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J Aug 23, 2019 Review updated:

I just arrived to Cairo from Kuwait on flight number J9 735
And it was a horrendous experience
First of all the baggage crew were throwing everything around even the fragile marked baggage (video attached)
The cabin crew consisted of 2 males looked like a new hire and 2 females looked like they have a long experience
The 2 females treated the passengers so bad like we are some kind of refugee who are seeking their mercy
The captain didn't even introduce himself
Totally was a very bad experience


  • Um is not an answer! Aug 23, 2019

    how can you possibly tell by looking that the men were new and the women were experienced???

    ps throwing luggage and other things is just what they do. ive seen them launch those rascal scooters on board.

    I guess you would be better off using a time and true airline now.

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  • Um is not an answer! Aug 23, 2019

    ps vid is invalid source.

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