JCPenneyreimbursement for returns to store

J Sep 01, 2018

Purchased items on line and in store. Returned all on-line items. Only kept 3 items from store purchases, which cost, with tax, approximately $40. JCP credit card balance says I'm owed approximately $130. I paid one bill of $117 and another of $86.17. Have reached out to store manager, who first called me about 5 weeks ago and said he was working on the issue (Friday, 3pm) -- phone rings twice 2 hours later and then hangs up --figured it was from local JCP manager (Wilmington, NC). Call to follow up next week and learn he's on vacation (how rude to tell me he's going to get it fixed but not to let me know he's on vacation the next weeks -- not managing my expectations very well. I reach out to District Manager (Terry ??) who said he asked synchrony bank to work on the issue - but he left me no number to call him back. Have heard nothing from District Manager or Regional Bank so far. On Monday this past week, noticed two calls, no messages left, from JCP in Wilmington. Friday, Store Manager calls me at 5pm and says he wants to get this settled, but didn't give a time. I suggested next week -- he said he'd only be in the store on Wed. I'm tired of JCP's game playing. Loved the JCP store at Tyson's Corner in VA when lived there -- had no issues with any of this. All corporate does is send a message to the manager about my complaint. WHEN WILL SOMEONE DO SOMETHING TO ASSIST WITH MY ISSUE?

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