Jc penny’s / boot cut khakis and black pants

1 Washington, Missouri, United States

The JC Penny's store in Washington, MO has stopped carrying your boot cut khakis and black pants. They are now sateen and skinny pants. They are very short and do not give at all in the knees. I've been wearing these pants as work pants for ten years now and they've been perfect for what I do. After pulling them off your shelves and replacing them with the skinny ones, I'm sure you've lost a LOT of business. I've heard multiple complaints from my workers and workers from around town saying that they were upset they aren't in stores anymore. Bring back the boot cut khakis and black pants, please!! There's nowhere else to buy them from!

  • Updated by Jackie Wallace, Apr 15, 2019

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Apr 15, 2019

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