Jack in the Boxthey are always out of coke

C Sep 04, 2018

I always go thru the drive thru twice a day to order a large coke, and this morning i ordered a large coke and a supreme breakfast croissant andHe gave me a diet coke so i went inside to dump it out and get coke the machine was out so i went to the front counter and waited for 15 minutes for the manger carl to tell me he would be with me in a minute i waited another 5 minutes then i said excuse me i just want coke the machine in the lobby is out. He told me my cup wasnt valid because i bought it in drive thru and would have to purchase another cup if i wanted a drink inside. I said i just saw you at the window and ordered and he said it doesnt matter no refills if you didnt dine in. How absurd and then he ignored me, i asked for his supervisors number emmanuel c. But he refused to give me the number and said they wouldnt care because he is the manager and the boss in charge. I have continuously received poor service from this location and now they are closed in the lobby at night the doors are locked after 8pm and chairs are blocking the doorways. I go here on my lunchs at night and can no longer eat here because drive thru is too busy to wait in line and i cant go inside anymore at night because they lock the doors but the sign on the door says open 24 hours in lobby and in drive thru so not sure what the problem is please call me [protected] i just want some respect especially since i spend so much money here and they always act like they could care less about my business

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