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I have been in the JCPenney Salon working as a Salon Manager. Those of us that worked through the bankruptcy, pandemic (put on furlow 3 times) and our location had an arsonist start 10 fires in our building to which they had to repair (shut down and back on furlow) have had a lot of challenges at our sf bay area location.

Supervisors unfortunately have a lot work to cover, few hours and not great pay. I get they might be resentful towards us that make decent pay.

The following is 100% accurate and still is currently.

I have had issues with a assistant manager that was hired after her company closed. This individual has no urgency for achieving goals. Her team sits in thier private office and laughs and talks for hours. Supervisors have shared office space but these have a big asstant manager office.

I have been harrased and excluded. My food stolen out of frig and given to all the supervisors to enjoy. They wont go to do a bag check for me, They call for meetings when I clock for lunch to eat birthday cake and most hurtful they won't acknowledge my birthday with the traditional happy bday text. I Have made formal complaints about the Assitant Manager so she allows it and even has retaliated by allowing my team to take time off or leave while they are to do a promo for a family part not letting me know or even coding the schedule correctly. She is dirty and has favorites to witch causes a false since of intidalment to my team she makes special arrangements for. I dont allow bullying and they harras and a exclude me from even opening the door to get in when the store opens. There is nobody to help work through issues. Gm is not doing much. He is passing yhe buck and painting a picture of what she thinks is going on. I deserve to work in a positive work enviorment.

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