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Jack In The Box / missing items and quality of tacos

Jo Mar 1, 2019

I had 7 hungry teenagers after a game yesterday so quick and easy I ran to jack in the box and ordered two separate orders one for the kids and one for my wife and I. Five of the boys wanted Jumbo's w cheese fries and drinks and I ordered 4 monster tacos and 4 reg tacos. When I got home the boys siad there were 2 Jumbo's missing which I verified counting the wraps and then realized we there was no receipt and our tacos (reg) were so old tasting we threw them away. I did call the restaraunts but they said they couldn't help me w out a receipt I even explained I wasn't given one. To make things worse I ended up having to go to Whataburger for the other two boys missing theirs because I couldn't bring myself to spend more at Jack's when I already did. Please fix as I love Jack's but am gun-shy now to go back. Thank you

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