty that cost Arm and leg and they fail to fix the problems they bandage them. I have had left threating repair work done I had shot transmission and and faulty breaking system from moment the car left there lot they have put in compareable to twice what the...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / general managers at joliet and glendale heights

Oct 15, 2018

I went into the joliet office may 21, 2018 to get my registration put into my name because the buyer received a dui and his plates are suspended. They told me your fine you can drive e on those plates. Five months later I get pulled over for suspended plates and the office had told me it...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / unprofessional/ waste of time

Oct 09, 2018

Myself and My Wife went to JD Byrider in Monroeville Pa. Before I get fired up I wasted almost 2 hours of driving to there dealership. Never got to look at one vehicle or test drive. Thank God! We sit with the salesperson 10 feet from a window that was busted out the day before couldn't...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / 2011 dodge caliber mainstreet

Sep 25, 2018

Me an my fiancee are financing a car that we we got through jd byrider 6619 dixie highway florence ky 41042 the 2011 dodge caliber mainstreet that we financed witb jd byrider is a piece of crap the car is worthless we have put almost $500.00 into the car we've called several times to get...

JD Byrider/CNAC / payments

Sep 17, 2018

Took out two payments when they only should have taken out one. Said they never got the second payment, but my account was overdrawn. Today they took out the second payment again and I am overdrawn again. I have to clean up their mess again. I am angry and frustrated. It will cost me money...

JDByrider / payments

Aug 08, 2018

In January of this year I made a 165.00 payment plus another 328.00 payment just so I can make my payments once a month, so I been paying once a month since January now they called me this month and said that I was late on my payment this was on the 3rd of August Sir I'm not late my next...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / employees

Jul 06, 2018

I have been a customer with JD Byrider for 4 years now. Every time my car payment is due here come the harassing phone calls and text messages. However it's one employee in particular that I'm referring to and her name is Kimmie and she works at the Lynchburg Virginia store. She will...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / truck repair door latch,

May 14, 2018

In early February, I put my truck in shop, nothing was wrong with it besides the door was jammed. I contact service several times to ask what was going on with truck. I got the run around for weeks. I finally went down there they tell me I have to pay for part. I paid it, they ordered it...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / putting me in a different car

May 02, 2018

My name Wendy Boyd. I had a car from J. D. Byrider. It was in a accident, which was the other vehicle fault. The other insurance put me in a rental and deemed my vehicle a loss. J. D. Byrider received the settlement for some of what was owed on the car but because I just got the car in...

JD Byrider / releasing consumer information to public

Apr 16, 2018

Ive had my car through jd byrider out of garden city idaho for about a year and an ex employer called them live on facebook and the lady at jd byrider just sang out my consumer information that is supposed to be private. I went to the manager about it and they offered to pay 3 months of...

J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising / credit reporting

Feb 22, 2018

Good afternoon! My name is Keandra Kornickey and I'm having great concerns about jd byrider Columbia sc location not reporting my payments to the credit bureau. I've checked all three bureau and only thing on there is inquiries and not payment history as well as a payoff. The...

JDByrider / car sales

Feb 01, 2018

This dealership is very deceptive. I purchased a car on a Saturday night from the dealership. The very next Friday the car is broken and in for service. After talking to several of the people I lost faith in the company as I could tell they were lying. I have audio recordings with...

J.D. Byrider / burlington ia jd byrider

Jan 23, 2018

Here is my number I had already written my complaint I forgot to post my number so if u could give me a call back at 319 461 7689 I would really appreciate it my car I got was a Pontiac grand dam so plz call me within 5 to 7 days I would like to talk about this so plz in my favor I...

J.D. Byrider / car and service

Dec 27, 2017

Hi my names armando torres last year i went to get a vehicle from you Glendale heights location i seen that your company can help and you have reliable vehicles. Unfortunately within the first month there was issues and more issues occurred until last incident where axel fell off while i...

JDByrider in Pensacola Florida / entire jd byrider in pensacola, general manager john, cnac, (matt,) service dept steve aaand mgs of service dept and secretary

Dec 26, 2017

Bout a car from JD Byrider in Oensacola Florida in April of this year. Began having problems with my car which is a 2006 Toyota Scion XA, told them when i bought ot i was gonna put alot of miles on it necause of the type of work i did which was fooodconsessions, i drove to Shreveport...

J.D. Byrider / the service center

Dec 06, 2017

Hi I purchased a car from you guys it's beginning to give me problems that's understandable but I have to say that the people at the service department are the worst this is not the first time I've complained about their poor customers and communication skills not only bad they don't pick...

J.D. Byrider / not happy with service at st. cloud location

Nov 14, 2017

After 5 months of complaining about my car transmission issue, electrical issue and also oil changes they finally took my car in for repair and get there for them to say there all booked up and can't look at it till Saturday called Saturday they said the mechanic when on vacation to La...

J.D. Byrider / my warranty and not getting my car fixed

Nov 10, 2017

My car is a 2010 dodge avenger sxt 2.4L L. My name is Anthony Hopkins. I have only have my car for 1 year and 3 months. My throttle body unit went out and is only letting me get up to 15 mph. Now apparently it is not Covered by the crappy warranty that JD Byrider offers. My throttle body...

JDByrider Reading PA / purchased vehicle

Oct 29, 2017

I purchased a vehicle from jdbyrider reading pa, I was conviced to leave the lott with an uninspected car cause was promised that it would b taken cared of. Began having problems with that car from the time I left the lott, a busted muffler, transmission problems that they keep telling me...

J.D. Byrider / poor service

Sep 26, 2017

I leased a car from jd byrider and had problems from day one. On the first day I got the car I told russell the sales rep after test drive and he said service would take care of it. I took it to service department several times. Nothing. Kept saying it's suppose to drive like that and...

JD Byrider / service problems/car payments

Sep 08, 2017

My name is Lashonda Spratt Please call me at (901) 336-7567 I need help on this situation with so much problems I'm having with this car and also never been late but once after all the time I been with JD byrider now it's a problem for not getting a one month of no payment since I been...

J.D. Byrider / employees that are harassing me and using the skip tracing system for personal use to locate me and harass me and my family

Sep 01, 2017

I have a complaint with 2 employee's that have been harassing me and my family. I called 8-31-17 and spoke with someone in the customer service department concerning this incident. The two employee's are Keli Whitley and Brandy Whitley. First off I have relocated my residence and...

J.D. Byrider / 2011 chevrolet malibu & unauthorized transaction

Aug 28, 2017

I did a trade-in for a Chevrolet Malibu on August 10th of this month I've gone through so much stress and unnecessary unprofessional service. I had the car for 1 week & my oil was 32%, my headlight was out, windshield wipers weren't changed and needed to be changed badly, all my fluids in...

JD Byrider / 2009 kia sportage

Aug 25, 2017

Wednesday 8-23-17 my car caught fire in the middle console. I managed to get the fire out and call police and fire department which they said is worried for that to happen. I also connected kia and jd byrider in Easton Pa. All I want is to now get out the contrast and get my money back I...

JD Byrider / charged for insurance

Aug 10, 2017

Went in last week hoping they'd help me defer a couple payments due to medical situation. After they made me feel like I was a horrible person to even ask such a thing, I left and was so upset I literally had to pull over cause I couldn't even drive. Two days later they sent a 78.00...

J.D. Byrider / 07 chrysler sebring purchased from pearl ms

Jul 11, 2017

I've had this car for a little over a year after 5 weeks my car had to go to the shop and had been many times since then for multiple things the check engine light has remained on and it has always had a ticking noise they said it was probably a lifter I asked for another car because thi...

J.D. Byrider / my car had been out the shop and back in the shop going on 3 weeks

Jun 22, 2017

I'm so frustrated!!! I'm trying to remain humble and calm... but today I have had enough!! I've had my car going on 3 years never missed a payment nor have I ever been late in my car note... my car had been in and out the shop going on 3 weeks now and today makes a week I been without a...

JD Byrider/CNAC / everything

Jun 07, 2017

Do not get a car from here!!! Horrible! The whole experience with this company has been awful from the start. You got to do ridiculous paperwork to "qualify". Then we get the car at midnight after the first wanna be sales rep screwed the paperwork up. All you gotta do is figure out...

JDByrider / scam

Jun 02, 2017

Yes they are nice and friendly in the beginning but watch out for the that they are a ripe off they came to nite and got the vehicle I had charging me over 12, 000 dollars and in the kelly book it only worth 1, 500 and its a shame how our black people like greg and the others who work for...

CNAC Wisconsin / Harassing phone calls

May 28, 2017

I'm filing an harassment complaint against CNAC Brookfield, WI. Their account managers are calling my sister, first of all I never gave them her number!! Second, they have a number to reach me about payments. However, I spoke with my account representative, Charlotte Wilson, 262-787-9600...

J.D. Byrider, Erie PA / rip offs bigtime

May 04, 2017

I purchased a vehicle from them during what was advertised as a " 0 down sale". Despite that I had to put $800 down! Within an hour of purchasing the car the engine light came on. I took it to the dealer and they gave me a myriad of things that it could be but didn't do anything to fix it...

JD Byrider / erie, pa

Apr 01, 2017

Within hours of buying a vehicle from them the engine light came on. They did nothing to fix it. That costs me over $400 immediately. They advertise "buy here pay here" that is a lie. The dealership does not take payments. The car they sell you is generally over priced by 4 or 5 times the...

CNCA Finance. (JD Byrider) / car I no longer have.

Mar 14, 2017

I have not. Had the ford focus for. About 3 years it broke. Down I called for them to pick up the car. This was in 2013. They sold the car now they want me to pay for the car they sold. And they will not send me a paper stating I do not have the car. The gentleman I spoke with (Don rite...

JD Byrider/CNAC / loan process

Mar 07, 2017

I purchased a car from this dealership 10/2016. I put a $500 down payment and was told if I put some of my tax refund down as a deffered payment, it could lower my overall amount owed. I signed up to put $1500 of my tax refund after I filed the following year. I wound up getting my taxe...

J.D. Byrider / financing for cars that are not worth it!!!

Jan 20, 2017

I purchased a 2009 Ford Fusion from Monroeville J.D.Byrider. My car literally sounds like it is going to fall apart. Eveytime I take it to be serviced, nobody knows what is wrong. I pay 207.42 every 2 weeks for a car that squeaks, the mirror wont move, and now the rear defrost is not...