Jack in the Boxrude service

H Sep 04, 2018

I went through the drive thru, order two jumbo jack one with cheese one without. Order # 118, Tuesday September 4 2018. i also ordered a chicken tator melt with no bacon. I'm Obviously Muslim, I know i said no bacon but Hey, were human sometimes people tend to not hear you the first time. Anyways I went back, and then thats when everything happned. I kindly pulled in and said Hey i ordered a chicken tator melt with no bacon, dont worry its not a problem but please let me get one without the bacon. That's when the lady over the intercom(Rita) Jack in The box Location #JIB 3069, 3:51 pm EMP Rita, was like we can't refund you, but the thing was I never asked for a refund? she clearly did not hear me or acknowledge me as a customer. The disrespect, then followed up with you have to buy another whole sandwich, and that is that. I pulled in to the window, and Jennifer bless her soul took care of me. This is the first time I have ever been treated with such disgust and poor customer service. Please this is an issue that can not be looked over. I am a paying customer. My number is [protected]. My email is Hoyo.[protected] Please someone get back to me. The best way to contact me would be Email. Please i need to need what we are going to due about this. I am Allergic to Pork so if i had bit into the burger I would have gotten an Allergic reaction while driving the car which Thank God never happened. I could have been hurt and casued an accident for others. This will be brought to court if I am not reached back. Please help me Jack.

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