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I have purchased Stafford underwear both briefs and t-shirts for the late 20 years with no problems. The last two times I ordered two packs of each and the quality has been hideous. I don't mind paying for good merchandise and these have fallen apart or had holes in them and the briefs all stretched on first wash. I will be glad to contact Stafford directly if you will give me an email address. The first time I contributed it to a bad lot but secound time and same mess is not acceptable as much as we pay for them. Please advise where I need to direct my complaint.

Thank You

Sally Wanna


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      Sep 27, 2018

    I've worn Stafford briefs for over 35 years and they've been great. I just bought a dozen new ones and sadly found out that they have changed the leg band fabric so that they stretch out about 2 or 3 inches in a few hours until everything is hanging out. Must be made with Chinese quality now. I sure won't be buying anymore.

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      Nov 24, 2018

    I have switched to stafford underwear and T-shirt’s within the last year, I honestly like them very much. But the waistband is coming apart, while the rest of the underwear is still good. I didn’t complain when there were mediums in my large packages. Can we complain directly to stafford?

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      Mar 21, 2019

    I purchased a pack of 4 Stafford white classic fit t-shirts premium performance heavyweight on 2/20/19 and exchanged the size on 2/25/19. After being washed once, the neck band has separated from the shirt. Very disappointed. Since they have been washed and worn are we able to return them to the store? If not, how do we get our money back?

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