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JC Penney review: Photo session appointment

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I had an appointment scheduled for our family Christmas photos at the Antioch - Orchard at Slatten Ranch 4951 Slatten Ranch Rd for this Sunday at 2:45pm. My husband and I along with our dogs have been having our Christmas photos taken by JCPenney since 2010. The staff knows my family by my unique email address and looks forward to seeing my pups every year. This evening, I received a call from Kiara a customer service rep from the Slatten Ranch JCPenney letting me know that I cannot have my appointment on a weekend and it must be a last appointment. I can understand the last appointment portion but NEVER in the history of us having our photos taken there have we Ever been told we couldn’t have our photos taken on a weekend. I asked Kiara to call her manager and let her know we’ve gone there for years. When she got back on the phone she said that it was for safety and allergy reasons. I explained my dogs have hair they don’t shed. Kiara pushed my appointment out from the 11/12 to 11/21 which made me more unhappy as others appointments weren’t confirmed and my date was pushed out. Kiara was rude, unprofessional, spoke fast and with an attitude. She has no compassion and no business calling on customers.

Desired outcome: I suggested to Kiara and to communicate to her manager that I don’t have an issue with being the last appointment however why not the weekend? It’s never been an issue before?

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