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i was at JCPenney today with my wife and she was looking for a summer dress, she found the dress she wanted and picked up two different sizes. we walked to the nearest dressing room and she went in to try them on, after about 30 seconds she calls out to me "i cant get the dress zipped up, my arm's cant reach that far back", so i got up and went into the dressing room to help her. After i zipped the dress up i exited the dressing room and so did she to look at her self in the gigger outside mirror, when she was done we both went back into the dressing room again.

About 20 seconds after re-entering the dressing room, i hear "excuse me, men are not allowed in the womens's dressing room", i exited the dressing room and so did my wife, i said to the women "she cant get the dress zipped up without my help", in response the women said "well im calling security" i said "go right ahead" and me and my wife re-entered the dressing room. My wife finished trying on her dresses and we continued looking around the store whe a woman appering to be the manager came up to me and said "Men are not allowed in the womun's dressing room", i told her "she cant get the dress zipped up without my help, what do you propose i do?" AND BELIVE IT OR NOT SHE SAID " YOU AND YOUR WIFE NEED TO GO THE THE "MENS" DRESSING ROOM AND YOU CAN HELP HER THERE BECAUSE WOMEN FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE YOUR IN HERE"

I said "EXCUSE ME? BUT THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!, MY WIFE WOULD FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE GETTING DRESSED IN A MEN'S DRESSING ROOM", now I'm 6 feet 2 inches and to see into another woman's dressing room i would have to climb the dressing room wall, but i am not a pervert and not looking to get my jolly's of to any woman, I'm just helping my wife try on clothes. What the Manager told be makes no sense at all and she is stupid in my opinion, why can a man not help his wife or girlfriend get dressed?, and if it is a store policy, WHICH IT IS NOT, it should be posted.

Update by Mr. Cullen
Aug 22, 2010 1:21 am EDT

your are stupid "manners101" every one says something about "calling the police"...calling the police would not do a damn thing because i have done nothing illegal!

i was not spying on anyone and you would look stupid for calling the police and i would laugh at you because there is no policy against men in the womens dressing room anywhere!

you need to realize that men help there wifes in the dressing rooms all the time and until JCPenney gets a dressing room where i can help my wife in privacy, i will continue to go into the womens dressing room.

i went in with her again into the womens dressing room today to help her again.

so screw off you loser women who think all guys are perverts and when something happens to you and you need help in the dressing room from your husband or boyfriend, i hope he is off cheating on you :)

Update by Mr. Cullen
Dec 06, 2009 12:07 am EST

Thank you "whatsupworld" and "F0xh0undX" finally, two people who understand what I am saying. I don't know why others can't understand where I am coming from like you can, I am not a pervert or a stalker or rapist, I am a man who was helping his wife, it is that simple. But people always assume the worst in people I guess. At least some people have brains like you two, again thank you.

Update by Mr. Cullen
Sep 07, 2009 11:10 pm EDT


Update by Mr. Cullen
Jul 26, 2009 9:52 pm EDT

Okay, first of all. To "MZMICHIGAN" your comment: If another man was in the dressing room helping his wife or girlfriend dress I would NOT have a problem with it as long as he is not there to snoop around and not trying to get a peek at my wife. To "Common Decency" your comment about buying a Playboy Porn Magazine is 100% STUPID (I never said I was there to try and look at women nude) if I wanted to see a women naked I would look at my wife. PEOPLE are not understanding anything about what I was trying to say and anyone who says anything like what the comments are so far are just as WRONG. It is NEVER a store Policy that a man cannot be in a womens dressing room to assist his wife or girlfriend. Also to "Common Decency" you calling me a Pervert is very STUPID also, and saying my wife is not to bright is also STUPID, my wife is very bright, and a lot smarter than you are. I dont care if there are UNISEX dressing rooms, most stores don't have them anyway, thats why the manager at JCPENNY didn't know what to tell me. That's why there are walls in regular dressing rooms. Also to "Common Decency" saying your husband would punch me in the face is STUPID, if he did, he would be arrested and charged with assault and would face Jail time, so again, YOUR STUPID. (NOT ALL MEN ARE PERVERTS, I AM NOT A PERVERT FOR BEING IN THE DRESSING ROOM WITH MY WIFE TO HELP HER WITH HER DRESS, I WAS NOT LOOKING OVER THE WALLS TRYING TO CHECK OUT WOMEN, I DID NOTHING WRONG AND SINCE THIS ORIGINALLY HAPPENED I HAVE HELPED MY WIFE IN ABOUT 50 WOMENS DRESSING ROOMS AND WILL CONTINUE TO FOREVER, and if anyone has a problem with that then TUFF LIFE and suck it up :) :)

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Mar 18, 2022 11:00 am EDT

A man has no right to be in the women's dressing room. Period. End of story.

All dressing rooms in the stores have dressing room attendant's to help in matters of a female customer having short and stubby arms and legs that prevent her from reaching long places.

There are men who for whatever reason feel that they need to violate other women's right to public privacy.

The laws in California do not protect women and girls in bathrooms and dressing rooms. This state is 100% "unlawful" and immoral in every single way.

Jun 09, 2018 6:49 am EDT

I just experienced something similar today me and my eleven year old went into a fitting room and saw a man trying to go into the female fitting room with his son I told told him he was not allowed to go in there because it was a female fitting room. Looking at the comments I feel there should be a fitting room that is unisex in order to avoid this problem. That way the customer would be able to go in with is wife. He is lucky that he didn't go into a JC penny in NY he would have gotten beat up. We don't play . Don't try that in New York.

8 years after the OP but oh well...
why do all the [censor] women who commented on this thread act like dressing rooms are just one big room with no doors or walls where women roam naked... lol. I feel like none of you have had long term significant others. as a woman as long as there is doors and walls in between us i don't care if youre in there with your wife. I can't recall anytime I saw a man helping his lady and my first reaction was "damn what a $$$$ing pervert." It's usually quite the opposite, i think it's sweet that youre so willing to go into womens dressing rooms and shop with her. Also if i don't happen to see you when youre going in or out i would probably have no clue you were in there in the first place. Theres unisex/family bathrooms in womens restrooms at the mall but nobody complains about that making them uncomfortable when it's just the same. stupid SEXist broads like the ones who commented on this are the reason suicide rates for men are skyrocketing.

May 12, 2016 5:44 pm EDT
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JC Penney is charging taxes on the shipping price as well.
I dont think that is Fair pricing.

Oct 12, 2014 11:50 am EDT

When I wanted to show my husband how I looked, I would step outside where he waited, to do so. He did not have to enter my fitting room with me. Regarding 'helping me zip up', if I couldn't zip it myself it probably didn't fit. Another thing, very often I would step outside of my booth to see myself from a distance in the larger mirror. If there were a man in there, even if I was covered, I would not have been comfortable. Males and females need dedicated fitting rooms!

Nov 09, 2013 12:35 pm EST

Alright so I know this thread is very old, however I wanted to post in response to the unintelligent and obviously single women who have responded to this post negatively. Think about this for a moment, the majority of those dressing rooms have NO signs which direct what sex they are. And on top of that if there were, are you telling me that you wouldn't feel just as entitled going in to the dressing rooms in the men's section with your husband to tell him what he picked out was wrong. Or how about this. In your small point of view on the world have you glanced around at the fact that those same dressing rooms have standard walls separating each one and doors nearly as thick with... Get this... Locks. And even more so the fact that said walls are at least two feet taller then even the above average height man. Or the fact that women can creep on women's dressings rooms as well. And last but certainly no least. 99% of all you women are too insecure about your bodies that I don't understand why you would want to have a retailer force you out of those locked doors and high walls out into the public eye just so your husband or significant other can help pick out the perfect fitting, or good looking clothes. When in fact the majority of the men out there hate shopping and waiting outside these dressing rooms anyways they would still rather ensure there wives were comfortable with their choices and much rather be doing that privately in a locked dressing room.

Jan 25, 2013 9:16 am EST

First of all the idea that men are trying to get their "perve on is stupid". Are women running
around nude in the changing room? I dont think so. I have seen women in mens changing
rooms all the time. Plus women that work in the store as well as women customers have
opened the changing room door while I was getting dressed. Wow maybe that makes them
perverts. I dont think so. Many of these changing rooms have changing stalls with broken door locks. Wow maybe it is a conspiracy to walk in on men while changing. I dont see anything wrong with men going in a womens fitting room. There is one store that allows
their gay male employees to routinely check the fitting rooms. We all need to calm down it is silly.

Jan 23, 2013 4:27 am EST

People with even the slightest bit of common sense should have no problem letting a person of a different gender into a specific dressing room to help their partner or children try on outfits unless there are no walls/doors to lock the privacy of the rooms. Get real, firstly, do you really think that they will try peeking in front of their partner? Also, what are the individual rooms for, then? If it was supposed to be a gender based thing, then there should have been a whole area with some curtains to support faster changing and accommodate more people at once instead of having them wait in line for the next room to be free.

The ONLY reason that people should have to complain about this and call security is IF the person starts acting creepy which is guaranteed to never happen unless the person is nuts (no one in their right mind would take the chance of being branded a pervert in front of their family and risk getting arrested).

The person who designed dressing rooms with actual doors did it for this reason: So that people that are related can have privacy. If people cannot enter into the room where you are changing, they cannot do you any harm, period.

Jun 10, 2012 8:54 pm EDT

Stay out of the women's dressing room. Plain & simple.

Jun 10, 2012 8:48 pm EDT

The dressing rooms have doors. You're not bothering anyone else unless you open, or in other way look inside that door. So it doesn't matter if a husband and wife share a dressing room, not at all. Male / Female section of the dressing rooms are often in the same room, just at the right or left of it so you're still just feet's away of where someone else of the opposite sex is trying on clothes behind closed doors (sounds really frightening doesn't it? haha)

Mar 16, 2011 3:17 pm EDT

damn pervert

Mar 16, 2011 3:08 pm EDT

It isn't a fraud - in the JCPenney where I used to work, the managers told us to type in a fake e-mail if the customer declines to sign up for the rewards program. It's because they need to fill a quota.

Dec 26, 2010 8:15 pm EST

This is a very hard situation to view. Shes your wife, and you helped her but at the same time, it says 'WOMEN Dressing Room'. Mr.Cullen, don't you think that a women dressing room would allow men to enter the dressing room when it specificallly says Women? This is what I would have done.
If I were to try on a dress and I couldn't get the zipper up in the changing room, I would have walked right out of that stall and would have came to you outside of the changing room to where you can zip it up for me. Thats alittle bit more reasonable.. but to go into a changing room where there are other women around is alittle different. And be more respectful if a clerk or some woman came up to you and asked you to leave, be more mature about it instead of being inconsiderate of what people think. I am not trying to point fingers or anything but next time if you wife needs help getting dressed, have her put the clothes on and help her zip it up OUT of the changing room. :)

Sep 05, 2010 3:30 pm EDT

Look, it is okay for a pervert like you to make other women feel uncomfortable but it is not okay for them to ask your wife to change in the dressing room for men. Funny how stuck up you are.

Aug 22, 2010 12:00 am EDT

Look, bottom line is it's a changing room by womens clothing, use common sense. Just beccause you are related to that particular woman doesnt mean you have the right to intrude on other female paying customers who wish to try on and purchase clothing in privacy. You are overstepping your boundaries and need to wake up before the police get called next time and you as well as JC Penny make the news in not a very flattering way. Show some consideration and decency for other women, not just your personal needs. Tell your dependent wife to either purchase it and have you zip it up and down all you want in the privacy of your own home and return the thing if it doesnt fit. What is this world coming to that we cant even try on clothing without some guy trying to enter a "no enter" zone.

I just experienced this myself and am tired of this intrusive behavior! Next time I am calling the police!

Feb 05, 2010 6:59 pm EST

big deal, grow up and let your wife get dressed by her self

Dec 07, 2009 11:53 pm EST
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Also, if you feel intimidated because a man is helping his wife/girlfriend with a zipper than you must have low self esteem. Some dresses (not talking from experience) are hard to zip up because the zipper is at the back and it is hard to reach back there. Ever had to scratch your back in a place where you cannot reach? Sort of the same thing.

Dec 07, 2009 11:51 pm EST
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You know what, NonnieMouse, to be respected you have to earn respect, and you are rude to everyone on this site whether they are nine or whether they are eighty. You are rude to everyone that disagrees with you, make slanderous posts, lie, ect.

As for the gentleman, I myself don't see a problem with you in the woman's changeroom, and for those women that commented if their husband's, boyfriend's saw him in the womens changeroom they would give him a straight punch to the face, well that is barbaric. If i saw a man helping his wife while my girlfriend was changing I would not punch him in the face, if the man was peeping at her, I would like to punch him in the face however we would have them call security and let them deal with it. What if the person your boyfriend punched pulled out a knife or a gun.


you are not alloud in the room to change only to help her so you did not break the rules because you was only helping now make a comment on my letter mr collen.

Dec 04, 2009 9:06 am EST

Mr. Cullen, I totally agree with you. I don't see anything wrong in you helping your own wife get the zipper up. The main reason is, as long as you keep your eyes on your wife & not other women, then that's fine. As for me, I've not done so with my girlfriend as I'm too afraid & embarrassed about staffs in the stores coming to me telling me the same thing like in "whatsupworld"'s reply.

Dec 01, 2009 1:06 pm EST

For those of you complaining about men in women's dressing rooms, are you changing out in the OPEN or what? If you are uncomfortable being seen, don't open the door naked. I am a woman and I don't want to see it!

I had a similiar experience as Mr. Cullen. My 16 year old sister and I were shopping for a dress for her homecoming at Dilliards, in which she was a queen candidate. Once she picked out the dress she wanted, she was going to call our dad who was shopping at another store to come look at it. He just got a new job and was not going to be able to attend her event, so she wanted him to at least be a part of getting a dress for it. She put the dress on and called him and he came to the store. I escorted him to the dressing room hallway to where she was so she could show him the dress. She was very shy about being seen in it at the time (you know insecure teenager stuff) and didn't think she would look good in it until she tanned and got a girdle.

Anyway, as soon as my dad walks back there, a store clerk starts freaking out yelling "Sir! Sir, get out of there! You can't be in there!" My dad freezes, his face gets red and he walks out of the hallway. Then, another clerk proceeds to tell him "You can't go back there!" in a very rude manner as he is walking by. He is so embarrassed and upset that he leaves the area. I go back to check on my sister and tell her he can't come see her dress. She is on the verge of tears (because my father can't be a part of her special event and she has no mother to help her pick out her dress--she passed away when my sister was only 6).

I explain all this to the clerk who just walks off. I tell my sister he is probably not going to get the dress because of how the clerks treated him. The clerk overhears this and after my sister is dressed comes rushing over saying "oh, let's see what we can do to help out." Then, and only then, do they try to accomadate us. Anyway, my sister got the dress, but only after a very emotional experience.

I understand the reasoning behind their policy (which was NOT posted), but the world isn't black and white and they should have handled the situation with some common sense and respect. How would these women feel if their daughter was treated this way, and they were not around to be there for her? My problem is that they go out of their way to tell at a man who is trying to be a supportive father, because some women are uncomfortable with men being in a dressing room. Why do they choose to accomadate one group, yet completely ignore girls like my sister who have no mother to help them? What if my sister was only 6 years old? Were do they draw the line?! What if a female was in the male's dressing room, would they make a huge scene out of that scenario?

Props to Mr. Cullen for pointing out male discrimination.

Sep 07, 2009 12:28 am EDT

Oh, and Mr. to you going into 50 more dressing can be sure I will phone the police if you are EVER in my dressing room..screw security...

and if my hubby is with me he is gonna knock your punk ### OUT!

Sep 07, 2009 12:18 am EDT

Completely agree...get the ### OUT of the dressing room ###! There is a reason there is a DRESSING ROOM! If women wanted to show you their ### naked, they wouldn't bother to go into the dressing room. ###! You should have been arrested.

Jul 26, 2009 4:02 am EDT

One question and one statement?! How would your wife feel if there was a man in the fitting room and she was trying on clothes? Sometimes you have to look at thing from others point of view. It called be considerate of others and not just yourself.

Jul 18, 2009 2:58 pm EDT

HELLLLOOOOOOO...wake up mental ###s, It's a WOMEN'S dressing room ! If I was naked behind a curtain and my husband was there an saw you walk out of the next room, you'd get punched in the face.
You don't belong there. period. Idiots. If your wife would feel so uncomfortable in the men's dressing room, what makes you think other women feel comfortable with YOU in OURS ?
It IS policy, all over California and everywhere else, just as it is policy to keep you mongrels out of women's bathrooms.
Your wife sounds like a ### for one, she can't zip her own dress ? Then why is she buying it ? And she's not too bright to ask her pervert husband to come snoop around where other women are half naked.
When they post WOMEN'S changing room, that should be a clue...and yes...that IS posting it. Stay the hell out...go get a Playboy and use that instead of slithering around women's changing rooms. Next you'll be crying that you wre in a women's bathroom looking under stalls cuz your stupid wife couldn't get her tampon out !

Jul 21, 2019 1:56 am EDT

This has got to be the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. It can be hard to reach the back of a dress so she needed help. What’s wrong with that? Her husband was simply there to help not check everyone in the other dressing rooms out. Grow up.

Jul 10, 2009 9:24 pm EDT

It happened to me tonight, with my wife and I.. She was simply trying on dresses, not that I needed to help her but I was confronted by Loss prevention 1 minute after being in there... Theres NO signs saying womens only... They said USE COMMON SENSE... I said I did. In Old navy, Sears, American Eagle, they have unisex dressing rooms. AND YOURS SAYS NOTHING OF... No men allowed in dressing room.

The picture below is the bellend Loss prevention guy who wouldn't identify himself.

Apr 22, 2009 3:32 am EDT

omg thats bs i would have told them off i be damned if i dont help my wife out they ever do that here and they will get a ear full

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