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W May 17, 2019 Review updated:

I think it is ridiculous that JCPenney no longer allows the cashiers to swipe coupons. Today I shopped at Penney's. I made four separate purchases. The first purchase, I asked the cashier if you had coupons on line. She told me yes, I used my phone searched and could not locate them and then my phone died. The customer in front of me used the coupon.

Why should I pay more just because my phone died? I'm so angry I will be returning these items. I should have left them there. I used to work at these same store years ago and we assisted customers in using coupons (in fact, I dont' think they were online then). This is crazy!

Penney's is losing a once a loyal customer.

Thanks to social media, yelp, etc. I will spread the word.


  • Th
    TheManager May 17, 2019

    Be responsible and keep your phone charged. It’s not that hard. So the people that did it right gets nothing more but since you lack the common sense of not charging your phone you should be compensated?

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  • Ba
    basefistrotten May 24, 2019

    @TheManager The OP is a child. Probably used up all her battery playing Pokemon Go or something. That is they lack common sense. Then they want to return everything, proving more that they are just child.

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  • SubSquirrel May 17, 2019

    You blame the store because your cellphone battery died. Who told you that cashiers can’t swipe coupons? Not everyone has a cellphone. If you’re going shopping and need coupons, check before you go there and be sure your phone is charged.

    This isn’t rocket science.

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  • An
    Angela Mollohn May 24, 2019

    I agree about the coupons with not any coupons to scan at the register. The way I look at it as an associates point of view, is that you are shopping there and you are making them money anyway. Clothes are sooooooo over priced anyway and that's how they can mark them down so low. No, everyone doesn't have a smart phone and that's their choice, why not treat people they way you would want to be treated. I am 48 years old and things have sure changed in the past 20 years.. people was number one back then and you felt like that too. Now it's all pushing credit cards apps down customers throats and that's all they care about. As of today, I am no longer an associate with them, and if that's why I had surgery complications before and after surgery and I got points for that and wow, if a family emergency comes about, it doesn't matter if you have to take them to the ER. I will not shop there at all anymore and I am returning my things that I got there yesterday, WORD IS POWER AND I WILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS COMPANY!

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  • SubSquirrel May 24, 2019

    @Angela Mollohn What does your surgery have to do with another person’s coupons?

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  • Ba
    basefistrotten May 24, 2019

    From your attitude I can tell that you are a young child.

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