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The store manager is horrible. She has some sort of drug issue or something associated with being bipolar, because she is always nice one minute then she pretends like she doesnt know you, or say hello. She usually demands things instead of asking. Another thing is if you happen to do a mistake like.. GO to her for help about a issue or something along those lines she WILL get back to you and not give you the same amount of hours on your schedule until you get on her good side again.It's always a fear of speaking up about a problem with another associate or anything because we know she will get back at us by taking our hours away. Its horrible that any associate or person would take advantage of their power like that. SHE knows that she has power and she takes full advantage of it. She never keeps anything confedential, if you open up about anything within one day the whole staff will know about it. Even if its personal. SHE has threatened associates with firing them if they do or don't do what she ask from them or what's expected. Everyone really tries to understand her and get along but there is only so much we can take. Also she sends a few associates home for wearing appropriate career pants but she walks around with mini skirts and spaggety straps around the store. I just want to work somewhere fair. Another thing is that she has her favorites associates and treats them WAYY better then others. It's just not right. There is much more but I just wanted to say what no one is speaking up about.


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    Lisa lob Aug 19, 2018
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    Verified customer

    As well meadows mall the exact same thing going on favoritism managers talking down to people being nice to the ones they like and giving hours to them instead of loyal long time employees this is just disgusting JCPenney is a absoulutly horrable company managers are assess

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  • Tr
    Tracy C. Jun 03, 2016

    To whom ever wrote this complaint,
    Please contact me at my email address so we can discuss this post.
    I have a complaint of my own but prefer to go directly to the store at the Lansing mall. Thank you

    [email protected]

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    1 of the Good ones Aug 07, 2017

    @Tracy C. So, this post is similar to what happened to me at the JCPenney store in Des Peres, MO. I too am a great employee and was being charged by the new LP with fraud. First of all, when they put you on the floor your first day, it's like throwing you to the wolves. Now I admit, that I did a self transaction. But, it was when no one had expressed the rules that they continued to change. I've seen other employees do this but in my case, I was the ONLY cashier available at that time. I mean there have been so many times I've either had to call for "customer first" or an LOD; only to have no one come help that I became impatient. This last time though, I made a return there under my husband's id because I didn't have mines on me. She told me I couldn't do that and there was no way to prove he is even my husband? Also, I'm very short and petite and find it hard to fit the pants there so I buy them from the kids department. She proceeded to try and inform me that I used my discount inappropriately on top of coupons and customer service certificates. Therefore, in her eyes or line of work, that could be seen as stealing from the company. I'm like ma'am, all I did was apply my returns to the store gift card and turn right back around and use it to make my purchases. I couldn't understand this so I went ahead and wrote out word for word what she told me to put and also added my true intention. However after she left and came back, I too was let go by a brand new manager. Neither of these people knew me or what I've been through or am going through but I believe JCPenney's days are numbered. There were times I worked through a break, past the end of my shift, called in on off days and they just don't give us any credit for our hard work! Then, on top of all of that, we have lost over 5 different managers, 20 something good employees and the list continues. Wonder why these JCPenney stores are closing down? Check your head people cause they are messing it up. They are sinking fast!!

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  • Th
    They call me Sa.. Jun 03, 2016

    This JCPenney store needs a whole new management team!!! They especially need to replace Assistant Manager Casey, and Jeanne Rizzo.
    Jeanne had the best Receptionist working for the salon that they've had in years! She had been harrassing this young single mother of 3 for months. Including writing her up for NOT wearing enough make up. If it wasn't one thing it was another. This young gal knew it was a matter of time before she would be getting terminated for SOMETHING... It was quite obvious to her, so she began watching her moves and writing down everything. Sure enough... The L.P. manager Chelsea whose 19 years old (if that tells you anything) called Carley into her office and told her she wanted to get to know her and her family. Carley shared her family life with her. Then she told Carley she wanted to give her the opportunity to "come clean" on some stuff so that she could have a "fresh start" and a "clean slate". She then told Carley that she "saw" that she punched in at a different time by using the manual time sheet. Carley could not recall any of this since the incident date happened a month ago. She then stated how she doesn't get breaks like the average person. And how there have been times if she forgets to punch and gets there at 12:50 she still puts in 1:00. She then asked her to write up a report stating that she does this but that it was incidental. Being Carley had no recall of this information she wrote word for word what Chelsea told her to write. Afterall, Chelsea promised by writing this apology letter that she would have a clean slate. Then Chelsea left the room and presented it to the ###. Manager Casey who then came back into the room and fired Carley for admitting to the nonsence that Chelsea told her to say...!!! What?!?! This was total B.S. considering Carley has worked there for over 2 years and has never gotton in trouble for anything more then not wearing enough make up. However, she saw this coming. I as a customer will not be giving JCPenney Salon my business again. Like a few stylists have said... Jeanne Rizzo purely did this because she would like a younger generation of clients and stylists working in her salon. Carley reached out to the elderly and has served them by even taking them to appointments because that is the service Carley gives. She is a kind gal and it shows. If anything Carley should have been given a management position.

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  • Up
    upsetandemployed Apr 02, 2015

    I have only been working for JC Penney for about a week, I was so super excited to start my new job. I've had other secretary jobs but never a job in retail, so I was really looking forward to a new work experience. Well it was only my second day and I was let down completely. So far every single one of my co- workers whether equal or higher up are quite frankly just plain mean, rude and snobby. No one is helpful not even to customers. Others take credit for other peoples work when they go above and beyond to improve their department and customer service, and management is awful( with exception to a few lovely ladies) the men in management are vulgar, rude, demeaning and impossible to work with. The fact that our stores care more about pushing these horrible credit applications on our customers AND employees just to meet a quota and basically rob everyone blind with the outrageous interest rates way more than they care about customer service and respecting their employees. The work duties themselves are not difficult by any means but the work load that is thrown on you in very few hours is almost impossible to complete ESPECIALLY when you are an employee who works hard and doesnt just stand around and gossip with their co- workers, leaving you with triple the work because you're making up for all of the things the others lack and it never fails to go unrecognized !

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  • Di
    Diannnnnne Jan 06, 2015

    To James Beshears, you did nothing wrong. People forget their cards all the time and we easily look them up for them. For "Brenda" to say it was your fault is just dumb. (am guessing she works for JCP?)

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  • Sl
    slownight Dec 14, 2012

    I am a customer and i agree with those complaint.I honestly believe that managers has no right to disrespect their sales associate.I was on kids Department and this manager shout and yelled at this associate, it happened in Southcenter Tukwial washington.This manager is so rude, ego-power and think he can get away with that attitude.I was so pissed when i heard how he treated this sales associate.she was so nice and very helpful.
    If i have a video on that day, i would probably making sure posted it in facebook so that this manager wouldnt get away for hes tyrant, uneducated, disrespectful, and doesnt act like a well mannered manager.

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  • Ol
    Olga Pupko Oct 26, 2019
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    Verified customer

    @slownight Thank you so much for your understanding. NOT many customers undesrtand what we are going through. Especially the stores that are going down the drain. I worked at JCPenney at Sunrise, CA. The problem is that the new hires are quiting their jobs and other associates don't get enough help from the managers. All you see them do is chatting in the corner and when you need an LOD they simply don't hear you. And that is not it: if you don't clean up a fitting room in your time shift, they come and yell at you. I used to love working at my store but not anymore.

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  • Ko
    kodi2011 Nov 26, 2012

    Walmart did the right thing!

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  • Ja
    James Beshears Nov 26, 2012

    I have been a jcp customer for 30 plus years. Today 11/26/2012 I wanted to charge about 100.00 worth o9f merchandise. I didn't have my jcp card, so I had to show my drivers license, which was ok. Then i had to punch in my yearly income. I'm on social security disability. So, I did that. Then I had to talk to someone on the phoneand tell him exactly how much my yearly income was. By this time I was already a little PO'D.


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  • Ha
    Happygirl12 Jun 14, 2012

    Most of the above complaints are so familiar and seem to be occurring in many JCP stores - it is really a sad situation - the only difference in the Mayslanding store is that it is NOT the Manager who is the problem - but the training supervisor who can't seem to control her attitude - she be-littles and degrades the employee and has even threatened to bring them down if she loses her job - not a people person -our manager is fairly new and is doing a terrific job in trying to bring the store back to where it should be - great job - but as long as there are people who abuse their authority - it makes it hard for the employee to give great customer service when they are all up tight and moral at a low -employees are all nice to work with.
    unhappy employee

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  • So
    SoFlaMom Apr 01, 2012

    I worked for JCP 13 years ago and still suffer PTSD from my experiences there. I was in the Merchandiser Manager Trainee program and after a year I was suddenly told that I was not performing to standard. It was an abusive environment and I was bullied by the store manager and all the other managers. The manager finally fired me because he was unable to get me to quit. Apparently, collecting unemployment somehow affected his bonus. My self-esteem was so low that I did not realize that the others managers were threatened by my abilities. I was even told that I was hired outside the usual process, and that the manager who hired me had told them that I was smarter than all of them put together. I don't mock anyone without a college education, but it seems like most managers are high school drop outs who work their way up the ranks. They rise by the ability to kiss butt and back stab. All of that comes with a lot of anger that is passed on to employees, especially those with a college education. My advise to anyone is to quit JCP in order to preserve your mental sanity. Low paying hourly jobs are abundant. That company needs a severe shake-up.

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  • Ra
    ravencircle Mar 20, 2012

    all your comments are exactly what happens in the Olympia WA store. It's like you have to be some kind of by polar, psychotic, lying, hypocritical, discriminating freak to be one of their dishonest managers. How they get away with it is beyond me...I guess that's what they consider fair and square and the American Way...their new lying motto..

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  • Sa
    sadpanda1492 Feb 03, 2011

    I was recently fired from JCP, because of the reward program. despite the fact that i was able to regularly get credit apps, and was known as a helpful associate, i was fired after two years because i wasn't getting enough reward enrollments. we live in a retirement community where few people have computers. without an email account or computer, how can people sign up for rewards?

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  • No
    notanemployeeofjcp Jan 15, 2011

    What I don't understand is how JCP can get away with taking away commision from employees when customers return items. The sale's people work hard to help the customers and get them the items they want/need and earn the commision on the items the customers purchase. It's not the employee's fault when the customer decides they don't want the item and decide to return it. The employee's still put in the hard work to sell the item. It's not right of JCP to be able to take away hard earned money from their employee's.

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  • Ga
    GatorTodd Oct 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife has worked for JCP in Florida for 18+ years. She has been in the same store and department for 13 of those years and has seen managers and ladder climbers (butt kissers) come and go. Now they've changed their own rules demanding she push their outrageous credit card, and require her to meet a quota or they will cut her hours. Come on anyone with half a brain isn't going to have a card with 23.9 percent interest, but those are the customers they are recruiting. Ones with half a brain and a good credit score of course. She also has to maintain OSAT scores and be rated by customers. We all know how easy it is to piss them off. As a customer myself I can attest to that fact. Now to intimidate her further they have removed her from the department she has been in for 13 years and replaced her with two part timers that they don't have to pay benefits to and punish her for chewing gum on the floor once while she has witnessed managers doing the same without any actions being taken to punish them while putting her on a 90 day probation, watching her every move to find a reason to let her go.
    They tell her if she can't raise her OSAT scores they will cut her hours even more. How can you force customers to go home and fill out surveys on line? Hell some people don't even have computers, and who really want's to waist the time? I don't!
    JCP and its managers need to wake up and get back to true customer service and treating employees with respect and not like little children. SHAME on them for threatening people this way with their livelihoods. I would fire every last damn one of them and reallycut their hours to let them know how it feel!! JCP has really fallen to the trailer trash crowd!! Not only in their choice of management but have you seen their cheep products that they are pushing these days? NOT WHAT THEY USED TO BE.
    If you have had similar experiences I would like to hear from you. Together maybe we can make a change and turn JCP back around.
    JCP used to be a good place to work what can we do to make it that way again?
    e-mail me ([email protected])

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  • Ma
    margaretb Apr 19, 2010


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  • Ma
    margaretb Apr 19, 2010

    I am dealing with another legit complaint about an terrible manager.Is there somebody in a higher position at penneys wich at least takes a look at tose problems.

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  • Ly
    Lynn007 Feb 10, 2010

    Whoever does the hiring at JCP at Chesapeake Sq mall needs to recheck some facts. They would rather promote an employee they hired 2 months prior, who has no experience doing the job, rather than promote a woman who has worked at JCP for 7 years who knows all the ins and outs of what they need to be doing. Sounds FISHY to me to say the least!

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  • It
    IT'SaSHAME Jan 24, 2010

    Wow! I am dealing with the EXACT situation right now! In my case, I don't know what I did to her. I went from 30-35 a week to only 15-20 WITHOUT ANY WARNING OR REASON. I tried talking to her, but only received b.s. in return. I use to work my butt off, stay longer than I was suppose to covering other people's shift, working on my off days, etc. I pretty much had no life. JC Penneys was my life. Seeing that she has cut my hours AGAIN, I guess I have a "life" now. This time, I only work once a week. I tried talking to her again...and received b.s. again. Therefore, I'll be leaving soon. I don't feel the need to stress over the situation anymore. Luckily, I've already found a morning inventory position (16-20 hours a week). Now, I just need to find a evening job. I try my best to find full-time jobs, but it never works out.

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