Jack In The Box / undue harassment from shift (?) manager

United States

place J Box at 2205 N Argonne Rd Spokane Valley WA #8442
time 04/12/19 at 7:05:25 pm cashier ashlynn
I went to J B to order food to go. I had no problem with the cashier, who was friendly. (This is near my home & I frequent weekly.)
Upon turning to leave, VAL entered the area. I said Hi Val, and she freaked out. I only assume that she had been hired there, after she was discharged from Burger King in Walmart, where my wife works. She had been very abusive to me at the Burger King, for no apparent reason, and had me (wrongfully) banned from there, but I didn't do anything but question why I was harassed.
On Friday, VAL freaked out and left saying she intended to get a no contact order, after which her shift (?) manager told me to leave the property and not to return. I asked one gal to call the police, and she refused.
I left the place and went next door and asked the gal to call the police, which she did. When he pulled into J B, I walked out to speak to him.
Please review the tapes and see that I DID NOTHING WRONG.
LEWIS CANNON [protected] Please call me...

Apr 15, 2019

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